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Not Enough (The Enough Series, #1) chapter 1 Not Enough (The Enough Series, #1) , meaning Not Enough (The Enough Series, #1) , genre Not Enough (The Enough Series, #1) , book cover Not Enough (The Enough Series, #1) , flies Not Enough (The Enough Series, #1) , Not Enough (The Enough Series, #1) 3556f72d1dcb6 I Am The Self Proclaimed Queen Of Abstinence After A Failed Engagement And Years Of Being Told I Am Not Enough, I Have Given Up On Love I Am Content In My Life I Have A Great Job I Have A Supportive Family I Have Built Over The Years My Life Is Not Exciting, But It Is The Life I Have Chosen That Is Until I Inadvertently Walked Into Austin Black S Life Austin Is As Beautiful As He Is Endearing And With A Single Plea For Friendship, He Pulls Me In He Is An All Pro Quarterback And Has Women Falling At His Feet, Yet He Opts For My Friendship In Hopes It Will Lead To I Refuse To Give Him What He Wants, But As Our Friendship Deepens My Resolve Begins To Weaken Willing To Take Whatever I Can Offer Austin Stands By My Side Seemingly Content As Friends Austin And I Find A Groove In Life That Works Until The Proverbial Line Is Crossed I Quickly Realize I Have To Face My Past If I Have Any Hope For A Future With The Only Man To Make Me Dream Of One Is It Possible To Date Someone Without Realizing You Are In A Relationship Can Austin Be The One To Melt The Fortress Around My Heart Will It Matter If He Does In My Experience, Love Has Never Been Enough

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    This was a very entertaining and real book I loved every minute of it When Rylee was left at the alter you could truly feel her pain It made me want her to get her happy ending so bad from the very start of the book.She was such a strong character and I loved it LOVED LOVED LOVED Austin Wow He was a wonderful man and their relationship was intoxicating I also have to mention Rylee s family I loved how sweet they were Family is so important to me so reading about hers made me feel happy and glad that she had them.I cannot wait for the next book in the series Keep up the amazing work This book was well written and addictive I would recommend to anyone who doesn t mind a cliffhanger at the end.

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    The book opens with Rylee being jilted just before her wedding She buries her heartache in work and prefers to be alone but when an new neighbours arrives and a chance encounter with Austen Black brings them together, everything changes Austin is kind and patient Rylee is damaged goods but together they find a way to heal her pain Good characters and storyline with lots of twists and turns.Suspense builds throughout the story and reaches a climax, but ends in a cliffhangervery unusual Hopefully book 2 is coming soon.

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    First, let me say that I thought I would be skimming through the pages just to get to the plot How wrong was I From beginning to the end, every page managed to hold my attention Errors aside, which can easily be rectified, I found the pace quick and entertaining Ryle only annoyed me whenever she assumed things weren t going to go well with Austin Other than that, I found her to be an independent and strong woman Before I get to Austin, let me write a few things about Jeremy s character I envy the bond he shares with Rylee At times, I found myself wishing for an older brother just like him They are just so close My only problem was I didn t understand how they got to be that close cause it felt creepy at times Don t hate me I just like to know how people, even siblings can be that close, you know Maybe if there was an explanation as to why their parents treated them cruelly, and how they grew to depend on each other was stated, it would have made sense Other than that, I still wish I had a brother like him Austin on the there hand, was just too good Yeah, we all fall in love with book characters because they are just that Everything we want and dream of I could not find any fault with him I mean, he loves dogs What can a girl ask for Bode, oh Bode I liked his character and felt a little sorry for him But I m not too sure I trust him, yet I don t want to say why and give away the plot To sum things up, I truly enjoyed reading this book Yes, it hangs with a cliffhanger that left me wanting but the series seems promising And I wish to thank the author for inserting the prologue to the second book I was dying to know what happened to you know who

