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Mirror in the Sky chapter 1 Mirror in the Sky , meaning Mirror in the Sky , genre Mirror in the Sky , book cover Mirror in the Sky , flies Mirror in the Sky , Mirror in the Sky 81ae296c0607a For Tara Krishnan, Navigating Brierly, The Academically Rigorous Prep School She Attends On Scholarship, Feels Overwhelming And Impossible Her Junior Year Begins In The Wake Of A Startling Discovery A Message From An Alternate Earth, Light Years Away, Is Intercepted By NASA This Means That On Another Planet, There Is Another Version Of Tara, A Tara Who Could Be Living Better, Burning Brighter, Because Of Tiny Differences In Her Choices As The World Lights Up With The Knowledge Of Terra Nova, The Mirror Planet, Tara S Life On Earth Begins To Change At First, Small Shifts Happen, Like Attention From Nick Osterman, The Most Popular Guy At Brierly, And Her Mother Playing Hooky From Work To Watch The News All Day But Eventually Those Small Shifts Swell, The Discovery Of Terra Nova Like A Black Hole, Bending All The Light Around It As A New Era Of Scientific History Dawns And Tara S Life At Brierly Continues Its Orbit, Only One Thing Is Clear Nothing On Earth And For Tara Will Ever Be The Same Again

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    Mirror in the Sky is absolutely nothing like you d imagine from the marketing, and I think that s going to lead to a lot of DNFs It s a book I d only recommend to fans of existentialism and We All Looked Up type books Yet it s still so completely worth the read I want everyone to read this and see how good the second half is THE FIRST HALF AND DISAPPOINTMENTSo let me get the bad over with Mirror In The Sky does not deliver on its fantastic premise about an alternate earth Yes, it improves later on, but so many people are going to be disappointed by this Terra Nova is used mostly as a plot device for character development and feelings In fact, the first half of the book barely mentions Terra Nova at all But once you adjust your expectations, the book improves It was a similar reading experience as We All Looked Up, but with better characters This almost feels like two different books to review The first half is booooooring Way too long winded In fact, I actually DNFed this The characters don t stand out here either they re all assholes and the romance sucks so much If you read this, don t DNF in the first half it genuinely gets so much better THE SECOND HALF AND DRMATIC PAYOFF At this point, Khorana seems to finally understand what she wants to talk about, and she gets deep fast She explores racism She takes her annoying characters and uses them to explore what it means to be a good person By the end, the characters had stolen my heart This book is so raw and real In general, there s a ton of character work in this section Even the protagonist, who didn t impress me much in the first half, won my heart by the end The side characters here stand out and break your heart Except for that one love interest He can go fuck himself The romance is still not great Seriously, this is one of the most unromantic romance plots ever written The amount of cheating involved just completely ruined this for me However, even this horrendous romantic storyline gets an emotionally raw ending The ending is perfect Khorana ends on a note that s an odd mix of tragic and hopeful You ll have to decide for yourself Either way, there will be tears.Recommended to fans or people who anticipated but were disappointed in of We All Looked Up, Places No One Knows, and Before I Fall.

