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  • 199 pages
  • 1914 (The War Years Book 1)
  • James Farner
  • English
  • 20 July 2018

10 thoughts on “1914 (The War Years Book 1)

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    To be honest I expected the whole book to be what it was for the last 40% Boys and men at the western front As bad as it may sound, as as much as I don t like war, I like reading war books it s the aspect of humanity that I seek from them However, first half of the book introduces us to the Keeton brothers and family and Jack I m not saying this is a bad thing 1914 is the first book in the series and naturally, readers need to get a sense of characters to fully understand the differences between them So in that regard, it was a good strong 3 stars for me The Keeton twins are 14 years old they turn 15 at the war front and they have 3 brothers in the same war We meet Braddock and Dettmer. at the end of the book, their involvement in one of the Keeton brothers disappearance comes clearly and with a little twist The prologue of the book, even though one might find it confusing, is actually view spoiler what happens to Jacob hide spoiler

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    I just could not get past the 3rd chapter of this book It started off very confusing and did not get any better by the time I put it down I wish I could recommend it, but at this time, NO.

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    the only good thing about this book was it was freea poor read , terrible plot and rubbish characters, poorly researchedif you haven t started don t bother

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    The year is 1914, and war has just been declared in Britain Many young men are eager to fight, to destroy the loathed Germans But at home, two twin boys are unfazed by the war, busy playing pranks on their townspeople This is the backdrop of the plot in 1914 The War Years, written by James Farner The book focuses on the typical life of a child in 1914 England as well as how the war disrupted it Danny and Charlie Keeton are well known pranksters in their town Their oldest brother has gone off to war, the second brother hangs around in the slums, and their mother is a heavy drinker Another brother sits in his room all day, sending letters to the government for a job, and the youngest brother is sickly Danny and Charlie are the only ones that support the family, working in a factory near town They decide that the factory job does not provide enough, and so they start selling homemade cigarettes to the children around the area Eventually, they collect enough money to make their mother suspicious of their actions When ten boxes of cigarettes are found inside the house, they are beaten with a belt by their elder brother as punishment Utterly dejected, they start working in the factory again, only to be thrashed by wealthy children that are jealous of their success The twins stay in the house after this incident, too afraid to step outside, when war comes to their little town The army has come and is recruiting adults to fight for England To help the family financially, the third oldest brother, Jacob, decides to sign up to fight in the army Even though he is not eighteen, Danny resolves to join the army as well, craving for adventure The next day, Danny accompanies Jacob to wish him goodbye Charlie tags along, unaware of Danny s plan Jacob and Danny both sign up, forcing the helpless Charlie to follow suit Danny soon finds that military life is not the glamorous life he imagined it to be Braddock, the hostile drill sergeant, puts them through a rigorous training course Danny finds himself hard pressed to keep up with demands of the army He also finds that Charlie is bitter about being manipulated to join the army After the twins make up, they meet a friend who is a corporal and is the only one who can keep Braddock under control He becomes their mentor and guardian After primary training is completed, they are shipped out to war in Ypres The German and British troops have been at an impasse for a few days, and an attack is planned for the next day At dawn, the British troops climb over their trenches and attack the Germans Danny experiences the true horror of war as he runs towards the enemy Soldiers are falling dead all around him, and he is deafened by the sound of exploding shells After the enemy trench is captured, Danny realizes that he really does not want to continue in the war He borrows a German rifle from the corporal, and the next time he goes over the trench wall, he shoots himself in the leg The book ends with Danny lying in the hospital, talking to Charlie Charlie tells him that Jacob was reported missing that morning Danny wonders, How did I end up here Farner appears to have performed extensive research to write this book, and he describes the life of a boy during World War I in great detail The book grabs the reader, as Farner provides emotional situations that readers can connect with and sympathize Farner illustrates what English society was like during the first World War Most poor children worked in factories to support their family, and many teenagers fought in the bloody conflict that killed over 17 million people Despite being a fictional book, Farner gives an in depth view into history using illustrations like the the one above as the background He also introduces an element of verse in his writing, deftly veering away from the usual prose in fictional literature Learning about the life of a boy in 1914 was entertaining than expected, setting a high bar for the rest of the books in the series.

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    This book is very dialogue driven, but I felt the dialogue was rather simplistic To be fair I only made it through 3 chapters.

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    I wanted to like this book as I enjoy reading historical fiction Unfortunately, I just couldn t get interested in the characters The book appears to start on the front lines of World War I with the death of an Irish lad, and then jumps back to his home life before the war The part about the home life seemed to drag and was full of confusing references to other brothers I finally gave up on reading it because it just didn t appeal to me I was disappointed because this is the first book in a series which I had hoped to read, but since I didn t get through the first one, I will not attempt the remaining books.

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    I was so excited when I got this book and I could not wait to start reading it And I was so disappointed The title is very misleading It does start in 1914 but a least half the book is about juvenile delinquents in their home suburb Eventually they enlist and are inevitably bullied by an over bearing sergeant This reminded me of the original film version of All Quiet on the Western Front Finally they get to the front They join in a couple of pieces of action No one gets hurt The book concludes with a major act of cowardice I was unimpressed.

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    Abrupt EndingA good look at the probable mind set of young men during war The focus is around a family of brothers, all enlisted The ending of the first book is quite abrupt, and, as such, lowers my review While this effectively leads to the next book in the series, it negates it from being a complete novel.

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    Not all that interesting, and I generally enjoy historical novels Oh well.

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    Lots of potential, but didn t live up to it The characters are flat, and I didn t get Much of a feel for place or time despite the Yorkshirisms.

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James Farner is a professional writer and draws upon his love of fiction and his love of stories that span generations His signature series Made in Yorkshire was born out of a desire to find out what happened next At the end of every good film, book, or TV show the characters disappear and that s the end of them James isn t alone in the desire to find out what happened to the characters afterw