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    Rylee was set to marry Ryan Two days before the wedding he disappeared with only a note saying he meet and fell in love with someone else Even going as far as to taking her wedding dress for his new bride Three years and a move to Boston and Rylee still hasn t trusted another man She spends all her time at work, the gym or with her brother Jeremy J and best friend Brodie Meeting Austin when her dog escapes her She feels an attraction to him but won t go any farther then friendship Austin will take her anyway she is willing He wants so much He won t rush her Loved the characters J and Brodie were a little over protective Yet you can see where they are coming from Austin is great Rylee is the only one for him, yet he doesn t push her past the friendship mode At least until she is ready When Rylee decides to take that step and get some closure with what happened with Rylee All bets are off It is at that point in the story that the suspense kicks in Things start to heat up and at the same time takes a turn you don t see coming I honestly would have given this book 5 stars Until it left me hanging with a major cliffhanger while in the mist of crying Cliffhangers aren t my favorite things, but when you leave me bawling it really upsets me Especially when the next book isn t out Up into that point fantastic read.I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    I was given a copy of Not Enough in an exchange for an honest review.Not Enough starts with Rylee trying to cope with being jilted by her fianc at the last minute wedding dinner rehearsal The reader is swept up and encapsulated in the inner most thoughts of a shattered Rylee as she struggles with her emotions You experience all her ups and downs, her hopes and her fears A chance meeting introduces Rylee to the drop dead gorgeous quarter back Austin Black but her fear of another failed romance needs to be conquered if this romance is to bloom What starts as a simple storyline gathers pace and complications towards the end of the novel Questions are asked, unexplained events are happening Fear and apprehensions are raised to critical levels The solution read the next novel.At times I would have liked to have grabbed the insecure Rylee, given her a good shake and scream at her just say yes Not Enough is an emotional roller coaster and sure to be enjoyed by a lover of romance novels.

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    Rylee has it all, a good job, a man in Ryan who she loves, and a supportive family who she is very close too When Ryan lets her down before the wedding, telling her she s met someone else, the bottom drops out of her world She vows never to trust a man again, and buries herself in her work Three years later, she meets Austin, but though they become friendly, she resists his advances There is a will she won t scenario, and then the book takes a very unexpected turn that I didn t see coming It s this that makes the book, but the ending left me wanting the next book actually.A very good rom book that has great character development and zips along at a fair pace Looking forward to the next instalment.

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    I thought Not Enough was the usual romance book, instead it turn out a good surprise Rylee was dropped by her fiancee and future husband, before wedding and that was a shock for her She moved to Boston for restart her life, and just there she met Austin and fall in love with him It deserved to be read absolutely because the story is interesting and there are events unexpected that push the reader to keep reading it, over than a couple of sexy chapters that i didn t expect to find it Very good book and very well written, i m now curious to read book 2

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    I would actually give this book 4.7 stars.It was intense What Rylee went through with Ryan and how it turned out sucked I felt for her After that as time passed she had become wary of men But who could blame her Surrounded by her friends and brother, she keeps busy.Then enter, Austin who I automatically like of course It takes time but slowly he breaks down her walls The story definitely picks up and has twists The only thing is that the ending leaves you wanting But I wouldn t necessarily say that s a bad thing.When s the sequel coming

