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    Part 1 of book 1 has given me a chance to read the promising start of a dark trilogy, filled with deadly secrets that left me turning the page and wanting for the next.

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    Set in Carnia, a fictional medieval kingdom, The Shadow Seer tells the story or rather the beginning thereof of prince Candale who is prophesied to be the long awaited Shadow Seer The prince had been suffering from fits and seizures for years and now after recovering from an illness that almost killed him he is having vivid nightmares, seeing and hearing things and starting to have visions Together with his friend Teveriel and his female body guard, Trellany, he sets off to visit the Mage School, White Oaks, to discover for himself what exactly those ancient prophecies have to say about him not such an easy undertaking with a secret order seeking to murder him The Shadow Seer is a comfortably slow paced read The author takes time to build her fictional world and introduce her characters thoroughly The characters are well crafted and realistically flawed, and especially so the main character, Candale Do not expect this prince to come rescue you on a white steed, as he is somewhat of a coward, preferring to keep himself safe where possible Still, I could not help liking him and feeling rather sorry for him as he discovers some nasty truths about his own past, has to deal with ever increasing dreams and visions, and has to tolerate his somewhat overprotective father This book will be a treat for readers with experience in the fantasy genre as a rather wide range of paranormal phenomena are touched upon during the course of the story Although The Shadow Seer is a slightly slow and sometimes long winded read, it certainly makes up for lost excitement with a horrific, shocking, cliff hanger ending At least we know there will be books to follow Ellen Fritz

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    This story was given to me by the author for an honest review This is a very enjoyable fantasy read Set it the fictional world of Carnia there is a kingdom ruled by King Sorron, and his family His son prince Gerian, Gerian s wife Silnia, and their children Candale and Aylara The story starts out with Candale being literally on his death bed He s been sick for many months and his family has finally sought help from the last person they want, a witch named Mayrila Mayrila saves Candale and he and his family try to get back to where they were before with his schooling and building up back some muscle One day Candale hears Gerian, Sorron and Mayrila arguing in the next room and learns some very shocking news about himself and his future He learns about his birth, and that he is going to be a Shadow Seer Not knowing what that really is, Candale wants to go to the only place that might have information at The White Oaks school where mages are taught to use magic His family forbids it because they do not believe that he is going to become that, but Candale is too stubborn to listen so he sneaks out with his bodyguard Trellany and new friend and bard Teveriel set out to The White Oaks to get answers Along the way he meets new characters that help him with his answers Trellany and Teveriel are skeptical like everyone else about Candale being a Shadow Seer but after many coincidences that happen after he gets information, they start to think that s what he may be After the winter season his grandfather comes to get him and bring him home He returns home and tells his grandfather what he has learned and that he is the Shadow Seer but Sorron doesn t want Candale to tell the rest of his family what he learned Candale starts to have visions, his attitude is changing, he s not sleeping well and if he is sleeping he is having horrible nightmares, and he s seeing not only shadow people but a strange little girl who he thinks needs his help He used to have fits or seizures so they say that when he s having a vision they can pass it off as a fit for a while until they can figure out what to do I laughed, I cried, and there were a few genuinely shocking moments in this All the characters are great and I loved them all Candale can seem a little na ve when it comes to relationships but that s a funny quirk I think He s a very proper man but he s still only 18 so he s curious, shy, and on a few occasions can be a little bratty Teveriel will go to the ends of the earth for him and deeply cares about him and doesn t want him to get hurt Trellany is a bad ass, butt kicking, no nonsense girl who will defend and help Candale in any way she can They learn so much about one another on the trip and you really connect with all of them If you love the fantasy genre then I d definitely check this one out.

