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  • A Secret Wish (Wish, #1)
  • Barbara Freethy
  • 17 June 2017

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    It s never to late to change your path in life, nor is one ever too old to make a wish This book follows three strangers, three women, who all share one thing in common they all share the same birthday.First we meet Liz Kelly She s a nurse freshly off her shift, celebrating her thirtieth birthday alone on the hospital rooftop with a cupcake Recently dumped by her boyfriend, she has only one wish to find that special man to fall in love with and be loved back Before she can make her wish, she is startled out of her reverie by a handsome stranger Next is Carole She s a mother and the trophy wife of a politician Turning forty brings with it the fear that her husband may soon be on the lookout for a younger upgrade Looking at the guests at her party also makes it glaringly obvious that it s like a political campaign to hob nob rather than celebrate her Her children didn t even stick around to enjoy the party, but she can t blame them She has devoted her whole life to her husband s career and neglected them When she catches her husband in a compromising situation with a younger woman, she runs away to the one place she ran away from and vowed never to return back to the shabby neighborhood where she grew up and where her estranged mother still lives Lastly we have Angela She comes from a large family who in turn all have families of their own Except her Her and her husband have spent many years and a lot of money trying to get pregnant Failure is not an option When her husband receives his annual bonus, she s certain he ll agree to another round of IVF Instead he surprises her with tickets for a romantic cruise She s devastated by his unwillingness to give her her dream She escapes from her party with only one question burning on her mind is a life consisting of just her and her husband enough for her, and where does that leave them Each woman s tale of self discovery cycles through from beginning, middle to the end They even catch a glimpse or exchange a word or two with one another at different stages of the story but that s about the extent of their awareness of one another Each story brought a few tears, but none so than Liz and John s He helped her live a little while remaining oddly cryptic about himself All my guesses turned out to be way off base Their night of hanging out and experiencing new things leads to a night of passion The morning after, John has disappeared leaving Liz a heartfelt note and a confession But she won t let her wish slip away so easily Carole s journey was predictable, but her struggle to make sense of her life felt believable I wasn t sure what decision she d make in the end, but I knew what I was hoping for Out of all three ladies, I think Angela had the most touching story I m glad the author took this arc in a positive direction and made Angela s husband a man of worth, and the proverbial rock to lean on His disappointment with Angela was honest and not unfounded Of course both partners have to be on the same page and not dole out ultimatums if they expect their marriage to work The epilogue was perhaps a little predictable, but this whole book felt like a tale of hope and faith, that I wasn t surprised at all While the ladies never officially meet, we get a glimpse into their lives one year later They re all celebrating their birthday and a year of changes, coincidentally all in the same restaurant A very uplifting story well told.

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    What are the odds of 3 women having the same birthday, being in the middle of a life crises and making life changing decisions Another Freehy story that will keep you turning the pages until it all comes together at the end Freehy never disappoints.

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    I enjoyed this than I thought I would It follows three women who all happen to share the same birthday Liz is a nurse who meets a stranger and they spend the night doing things that they normally wouldn t do Next we Angela who is married and is having a hard time getting pregnant To her not having a baby is the end of the world After meeting two young girls she starts to accept things for what they are Lastly, we have Carole She is in an unhappy marriage She knows she hasn t always been the best mother after reconnecting with an old flame she decides to do better for herself The best part is that all three women got a happy ending.

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    I don t know why it took me so long, but I m now firmly on the audiobook bandwagon This was a quick listen about three women who all share the same birthday, but are all going through different things.Liz is turning 30 While celebrating alone on the roof of the hospital where she works as a nurse, she meets John, who then talks her into a series of fun activities for her birthday Angela is turning 35 She wants nothing than to be a mother, but after eight years of infertility, her husband is ready to make a new plan for their life Carol is turning 40 Her husband has thrown her a huge, fancy bash at hotel to celebrate, but as she looks around the room she realizes none of these people are here for her they re here as potential supporters for her husband s upcoming political campaign.All three women spend the evening evaluating their lives and make decisions to change the path they re on With an epilogue that lets us catch up the all the heroines a year later, this was a thoroughly enjoyable listen