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    Mirror in the Sky is about a teenager, Tara Krishnan, who goes to school with a bunch of wealthy kids, and often expresses her hardships as the only POC in her school The recent discovery of another planet, called Terra Nova, leads everyone in this book to become thrilled since it is evident that there is life on Terra Nova The synapsis and the front cover which I think is beautiful make it clear that this book is going to be a sci fi novel about a mirror planet, but going into this book, any reader should be made aware that they will be gravely disappointed if they wanted to book to be about this mirror planet This book is like a bad version of Mean Girls, focusing mainly on Tara s pitiful journey of trying to become part of the popular crowd, and every couple of chapters briefly mentioning Terra Nova.As a high school student who just finished her junior year of high school, I can easily say that the author has a very distorted view of what high school is like Aditi makes it seem like every person in high school only wants to be popular There is nothing else to life unless you are popular Oh, and if you are popular, you will probably hate yourself anyways The way Aditi treated the age of the characters seemed to come from the perspective of an adult who keeps blaming everything on the millennials at your annual family gathering There was absolutely no depth the characters, and were definitely not relatable to the reader.I m the type of person who does not write in her books If I find something really important, I put a sticky note on the page This was the first book that I actually felt the need to tab my book, and I was not keeping track of the good things in this book 20 pages into the book, and I was already tabbing away Here are a few examples of things that just made me cringe as the book went along Oh my God, and they re like trying to track down that lady in the picture I heard she s already come forward but they re like, interrogating her or something That s like, so stupid That is actual dialogue in this book, and unfortunately, most of the dialogue in the book is written in a similar fashion and Alexa well, you know Alexa This was almost always how Alexa s eating disorder was referred to, but everyone in the group knew about it I looked at my mother now, grateful that I had inherited her slim dancers build Briery was hard enough as it was I couldn t imagine going through four years of it like Moira Edwards, the big girl in our class who spent all her lunches in the library, reading Don t turn into Alexa on us, Veronica commented when she saw my half eaten sandwich Aditi does not know how to handle serious issues, such as eating disorders Anorexia is constantly treated as a joke in this novel, and people who are overweight are frowned upon This is not a good trend in novels This is a novel directed towards people my age, and considering how many people I know that struggle with body image and eating disorders, this is not something to be joked about or referred to lightheartedly This is not how teens treat their peers struggling with body image, and it should most definitely not be written about like this.There were a few good things in this book While I saw the endings plot twist from a mile away, it was creative and a good way to end the book The existential comments in the last couple pages of the book were very well written Aditi Khorana definitely has potential in her writing, but she should try writing for people her age rather than a young adult novel It seems to me she does not quite have a grip on her characters and their feelings, mainly due to a misunderstanding about teens today.Overall, I give this book 2 5 stars It has an easy flow to the story, and I was able to read it very quickly, as I do for most YA books I would not recommend this book to others, especially since the synapsis is very misguiding about the direction of the book If you are looking for a book filled with cheesy teenage angst, though, then knock yourself out.

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    Full Review on my blog This book wasn t what I expected at ALL, but once I settled into the understanding that it s a YA contemporary with what I d call a sci fi overlay, I really enjoyed it.The plot centers around a girl named Tara who feels out of place in her small town When in a strange and sad turn of events, Tara gets wrapped up in the popular group at her school She finally thinks that she is finding a way to fit in But all of that is eclipsed when scientists discover another Earth, far out in the solar system This new Earth turns out to be an almost exact copy of Tara s own world mirroring people, places, and events Now everyone is left wondering how big an impact their decisions made, and if they had better lives on this new Earth.The characters are all well written and reading about their dynamics and relationships was completely absorbing and moving The main character is the only person of color in her school and I particularly enjoyed her frank discussion of how this effects her and her feelings on the subject All of the characters are flawed and some are sympathetic than others early on.While I enjoyed Mirror in the Sky a lot, there were some things I didn t like as much, which is why I m giving it a 3.5 rating.THE ENDING THOUGH I want to say the ending was amazing which it was but it kind of felt rushed and while some issues are tied up a little too neatly, others are left unresolved Ultimately, I really enjoyed Mirror in the Sky but it needed something .Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Facebook Store