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    Read 52 challenge number 9 asked that read a book by a female author and so I selected this book, which has been in my to read for several months, and firstly I just wanna say how annoyed I am with myself for not reading it sooner It s a testament to modern fantasy writing and to prose writing in general.Fran Jacobs has a tremendous talented for descriptive text, indeed the first collective of chapters are by far some of the best I have ever seen All five senses are exercised by the character and so all five sense is what we get and we have Jacobs wonderful skill to thank for it She creates a great sense of sympathy and empathey for the main protagonist which makes for wonderful reading, someone that was definitely one of the big highlights of this book for me.One maybe small point I want to raise is why this book is split into two parts Having the story split off where it does can create a huge sense of disappointment but it is most definitely a sure fire way of making sure we but the second part But still, having it as one whole book, even if it does mean pushing the five hundred page mark would, I feel, not take away from the reading experience However I m sure either the author or publisher had their reasons and so we must carry on.Something that Fran Jacobs has managed to avoid is creating a fantasy story that does not make every attempt to remind you that it is one There are than a few placements of names of places outside of the story, or of the gods in the world, but never than we need We are enough tasters and teasers of the universe outside of the story that we are actually left asking for , wanting to dive head first into everything the world has to offer The characters in this book are by far some of my favourites I have ever come across, It has been a long time since characters were so clear and distinct in my imagination They way the speak and interact with one another is always a joy to read, if it be a friendly chat between two people or a heavy loaded argument between five Not only the that but I praise the dialogue written here, very well put, and each character having their own style of speech is always nice to read, even if the differences lie simply in the pacing.With just a few words Fran Jacobs is able to peak interest and paint a world that is inviting, rich, full of life and create characters that leap to life from the moment they first arrived on the page It is the first step into a dark, rich fantasy world that I simply cannot wait to be part of I hope with all my heart that the next two books maintain this high level of skill and standard so that the beautiful prose, world, story and characters may continue on No matter what I say I feel like I can t do this book justice, you ll simply have to read it and realise it for yourself.

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    The Shadow Seer is a hefty book, split George RR Martin style over two slimmer volumes I reviewed Part One on Making Things Up For A Living a few months ago, and now, with the second book imminent, I m reviewing the second part of the first book are you keeping up at the back The second volume opens where the first one ended, with troubled Prince Candale s arrival at the mysterious, crumbling mage school of White Oaks, a haven for persecuted magic users and young princes fleeing their destiny There he delves into the intricacies of the Rose Prophecies, determined to uncover the truth behind his burgeoning gifts, and his fate as the demon Ellenessia s prophet, the legendary Shadow Seer.Candale has grown in confidence in this second volume, perhaps a mark of Jacobs own increasing confidence as a writer But he is still an innocent abroad, nervous and sometimes infuriatingly naive as he stumbles into his first halting romance with Hazel, one of his classmates at White Oaks Half the fun as a reader is being able to spot what s screamingly obvious to everyone except the narrator, in this case the growing attraction between Dale and the bard Teveriel, which Dale seems completely oblivious to.The action in the book is split between White Oaks and Dale s home at Carnia Castle, where the witch Mayrilla makes a welcome reappearance Her malevolent presence, untrustworthy as a three headed snake, is a highlight of the book, provided stark contrast to Dale s wide eyed naivety and openness as they grapple to control his restless soul.This isn t a book for those who like their action fast and punchy The story unravels at a leisurely pace, lingering over fine detail, stretching out Dale s torment into a final denouement as shocking as it is bloody There s no doubt our young narrator is going to have to wise up fast in the next volume if he s to save himself and take control of his gifts.It s certainly an ending that leaves you thirsting for .