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    Title Not EnoughAuthor Nikole BloomGenre RomanceRating 1 starNot Enough tells the story of a young woman meeting the perfect man Kind, generous, with perfectly sculpted muscles, Austin Black could have been the subject of an interesting story Instead, Not Enough is marred by the highest frequency of basic technical writing errors I have found in any self published novel Errors in grammar, usage, verb tense, syntax, and punctuation occur on every page, and usually several times on a single page Worse, the novel contains stilted language, single dimensional characters, and worn storytelling tropes I do not recommend this novel.Not Enough is the kind of novel I dismissed without comment when I was reviewing for a major review site Poorly written, it simply isn t worth any reader s time I hate to be so blunt But examples drawn from the novel itself will indicate the extent of the problem.Some errors were so obvious I will attribute them to complete lack of editing Early on, for instance, we find person and number mismatch between verb and pronoun With a nod of his head, he agrees and slowly makes our way through the house Location 108 A few pages later we have this one, probably a proofreading error I know it boasts and impressive five bedrooms Location 177 But some errors were just plain confusing Here s one that took me several readings and than a few seconds to figure out Dang it Boss, you no better than that, bad dog Location 197 At first I thought maybe it was some variant of Ebonics, perhaps translated to something like Dang it, Boss, you re no better than that But that didn t make as much sense as Dang it, Boss, you KNOW better than that, and this was the translation I went with as I continued reading Here is the way I might render the statement Dang it, Boss, you know better than that Bad dog I inserted the vocative comma before Boss since the speaker is addressing Boss directly, and I made Bad dog a separate sentence, which seems to fit better than including it as a clause in the first sentence.Unrelated sentences were confused with speech tags For example Well that makes sense, Thank you that was very thoughtful In this example, Well that makes sense was probably intended as an internal thought of the speaker, but the statement seemed to be used as a speech marker she said , he yelled , the woman sang , etc , but Well that makes sense does not describe an action related to speech, is not a speech marker, and therefore cannot be part of the sentence Also, Thank you and that was very thoughtful are really two separate ideas Here is one way of rendering the three statements Well that makes sense, she thought to herself Thank you That was very thoughtful Not Enough was rendered mostly in present tense, which is usually a difficult tense for readers I have to say I found this aspect of the novel easy to deal with, but I also found relatively frequent verb tense errors, unfortunately common in unedited present tense novels Here s an example from near the end of the book I am so relieved that J will be here soon I almost forgot to thank Gabe An argument might be made for retaining the second verb forgot in simple past, but context, continuity, and reader understanding almost require present tense I m so relieved J will be here soon I almost forget to thank Gabe Commas appeared where they had no business, and disappeared when they became crucial to understanding Here are two cases of erroneously inserted commas So here, I am at 6 a.m dropping him off Location 2328 If they only knew how much trouble, J and Bode can be Location 1711 One chapter began with this confusing statement containing misplaced commas The charity event, Austin and I are attending tonight, will be a test Location 455 Just two paragraphs later, though, a comma goes missing, making the sentence almost impossible to understand I walk into Fique s a high end clothing store to pick up my dress for tonight and the only person in fashion I can tolerate, Gabe, greets me Location 460 Word usage was often incorrect For instance, after a long speech in which the main character provided a passionate laundry list of her family s failings, the character noted Shock fills the air around us after my omission Location 1140 Well, after the very long of sins, I wasn t aware of any particular omission It struck me that the word omission was out of place Probably the intention was to use the verb admission or confession , as in admission of sins , or confession of failings The word omission simply didn t work in context.Dialog was unnaturally stilted I don t think I read a single instance of a character saying anything like I m going home Such statements in dialog were invariably rendered without contraction I am going home Even when characters were distraught, when fast action was required, uncontracted statements remained She is unconscious for God s sake Location 1145 I received a free copy of Not Enough in exchange for an honest review.1 star.

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    This is a decent story that has a lot going on.I may not have been hooked from the beginning, however, I found merit in the telling of Rylee and Austin s love story.I was heartbroken that Ryan, Rylee s fianc left her basically at the altar, with only a Dear John note shameful It was extremely painful and I can in no way tell anyone how long it should take for them to get over something as hurtful as that BUT, 3 years is a long time, especially when you are young.Rylee did not date anyone for 3 long years and then comes Austin to capture her heart.It was all so cute with him being a MVP Superbowl winning football Quarterback I could see how he might want a girl who was different from the hard, brazen women that he had to come in contact with on a daily basis Rylee was definitely different She cried a lot Fainted a lot and didn t have it in her to love because she was broken Men love to be the hero and fix women save the day like superman I suppose that was Austin.Austin was definitely superman He played football and had chicks thrown at him on a constant basis, but he stayed faithful to Rylee for months while sleeping in her bed, without even a kiss or any notion as to if she would ever come around She friend zoned him out the gate.To tell truth, it was a sweet gesture of love that he showed for her to wait for her I would have enjoyed seeing their relationship blossom in that regard as having to deal with staving off the desire and just grow the friendship, but that was skipped and we, as readers are left with Rylee and Austin s first date night after really no care to their relationship We have a first kiss with little than an I asked you out on a first date after knowing you for 2 hours kind of knowledge into their relationship I love what was written about their love story And I stress was because there were jumps It was heartfelt what I learned about the two of them I did love the story that I received I just felt there were holes.My biggest hole was when Austin s mom says something about what Austin did and it is just skipped over I can put it off to Austin s mom being a religious Jim Jones totally drinking all of the kool aid freak, but WTF That must be in book 2 Then there is The ENDING.I rolled my eyes throughout the book, but mostly because Rylee did things that I wouldn t That was understandable because it was Rylee s story and not mine, but the ending was too much for me I hope that things turn out okay, but no matter what, I can t see a happy ending for Austin and Rylee with the way that things are now.I hate how this whole turn of events is being played out I don t need a happy ending, but messing up other people s lives for your happy ending is sad I hated how Rylee pimped girls for her brother and his friend, knowing she wouldn t like it if someone told her to meet some guy for a hook up and to be the distraction to get what they wanted I wished she would have stayed true to her character Then Rylee had the audacity to be angry and high and mighty over someone that loved her wanting to be with her throughout horrible circumstances outside of their control.The story has me interested, and I think that means hooked On to book 2.

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