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Understanding The Lords Supper summary Understanding The Lords Supper , series Understanding The Lords Supper , book Understanding The Lords Supper , pdf Understanding The Lords Supper , Understanding The Lords Supper 45713a324a Why Did Jesus Give The Church A Meal To Eat TogetherThe Lord S Supper Isn T Just Something Churches Do Together, It S Something That Binds Us Together, Making Many Into One This Accessible Work Biblically Explains What The Lord S Supper Is, How It Relates To A Local Church S Life Together, Who Should Celebrate The Lord S Supper, And How We Should Approach It

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    A helpful little book I don t agree with a few of the theologically tenuous conclusions the author arrives at in the latter chapters but the writer s considerably less dogmatic tone was a clear improvement on the other Understanding books I ve read in the series Overall, very good.

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    This little book is a dynamite resource A great little book to give to members who want to look into communion.

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    I strongly dislike this book The author filled it with his own opinions frequently using phrases like, I think, and It seems to me that , instead of just teaching what the Bible actually says about the Lord s Supper And, one of his main arguments is that the Lord s Supper should only be celebrated within the context of a corporate gathering of the local church However, I believe that it would be a accurate interpretation of the Bible to say that the Lord s Supper should be celebrated by Christians belonging to the church universal.

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    The point of the Lord s Supper is the gospel The gospel frees us from sin The gospel reconciles us to God The gospel gives us God for our Father, Jesus for our elder brother, and all the saints as brothers and sisters The gospel unites us to Christ and to each other Bobby Jamieson This is just a taste of the rich encouragement this book offers Biblically sound, wonderfully practical and helpful, and immensely encouraging Get this book, read it, and pass it on to fellow church members and friends

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    This is a good introductory text from a Calvinistic Baptist perspective I wasn t convinced of Jamieson s memorial view of the supper or his ecclesiology but his tone is charitable and he is striving to be consistent and I admire that.

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    A terrific concise guide to remind us of the importance of the Lord s Supper.

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    I LOVE this book.

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    The Christian life is a churched life This simple, yet profound statement under girds a new series of books Church Basics edited by Jonathan Leeman from BH This series is aimed at the average church member and each book addresses a specific part of church life of which every church member ought to be both knowledgeable about and involved in.Understanding Baptism answers basic questions like What is Baptism , Who Should be Baptized , and How Should Churches Practice Baptism This book, as well as all those in the series, are written, and thus the questions are answered, by those who take a Baptistic understanding of church government, baptism, and the Lord s Supper Even those Christians who have a different understanding of these church life issues will benefit from these books if they want to learn the other side and want to be challenged about their own position Leeman defines baptism as follows Baptism is a church s act of affirming and portraying a believer s union with Christ by immersing him or her in water, and a believer s act of publicly committing him or herself to Christ and his people, thereby uniting a believer to the church and marking off him or her from the world 6 Understanding the Congregation s Authority addresses basic issues about the congregations role in the church such as what Jesus expects of his disciples in the church, the role Adam had and how that relates to church members, and the role pastors play in a church members discipleship Too often is our churches the pastors and its even worse if there is only one full time pastor and elders though this is not always the case with them are expected to do the lion share of church ministry But is this the case Is a pastor supposed to master all ministries so that he can be the only one ministering to everyone else This book argues no and provides a solidly biblical case for the every member a minister mindset This is congregationalism, which is to say that, while the elders lead a local church, the congregation rules the church because that s their God given responsibility.Understanding the Lord s Supper first presents a biblical theology of the Lord s Supper and then answers questions like Who can Celebrate it , Who can Administer it , and How Should Christians Approach it I encourage Christians to read this book and the book on baptism together and to read the book on baptism first The baptism book will help you understand how baptism unites individual Christians together and this book on the Lords Supper will help you see how those united Christians express their unity to the world and reaffirm their unity with each other Jamieson defines the Lord s Supper as follows The Lords s Supper is a church s act of communing with Christ and each other and of commemorating Christ s death by partaking of bread and wine, and a believer s act of receiving Christ s benefits and renewing his or her commitment to Christ and his people, thereby making the church one body and marking it off from the world 25 The Church Basics series is decidedly Baptistic, solidly biblical, immediately practical, and church focused This series seeks to ground its claims in Scripture and, though it addresses the topics from a certain viewpoint, it interacts with varying positions to show its differences, which only serves to strengthen its conclusions This is an immensely helpful series that can benefit new believers as they seek or orient themselves to this new thing called the Church and it will further serve other Christians who are looking to grow in their knowledge of these issues so they can be better involved in their local church.Other books in this series are as follows Understanding Church Leadership by Mark DeverUnderstanding Church Discipline by Jonathan LeemanUnderstanding The Great Commission and the Church by Mark DeverI received these books for free from BH for this review I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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    An outstanding book Such great content on the subject of the Lord s Supper in such a short book While I would definitely recommend this book for church members, it would also be of benefit to pastors, deacons, and elders The book does both an excellent job of explaining the meaning of this ordinance but also suggests some specific practices and considerations that are helpful in applying what the Bible teaches about the Lord s Supper Jameson is a Southern Baptist committed to Reformed theology, but I would think that this book would be helpful to individuals who are members of other denominational or non denominational churches that are Protestant, particularly those which are evangelical in nature Come to the Lord s Table is an update of Andrew Murray s meditations on the Lord s Supper, and is recommended for churchwide study as Spiritual preparation for the Church Transitional plan developed by LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention I bought Understanding the Lord s Supper as a supplemental text to read as I prepare to lead the Group Sessions of the study of Come to the Lord s Table at the church I presently serve as Pastor I don t regret this purchase and would recommend it to all Transitional Pastors In fact, while Understanding the Lord s Supper is not a devotional guide, reading it would certainly accomplish the goal of preparing members spiritually to partake of the Lord s Supper in a right manner.I ve read three other books on the Lord s Supper and am about halfway through with a fourth and there s not another book I would recommend highly on this subject than this one.

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