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    A Copy of this Book Was Given To Me By The Author In Exchange For An Honest Review The adventure takes place in Carnia, and imaginary world where you quickly learn to accept magic, mages and witches as normal.The story opens with Candale, nearly eighteen and a Royal Prince of the realm desperately ill, and having proved impossible to be cured by healers You quickly realise that he is the odd one out in the family and feel sorry for him You soon learn that his mother is not the Queen, but Mayrila, a witch his grandfather the King knew and paid Myrila is called to the palace and, for payment, cures Candale and we are observers as he learns of the legend that he may be the Shadow Seer This is ridiculed by his parents but from then on he devotes every waking hour to looking into it, acquires friends and travelling companions to help him, a female bodyguard, Trellany, and a travelling bard Teveriel Neither believes Candale but both are very loyal to him and are both great helps.The story and the characters are developed at a rate easy to follow and can be read as a stand alone.However, whilst there is no cliff hanger to leave you frustrated it is obvious that there is much to come and I, for one, look forward to reading about the further adventures of Candale and his friends.Review has been done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official.For information regarding our reviews please visit our Fansite www.facebook.com NerdGirl.ng

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    Most first fantasy novels are fairly predictable The protagonist is either a good guy or a rogue forced into playing the good guy This novel is a pleasant surprise Candale is a bit of a spoiled brat with unpredictable, and usually self centered, moods that seem to work against him most of the time This dubious hero is forced by prophesy into a role he is ill equipped to serve I found myself fascinated by his plight, his need for the support he constantly rejects, and his drive to find out what his destiny has forced him to face.This is a great start to a multi volume tale I look forward to seeing how the author resolves the challenges set before this reluctant hero.

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    I loved the book, otherwise I would not have published it

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    The Shadow Seer was an extremely interesting read, but it was a little slow in its movement.Candale is a prince with a secret he is having prophecies, hearing voices, and seeing people that aren t there The Shadow Seer starts with Candale being gravely ill and close to death All we hear are snippets of conversation between his relatives, arguments between his father and grandfather about how to best help him.His grandfather sends for a woman named Mayrila, a conniving, gold digging witch, who seems to be the only person who can help him Mayrila saves Candale, but she also changes his life forever, revealing herself as his birth mother and him as the Shadow Seer, a dark prophet whose visions will only ever be of death and destruction.Candale is an interesting character, if a little naive He is intelligent and easily relatable being a quiet, odd child who fits in well enough at court, but is always dreaming and looking for something Candale did get a little infuriating at times when he went off by himself without thinking things through only to nearly get killed by his enemies At times I wanted to shake him, but mostly I felt empathetic and a little sad about his situation.The Shadow Seer was well written and completely engaging because it didn t seem like you were racing to the finish line Each new event in the timeline was well paced and flowed seamlessly into the plot.The only problem with The Shadow Seer was that we never really get answers to our questions, the world of Carnia that Jacobs created was superb, but there was so much groundwork to lay that we only got to see snippets about the myths behind the shadow seer and those myths were relentlessly repeated.The Shadow Seer was an excellently written story with an engaging main character who kept me entertained and continuously coming back for The mystery behind who Ellenessia is and how she is going to affect Candale in the long run has me itching to get my hands on the second book in this promising fantasy series.Find this review at storywings.com

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    Prince Candale is ill He has been deathly ill for some time and the fear is that he will soon die Candale himself is barely able to comprehend anything around him Those who come to see him are whispered phantoms of people he thinks he knows Can anyone save him Sorron, King of Carnia, and Candale s grandfather, knows that there is only one person who can save his grandson from death s grim reaper But Sorron s also knows that by doing so, other things may come to light that have long since been forgotten Other things, deadly things There is a shadow over the past that is now reaching into the present that whispers of dark visions and fallen kingdoms Prophets have foretold the coming of the Shadow Seer but their warnings have been mostly ignored and now only a small collection of scholars know the portents of these dark oracle Yet Sorron must do what he must do or Candale will die So, the witch Mayrila is brought to the castle to save the young prince and in doing so the fulfilment of long forgotten prophecies ignite into a blaze that will quickly spread through the whole kingdom The Shadow Seer has awakened Beware Fran Jacobs has written a spell binding fantasy that plunges the reader into a world of dark secrets and strange visions Jacobs writing style is very fluid and gripping Her characters are both well defined and meaningful Jacobs draws the reader into Candale s world with a surgeon s skill at description and world building Get this e book, download it, print it out and settle in for a great read It ll be worth every effort.

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