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Blood Diamond (Witch & Wolf, #3) chapter 1 Blood Diamond (Witch & Wolf, #3) , meaning Blood Diamond (Witch & Wolf, #3) , genre Blood Diamond (Witch & Wolf, #3) , book cover Blood Diamond (Witch & Wolf, #3) , flies Blood Diamond (Witch & Wolf, #3) , Blood Diamond (Witch & Wolf, #3) aee60279498dd The World Is Full Of Corpses, And Jackson Knows Them By Name When A Group Strives To Destroy The Inquisition, His Powers May Be All Standing Between The Supernaturals And Extinction However, When He Learns The Truth Behind The Deaths Of His Wife And Unborn Daughter, Jackson May Prove To Be The Greatest Threat Of All To The Survival Of Mankind

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    First the disclaimer I beta read and helped proofread and edit Blood Diamond I got no payment for my assistance nor do I want any I did not get a free copy for review I bought my copy, because I love RJ Blain s books and want her to continue to write wonderful, glorious words After I bought my copy, I found out RJ thanked me by naming me in the dedication Having the book dedicated to me will not affect my review, although it did cause squeals of joy.I passionately loved the book as a beta reader I have now read Blood Diamond 4 times, I think, and I still love it RJ Blain s character interactions are so well done I feel like I know these people we are friends, and I care what happens to them I hurt with them, and when they are silly and happy, I am happy, too Blood Diamond is of a romance than Inquisitor and Winter Wolf, but it is still what I classify as urban fantasy or contempory fantasy Although it could be read as a standalone, I recommend reading at least Winter Wolf first.Jackson is a witch who knows the names of the dead, and his brother is the Inquisition s Shadow Pope When an Inquisition operation goes horribly wrong, Jackson meets someone who will forever change his life The thrills, chills, excitement, horror, laughs, betrayals, family dysfunction, and reunions had me glued to every page I read Blood Diamond in one sitting the first time RJ Blain s characters, the relationships between them, and their interactions are my favorite thing about her books Her characters are so well written they feel real Even her secondary characters, Gerald, Zachary, Jackson s parents, and Amber are written as fully fledged people, not simply space occupying figures I always worry I will gush too much and people will think I am exaggerating when I write a review for a book I love Blood Diamond with its witches, Fenerec, evil doings, and mystery is what I believe an urban, or contemporary, fantasy should be.I cannot wait to read the continued adventures of Jackson, Evelyn, Richard, Nicole, Vicky, and Elliot in book 4, Silver Bullet.

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    It took a while before things got really good but they really got good It also took me a while to warm up to Jackson s pouty boy personality but he grew on me I enjoyed the characters from the first two books showing up although I was disappointed in Vicky s character, a bit She didn t seem like the same girl and her relationship with Anderson other than being his boss is cruelly left hanging I think their heads are in the sand on that one and hopefully this will be dealt with in the next installment I really love Richard and his relationship with the equally dominant Jackson is fun Definitely my favorite book of the series so far Four and a half stars thanks to the second half of the book.

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    R.J Blain is a zany writer She likes things to come out of left field and smack you on the head Sometimes it works, sometimes it s too much The number of times this dude nearly dies is pretty funny, really She also spends a lot of time on word for word snark filled dialogue There was a little too much of that in this book I enjoyed the characters, but the writing pounded me over the head with the inside jokes between the band of supernatural BFFs And the ending was so disjointed There was no lead up for the story to end the way it did It was illogical, and storytelling demands that the logic within the story make sense You can world build all kinds of crazy rules, but you have to follow them as a writer, or you piss off readers The author built a story line that was iron clad, then randomly says surprise at the end I love this writer for her humor and her lovable characters, and I hope she works at her craft She could be amazing someday.

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    Loved it This story pretty much ticked all my boxes I was a little concerned going into it after reading the first two Witch Wolf books and being rather disappointed with how they ended I was also a little leery of the male POV after the previous books were female POV since I ve found that it can change the tone of the series depending on how the author writes Very happy to say my worries proved unfounded This book even managed to improve my views of the previous books with how the previous characters were incorporated into the story.

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    Love thisI just admit that I ve already read this before as part of the Witch Wolf Omnibus edition, but as I m a fan of the author I bought it as a standalone too I adore R.J Blain s writing The characters are so well crafted that it s like reading about old friends, and although you can easily read each book in this series as a standalone, reading them all adds deeper, richer layers to each story The plots always flow smoothly and with a good pace and the dialogue cracks me up at times.Highly recommended and then some

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    Read this book It is excellent I could not put it down Ever Jackson and Evelyn were wonderful protagonists I want to read even about them RJ Lain writes very creative books Very.

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    Loved the storyline and the wicked sense of humour of the author, that had me in fits of laughter throughout Well worth the read and tho I enjoyed all the books in the series thus far this one has definitely become my favourite.

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    Wonderful book, surprising

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    am waiting for the next book, silver bullet can hardly wait

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    Review at first book in the collection

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