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    Kitab n Ad Geceye F s ldanan DileklerYazar Barbara FreethyOrjinal Ad A Secret WishGoodreads Puan 5 3.77Puan m 5 4Daha nce hi okumad m bir yazar idi Barbara Freethty ok ak c ve etkileyici bir kaleme sahip oldu unu g rd m Konu biraz s radan gibi g z kse de ok severek okudum kitapl k bir serinin ilk kitab Geceye F s ldanan Dilekler farkl hayatlardan gelen farl kad n n n ya lar birbirine ok yak n de il Lizzy 30 Angela 35 Carole 40 ya na ayn g n giren hayattaki beklentileri farkl olan kad n n n de hayattan beklentileri farkl idi..Umutlar ,hayal k r kl klar ,yapt klar hatalar ile y zle melerini yazar ok g zel i lemi ti bence..Lizzy ger ek a k bulamam bir hem ire..3 senelik ili kisi yeni bitmi tir..30 Ya na girdi i bu g nde u runa her eyini feda edebilece i bir adama rastlamam t r li kisini s rd rmenin tek amac evli arkada lar n n yan nda yaln z olmad n g rmektir..Tam da do um g n nde hastanenin kantininin balkonunda gizemli bir erkek ile tan r..Angela n n iste i ok daha farkl idi ve bu dile inin olmas i in ok az vaktinin kald na inan yordu 35 Ya nda y llard r ocu u olmas i in m cadele ediyordu Yapt t m denemeler bo a gitmi ti..Son bir deneme daha istiyordu..Ama kocas na bunu s yledi inde kocas iddetle rededer O stresi bir daha ya amay istememektedir. te tamda bu gerilim do um g n nde olmas ile ok olan Angela annesinin ve kocas n n kendisi i in haz rlad do um g n partisini terk eder.Carole in ise hayatta istedi i her ey vard Bug nlere kadar gelmek i in ok abalam t.Fakat 40 ya na girdi i do um g n ndeki partide fark etti i ey can n ok s kar ocuklar pastay s nd rmesini beklemeden partiyi terk etmi.Kocas n da kendinden olduk a gen bir kad nla yak nla rken g rmesi ile do um g n n terk eder kendini on y ld r g rmedi i annesinin yan nda bulur.G zel bir romand brbirinden farkl kad n n hatalar y zle erek ders almas ve mutlulu u yakalamas n yazar olduk a da g zel i lemi ti..Okurken g zel dersler veren sevimli bir kitap idi..Yazar n di er kitaplar n da okuyaca m en k sa zamanda. ok kurgu derinli i olmayan ama umut veren bir romand..Kafan z bo altmak istiyorsan z tam size g reWish Series1 A Secret Wish 2012 Geceye F s ldanan Dilekler 2 Just A Wish Away 2012 3 When Wishes Collide 2012

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    This book is three short stories all told simultaneously in one book It centers around three woman who share the same birthday and their birthday wish which changes their lives in ways they don t see happening.Liz wishes for love and meets a stranger on the roof of the hospital He ends up taking her out for a night on the town and she finds herself opening up to him in ways she hasn t with anyone else but he s hiding a bit of a secret himself.Angie is having a very hard birthday All she wants is to have a baby but after years of trying and several fertility treatments her husband wants her to give up her dream of having a baby She encounters two girls who are in a bad situation and finds herself helping them out and learning about herself and her relationship with her husband.Carole is turning 40 and when she looks around the room she realizes that while on the outside her life with her politician husband looks great on the inside she isn t very happy Her husband is possibly having an affair, she has grown apart from her children and admits she hasn t been a good mother, and she hasn t talked to her own mother in over 10 years Carole leaves the party and goes back to her old neighborhood where she reconnects with her past and discovers that she may have been chasing the wrong dream most of her life I liked each story and thought that the author did a great job moving from each story without confusing the reader It was hard to connect with Carole and a little depth and history would have been nice for her character It s a quick read with a obvious happy ending.This was my first Barbara Freethy book and I will definitely try of her books.

