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churchfails quotes churchfails , litcharts churchfails , symbolism churchfails , summary shmoop churchfails , churchfails d65f1fe4 Churchfails Is A Collection Of Articles Describing People Who Claim To Be Christians Doing Foolish Things Each Article Will Include A Picture Of The SubjectFrom The Introduction Groucho Marx Once Said, I Refuse To Join Any Club That Would Have Me As A Member If Christianity Is A Club, It Has Featured Innumerable Inglorious Members As Abashed Affiliates Of Said Club, What Can We Do We Can Try To Deny Our Past And Present Peccadilloes, But Covering Up A Crime Is Like Poking A Polecat It S Worse In The End So, We Can Rant And Rave, Or We Can Laugh And Learn This Book Settles On The Second Strategy

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    Not perfect but usefula layman s guide to vital church history figuresI struggled until the end on whether it deserved a three or four star rating It s not easy to make jokes about heresy Certainly you could question his selection of mini biographies Personally I question whether all the people mentioned deserve the definition Christian , but I realize I m in the minority I m not sure I would recommend this to an unbeliever, since it does not always have redeeming qualities I recommend concluding with a few important distinctions regarding the inestimabile value of true Christianity and of the Gospel Nevertheless I encourage all Christians to be familiar with the people in this book who did not always represent faithfully the Gospel message, so that we do not repeat their mistakesand quite frankly, it was a fun book to read

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    The books isn t show stopping or amazing, but is a good read if you want short snippets of church history The beginning and the end of the book have the better snippets The middle section can be hard to follow due to the overly complex issues that happened during that time period with the Roman catholic church.

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