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    Matt Coyle has written another terrific novel in his series involving his ongoing private eye, Rick Cahill Cahill still blames himself for his wife s murder She was strangled many years before when he was in the Santa Barbara Police Department When she died, Cahill was having a tryst with his police partner The police in Santa Barbara think he murdered his wife They hate him Cahill has long since become a private eye but still lives with a deep, self sabotaging blackness and feelings of unworthiness because of what happened Now living in San Diego, Cahill learns that his old police partner and lover has been killed in a hit and run in Santa Barbara At the time she was run over, she was investigating a cold case the murder of Cahill s wife Needless to say, this brings out old demons The sparks fly when the sister of Cahill s dead partner hires him to come to Santa Barbara to find out who killed her sister They are immediately attracted to one another Both know that the murders of Cahill s wife and his new lover s sister are connected To solve the case, Cahill must not only relive the past he has tried to forget, but come to terms with it He is a complicated character, willing to lie for a higher principle, and also deeply remorseful when he causes harm to any innocent person.Coyle takes the reader through the clues while following the ups and downs of a protagonist who wants to do the right thing but is still haunted by his past sins Will Cahill s guilt cause him to throw away a chance at love in order to avenge his wife s and his partner s deaths not to mention his own suffering Sharp dialogue, intricate plotting, and a shocking ending I highly recommend it.

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Lost Tomorrows download Lost Tomorrows , read online Lost Tomorrows , kindle ebook Lost Tomorrows , Lost Tomorrows 4b8687ccfce3 A Phone Call Thrusts Rick Cahill S Past And All Its Tragic Consequences Into His Present Krista Landingham, His Former Partner On The Santa Barbara Police Department, Is Dead When Rick Goes To The Funeral In The City Where His Wife Was Murdered And Where He Is Seen As Guilty For Her Death In The Eyes Of The Police, He Discovers That Krista S Death May Not Have Been A Tragic Accident, But Murder Hired By Krista S Sister, Leah, To Investigate, Rick Follows Clues That Lead Him To The Truth, Not Only About Krista S Death, But About The Tragedy That Ruined His Life Along The Way, Leah Shows Him That His Life Can Be Salvaged And He Can Feel Love Again If He Can Just Move Beyond His Past But The Past Is Rick S Present And Will Always Be Until He Rights His One Great Wrong In The End, Rick Is Left With A Decision That Forces Him To Confront The Horrific Actions He Ll Need To Take To Exact Revenge And Achieve Redemption