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    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.There are books you read that are good Some that are great And then there are the books that utterly blow your mind, the ones that are so beautiful they ache deep within your soul That s the kind of book MIRROR IN THE SKY is The kind that aches so good At first I was skeptical of how this multiverse would play out Would it be too heavy on the technicalities not that I mind that, I am a HUGE science enthusiast , would it be confusing The answer to those questions is a resounding no Khorana s writing is gorgeous and engaging She s one of those brilliant debut authors who capture human emotion so exquisitely, you FEEL everything her characters do I laughed and cried and shook my fist at the world she so expertly captured Our world All the good parts and the ugly ones too The world that still has hope through it all, though Because of the possibility of a better version lurking just out of reach A version that perhaps is attainable somehow, someway Maybe that better version is closer than we thinkI don t want to go into plot details and spoil it, so I m just going to say This book is an amazing patchwork of emotions and journeys that are woven together with a deft hand Khorana captured an authentic teen voice and a main character who is as multifaceted as the multiverse in the story I love this book and these characters all of them flawed, all of them with their own story and journey There were passages of wisdom so poignant I had to pause and reflect on them This book not only made me flip the pages well into the early morning hours, but it made me think AND feel It will certainly appeal to both teens and adults This should be required reading, I know sixteen year old Kerri would have gobbled this up and walked away feeling a little less alone in the world Maybe even a little wiser.I cannot wait for 2016 to arrive and bring MIRROR IN THE SKY into reader s hands Do yourself a favor and add it to your lists, and tell your friends to do the same This is something special, something completely out of this world I can only hope if there is a multiverse, another version of me has already read this book and shouted from the rooftops about its beauty too Thank you, Aditi Khorana This story has made me a fan for life 3

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    How I wish I DNFed this book It was so boring and didn t hold my interest in the slightest I kept waiting for it to pick up, and to learn about Terra Nova the mirror planet to Earth but the plot had little to do with it The mirror planet s purpose in the book is basically to get everyone in the book to toss aside their morals, responsibilities, and families to chase after their lost dreams at any cost This book actually reminded me of Mean Girls, except if Regina George was actually nice Mirror in the Sky focuses around Tara, the main character, and how she becomes a member of the in crowd Tara has a constant chip on her shoulder and seems to hate everything and everyone around her for no obvious reason Until she becomes part of the in crowd and then her hate for everything calms down a bit, but it didn t make her likable I also didn t like the writing There was a lot of info dumping, mixed in with long explanations of scientific theory that made me wonder if the reason for the long explanations was that the author didn t fully understand it, so she took textbook information and pasted it into her book It s sad, because the concept of this book sounded really amazing but unfortunately, there aren t any positive things I can say about it.Read my full review of Mirror in the Sky

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    This book snuck up on me When I started it, I didn t think it would be a page turning read that I would finish in two days and shed tears over But it was.When I started the book, I half expected a certain kind of SF story, and I was wondering how the author would get around the scientific implausibilities inherent in that If we just now discovered a parallel Earth, how could it possibly be close enough for us to go there But no This is a book about what the sheer discovery of a second Earth Terra Nova would mean for the people on this Earth, and specifically for one teen and her friends and family It s a what if story that reveals dark and powerful truths about human nature, just like the best Twilight Zone episodes.All the book s characters are nuanced and believable, starting with narrator Tara a quiet, studious girl who s inspired by Terra Nova to find her voice and explore the paths not taken in her life Some of her choices are empowering, others lead down dangerous pathways to deep regrets but that s life.If you like thoughtful contemporary stories flavored with speculative concepts, I strongly recommend this It s a fascinating novel for anyone who s ever wondered, What if my life had gone just a bit differently Who would I be

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    I loved this book so much, and I can t believe I didn t post anything about it A contemporary YA sci fi genre blend of a book, I adored every single page.Plucking this from my Book Riot review of the book which you can find here bookriot.com 2016 07 16 reading list The wonderful thing about this story, is that it becomes less about the sci fi and about Tara s experience dealing with the extraordinary circumstances she s placed in The entire planet is trying to figure out where we fit in the galaxy Why we exist Why we re here What the emergence of this planet even means But the focus is on Tara, who has been dealing with figuring out her place in the world her entire life.And that s what makes this story extra beautiful, I think Watching Tara see other people feel the way she feels, and has felt, all this time.

