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  • Kindle Edition
  • 484 pages
  • Evolution of the Dead
  • R.M. Smith
  • English
  • 02 November 2018

10 thoughts on “Evolution of the Dead

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    As with most, if not all, zombie apocalypse stories, an outbreak occurs and quickly spreads threatening to wipe out the human race, but this one has a twist I won t ruin it by telling it here I read this book in two days It s exciting, with a mix of characters who are fleshed out as much as they can be in this genre.R M Smith deftly weaves the characters fates, bringing them together and then toying with them like a cat with her prey Unlike some of the books and movies of this type, there are no super humans here The characters react with believability, displaying heroics as well as determined and sometimes loathsome self preservation.This book is true to the genre but with enough surprises to keep the reader engaged There are a few typos, but they don t distract from the mayhem I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to enliven an afternoon.I read this book for free on Kindle Unlimited and promised the author an unbiased review, which I have given.

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    This was another great sinister adventure I was truly wrapped up in the gore It was quite a explicit read and I enjoyed every single word I didn t like the fact Nick killed Janet,and left Carmen for dead but he got his comeuppance But, for Scott to do the same thing leave Carmen after knowin and going after Nick for doing it too was a slap in the face If it weren t for Mike, Nick and Kim s selfish asses would ve died Carmen was the good one the whole story She was brave, yet selfless she didn t sacrifice people although she was a weak link She was betrayed by those she helped and trusted yet she forgave them She better than me, there s no goin back if you betray me Looks like the three amigos survived, but poor Mike s corpse has sent a infection with the rescue squad to an uninfected Norfolk I wish this had a sequel lol

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    RM Smith started with a great idea for a novel, but I feel it fell short in many respects Although he does explain how the infestation started, it was very short and hidden a few chapters into the book when it would be a better fit at the very beginning Also, he spent too much time in the first two chapters describing what happens to the human body when it gets infected While the story about the people trying to escape is interesting and somewhat exciting, there are many plot ideas that seemed to be ripped right out zombie apocalypse books I ve read in the past.

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About the Author: R.M. Smith

R M Smith writes gritty, grinding, clench your teeth adult types of horror stories about real life people who innocently fall into dire situations with no way out.