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    I read this on the endorsement of many good reviews, but after connecting the dots, I noticed that a large number of the positive praise came primarily from fellow bloggers familiar to, or affiliated with the author, along with the repeated inducements pleas of the author to his blog followers to submit positive reviews.Whereas a book like Fuck Feelings or The Antidote by Oliver Burkeman contains a trove of well written, actionable advice, this is mostly a culmination of recycled ideas and strategies lifted directly from the self help and pop psychology archives.Cernovich tries hard to imitate the pithy sage, when really, this book amounts to little than an idea copy and paste job and is an insult to anyone who s ever cracked the cover of a Tony Robbins book before.To top it off, it s really badly edited Laughably so in parts For a guy that preaches living a life of excellence and healthy living, your credibility is in question Mikey.Browsing his site, I saw plenty of photos of a silly looking, badly dressed, lispy fat dude Not exactly a paragon of excellence, let alone someone I would be taking life advice or workout tips from.In short, this book is fucking toilet paper and a wasted two hour read Avoid at all costs.

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    Meh, I had higher expectations for this If you never did some serious work on yourself you might benefit from this book, but nothing in this book strikes me as profound or new in any way The term Gorilla mindset is just a marketing gimmick A cool name, but has nothing to do with gorilla in any discernible way A accurate name would be Winning mindset or Growing mindset.Half of the book is advice on fitness and making money You will get much better advice in other books.One thing I d like to add the constant disclaimers by the author is pretty annoying The book is loaded with but again, this is YOUR life, I m not telling you how to do itjust give it a thought, keep it in mind It s allowed to have opinions mr.author.

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    Gorilla Mindset is a self improvement book with heaps of stuff you ve probably already heard about Nothing new there, no revolutionary material, no real game changer I know there s people out there who might find this book to be useful, hence the two stars Mind you, it s not an utter load of wank, I ll give you that BUT I found myself rolling my eyes and going oh, not this shit again quite often while reading Cool title anyway.

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    Writing this a week after Trump has been elected US president, it seems like the rules have fundamentally changed The idea that the president is a role for a dignified leader who is intelligent or qualified or serious or not a sexual predator has been thrown out the window Perhaps these words don t mean anything other than what a certain elite class wants you to think they mean Or perhaps we simply live in a Nietzschean world where sheer will to power is in and established systems are out Mike Cernovich has spent the past year on Twitter shilling for Trump helping him to get elected, but he is also a self help guy who seems to promote a mentality that is uncannily similar to that of Trump himself This mentality, it seems to me, is a powerful one The fact that Trump was, for a whole year, the most hated, mocked, and defamed person alive, and yet at the end of the year he emerged the most powerful man in the world primarily through unwavering confidence, personal charisma, and high energy speeches is a truly staggering feat.Cernovich s ascent to social media fame over the past year is a little similar but on a smaller level he constantly publishes offensive and edgy content which earns him near total censure from the norms of mainstream society, and yet his refusal to bend towards political correctness has rendered this censoring strategy rather ineffective Cernovich often boasts about being powerful than the mainstream media in certain regards, rubbing their inability to stifle his message in their face He also constantly boasts about being happy, free and living well and it does seem like his life position is somewhat enviable than that of a standard paid journalist bound to the norms of institutional discourse So seeing that this gorilla mindset exemplified by Cernovich and Trump might be the way of the future, I decided to read this book.Anyway, the book completely sucked The book is just a poorly written and organized collection of standard self help and pop psychology advice cobbled together from a bunch of other sources Halfway through it turns into bland health and fitness advice work out, eat your veggies Other than the title there was literally no reference to gorillas or any sense of evolutionary psychology primal reversion at all There wasn t even any of the cackling politically incorrectness and white male identity politics that characterizes Cernovich s blog Pretty much nothing in this book was interesting or worthwhile.Apparently Cernovich has written another book, MAGA Mindset , directly about the Trump campaign, so I guess maybe that was of what I was looking for But after my experience with this one I won t bother.

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    Like other reviews here, I failed to see anything new or enlightening here outside of a creative title The book starts off like many self development books trying to sell itself in the first few chapters, by hyping itself up with claims before you get to any real useful information Finally it starts off, begins with some great info, by stating to write positive affirmations about yourself no matter how wild Ugh, yeah, that s a new one right Then further researching the author, finds he s a Trump supporter which says a bunch right there Also has a book on juicing, though he has no evidence of his claims Also appears he was the attorney for that GamersGate scandal discriminating against female game programmers.

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    Great book It remainds me on Stuart Wilde s books There are six important messages inside 1 Take care of yourself2 Discipline yourself3 Differentiate yourself4 Choose yourself instead of waiting to be discovered 5 Invest in yourself6 Visualize be a master Final message Embrace the suck for the greater good

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    Let me start off with the cons, of which there was one very very big one The spelling and grammar throughout the book I ve read a lot of self published books and very few had as many errors as this one, sometimes several on the same page or at least every few pages Some sections were up to an acceptable standard and others really looked rushed with silly errors.Getting past that, the content itself was very good I can see how this material would really benefit someone just starting out, perhaps I am a bit outside the target market as I ve been reading books like this for 10 years now and am now in my 30 s.The book did cover a number of topics in sufficient detail that if all were mastered would really help someone reach high levels of success and happiness Readers could then find detail on any particular areas in which they may be interested.The book covers a number of topics including MindsetManaging your stateFocusLifestyleHealthPostureFinancesVisionOn the chapter on Focus, I particularly liked the examination of people who are so important and busy that they need to have their phone with them and keep checking it constantlyCompare this with Richard Branson or Warren Bufffett If they decide to turn their phones off for a few hours, they do Are you important than them The you need to be glued to your phone, the less important you are and just a slave to others The author talks about the number of distractions we have in modern life and the importance of focusing on one thing at a time.

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    Meh Good advice sprinkled amongst a bunch of feel good bullshit Could ve used an editor Not really worth a read.

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    Quote An Aspirin a day keeps the doctor away.

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    A practical guide to lifting oneself out of the rut of feeling low and resigned In extra ordinarily difficult situations many people tend to think the odds are totally against them, be it health, weather, work or relationships This book comes around and says that the biggest factor ignored in such situations is oneself and what one can do regardless of external factors With a simple shift of mindset, one can take control of their own emotions and realise that almost all the seemingly insurmountable external factors do respond to this change in mindset The initial mindset shift takes a bit of leap of faith But post that, all the practical recommendations are widely known neuropsychological tricks The content is just a few blog posts that one can find online and the book is not high quality prose not sure whether misspelled words are OCR errors in making the Kindle edition , but I d still recommend getting the book It s like having an one one one conversation with the author for a few days.

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