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    The premise of Mirror in the Sky is nearly identical to that of Another Earth scientists discover a planet that is nearly identical to our own But Mirror in the Sky has a half Indian, half white teenage girl for a protagonist And she will also go through a journey of self discovery, but it will involve less housecleaning and guilt.Tara Krishnan doesn t really fit in at her white ass Connecticut school, and when her best friend decides to take a year off abroad, she s left floundering Until the discovery of Terra Nova causes shifts in people s behavior, subtle and dramatic, and she suddenly finds herself part of the group of popular kids she d previously envied hated A group that includes the boy she s had a crush on A boy who now seems interested in her The science fiction side of Mirror in the Skydoesn t quite work While Another Earth left most of the details hazy enough to allow it to be the thought experiment that it was meant to be, Mirror in the Sky digs deeper into communications with the other world, which should be cool but comes off a little too cutesy, as Terra Nova is like Earth with random variations in fruit and spelling The most interesting detail despite the silly one letter off nature comes in the story of a famous literary figure whose life took a different path on Terra Nova That was fascinating to think about, but overall the connection between the idea of Terra Nova and the reaction on Earth didn t make sense to me Some people choose to follow wild fantasies at the expense of their families, some people choose to make small brave steps forward, some people choose to place all their energy, positive and negative, on one random woman caught in the media frenzy.The contemporary side which is, like, 95% of it works a bit better, especially with regards to how it addresses Tara s status as a poor Indian girl The popular kids Rich as hell, of course Her dad owns an Indian restaurant, and the coolest girl in school has a fucking mansion She deals with casual racism constantly I particularly groaned in empathy every time her white friends discussed Indian food with her It took some time for me to get truly caught up in the story of Tara and her new friends, as it is a lot of teenage drama, but I did like how all the drama does culminate in an explosion of feelings that results insomething I did not expect I ve never been a teenage girl, but I feel that those who are or who have been will relate much to Tara s story than I did, because it does a lot with female friendships Mirror in the Sky is a swift, easy read But while I liked Tara, I wasn t emotionally engaged in the story because so much of it was telling me what she felt, either directly or through metaphors that didn t land It was frustrating, but I also don t read a lot of contemporary YA, and I came at this book from a science fiction reader side While I didn t find the book as evocative and thought provoking as I d hoped, I know it may strike a chord with other readers.

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    This is one of the most thought provoking books that I ve had the pleasure of reading MIRROR IN THE SKY poses some incredible philosophical questions about parallel universes and the impact the discovery of life outside our own planet could potentially have on our society I loved getting to experience these events alongside these characters This is such an intriguing and innovative story, and I would recommend it to readers of all ages.On top of the incredible scifi elements and the deeper themes of questioning where we came from and what we would be like if we were the parallel versions of ourselves in an alternate universe, at the heart of this story is a teenage girl still trying to figure out her place in THIS world.I really enjoyed Tara as a main character Despite the upheavals in her family life and the world around her, Tara still has to cope with the day to day challenges of being a teenage girl and a young woman of color Tara absolutely came alive for me while I was reading this She felt so authentic, and I was rooting for her throughout the entire story.It is clear from this brilliant debut novel that Aditi is an incredibly intelligent woman and talented author, and I am so excited to read her next novel LIBRARY OF FATES.

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    What did I just read Honestly, it was a mixture of science fiction psych, messy love triangle, obvious plot twists Expectations I was really looking forward to a space adventure Where the characters discover a way to communicate with Terra Nova, pretty much to the point where they eventually find themselves traveling to the strange, conveniently overlooked planet just on the edge of the Milkyway Actualizations I was not expecting to be dragged through a girl s struggles of maintaining her relationships with her delusional mother, best friend, and a new group of popular friends The story heavily revolved around Tara s grudges and secrets Terra Nova has pushed aside for the majority of the story The planet really had no significance at all It was just something that lingered in the character s thoughts, as well as above their heads I nothing would change significantly if the planet was never discovered The only thing this book has going is its cover The writing was good, but the story took away from that.

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