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    Three women from San Francisco share the same birthday and one unforgettable night that changes their lives forever They each make a wish, believing it can t possible come true Yet this night connects them in unexpected ways.One night in San Francisco, three women make a birthday wish believing it can t possibly come true Liz is turning thirty A successful nurse, she has a good career, but no man to share her life All her friends are married, and she s alone, still trying to outrun a tragedy from her past Then she meets a handsome stranger.Angela, a member of a large, loving Italian family, is facing thirty five with no baby in the nursery Eight years of infertility treatments have put a strain on her marriage Will she have to choose between her husband and having a child When she is mugged by an unexpected assailant, her life takes a new turn.Carole, a corporate wife, is staring down forty candles Having grown up poor, she worked hard to get ahead, but when her kids bail on her birthday, and she discovers her husband with another woman, she realizes that she may have nothing at all She goes back to where it all began, the mother she left behind, and the man whose heart she once broke.4 star

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    Three women living three very different lives, all have the most amazing wishes come true on their shared birthdays Liz the youngest at thirty, is wishing for love and meets John the man of her dreams Angela who is thirty five has always wanted a baby and has had a hard time getting pregnant, which is putting a toll on her and her marriage to her sweet supportive husband Collin Carole a lovely forty year old grew up struggling with a single mom always wished for a better life Even though she lives a life of privledge, she has an empty marriage , she s a stranger to her kids, and is nothing but a trophy wife to her cheating husband By fate they all have the same birthday and are all in desperate need for their wishes to come true This book was an amazing read and was very heart warming, I didn t want to put it down Once again Barbara Freethy has excelled in her writing skills, she knows how to make you feel like the characters are people who you know and care for I loved it, and am ready for the next in the series.

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    A really emotional, lovely journey of 3 women This took me by surprise I wasn t expecting it took be so relatable I really enjoyed it I m thirty the big three O I don t know why they call it that It s not as if O stands for orgasm Good grief Had she said that out loud I have a terrible chocolate addiction If only they made a patch for that, I d be set It s been a bad night, she said quietly, realizing that his frustration had to do with than just Laurel and Kimmie s arrival I m sorry that I ran out on the party And while I want to say I could be happy in a marriage without children, I don t think I can I love you, Colin It s not that you re not enough it s that I m not enough Something is missing inside of me I ache And I don t think that feeling is going to go away I need to be a mother

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A Secret Wish (Wish, #1) characters A Secret Wish (Wish, #1) , audiobook A Secret Wish (Wish, #1) , files book A Secret Wish (Wish, #1) , today A Secret Wish (Wish, #1) , A Secret Wish (Wish, #1) 61ad8 Three Women, Three Birthdays And One Unforgettable Night That Will Change Their Lives ForeverOne Night In San Francisco, Three Women Make A Birthday Wish Believing It Can T Possibly Come True Liz Is Turning Thirty A Successful Nurse, She Has A Good Career, But No Man To Share Her Life All Her Friends Are Married, And She S Alone, Still Trying To Outrun A Tragedy From Her Past Then She Meets A Handsome StrangerAngela, A Member Of A Large, Loving Italian Family, Is Facing Thirty Five With No Baby In The Nursery Eight Years Of Infertility Treatments Have Put A Strain On Her Marriage Will She Have To Choose Between Her Husband And Having A Child When She Is Mugged By An Unexpected Assailant, Her Life Takes A New TurnCarole, A Corporate Wife, Is Staring Down Forty Candles Having Grown Up Poor, She Worked Hard To Get Ahead, But When Her Kids Bail On Her Birthday, And She Discovers Her Husband With Another Woman, She Realizes That She May Have Nothing At All She Goes Back To Where It All Began, The Mother She Left Behind, And The Man Whose Heart She Once Broke

About the Author: Barbara Freethy

Barbara s love of writing developed out of a love of reading Growing up in an all boy neighborhood, she spent quite a bit of time reading through her mother s large library, many of which were romantic novels After graduating from the University of California at Santa Barbara, she went into Public Relations, but soon discovered that writing was her true passion.Barbara was traditionally publishe