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Music of the Spheres (The Interstellar Age, #2) pdf Music of the Spheres (The Interstellar Age, #2) , ebook Music of the Spheres (The Interstellar Age, #2) , epub Music of the Spheres (The Interstellar Age, #2) , doc Music of the Spheres (The Interstellar Age, #2) , e-pub Music of the Spheres (The Interstellar Age, #2) , Music of the Spheres (The Interstellar Age, #2) 4243669e470 Music Of The Spheres The Interstellar Age Book The Technology For Interstellar Flight Exists Through The Power Of Kinemet, But The Key To Unlocking Its Code Lies In A Thousand Year Old Scroll Left On Earth By An Alien Species When The Ancient Manual Is Stolen Before A Full Translation Is Completed, Alex, Michael And Justine Scramble To Recover It Along The Way, They Stumble On An Interplanetary Conspiracy And Uncover A Secret That Shatters Their View Of Life And Shakes The Very Foundations Of Our Existence The Interstellar Age Book Forbidden The Stars Book Music Of The Spheres Book Worlds Away The Interstellar Age The Complete Trilogy

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    This is book 2 in a trilogy and does not disappoint In fact, I think it was a better story than book one Alex, who was exposed to the mysterious element Kinemet previously realizes that he s not been fully changed into a proper space traveller but needs the Kinemet to stay healthy A 1000 year old Mayan scroll seems to hold the answer to advanced space travel but no one can properly interpret how to use its information initially Add in a bunch of criminal thugs who want the secret of light speed travel and the story starts getting interesting I won t discuss the ending because that would be a complete spoiler But read it yourself and enjoy

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    Nice story, but a bit of a clunker to read I should probably check to see how experienced a writer Daniels is, because this very much feels like a freshman or sopho effort Way too much effort spent describing things that are not that relevant to the story or character building, and not enough time spent on the things that are relevant to those I thought I had read the first book in this trilogy, but after reading this second book I m not so sure I am going to go right to the third book though as the story just seems to continue on with no discernable this is a new book feel.

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    Book 1 introduced us to the element kinemet, which appears to enable faster than light travel Verious groups, both good and bad look to understand the process and monopolize the process Intrigue abounds The series is a decent read.

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    Thankful less overwhelming technical jargon in this novel

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    was given a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.Unlike the first one, I didn t have an ebook version to read along with so it made the book seem so long The story itself was pretty interesting Especially when it was focusing on Justine Turner her storyline was my favorite It s just that I really disliked the narrator, Dave Wright He is not good at accents, and there are a hell of a lot of them in this book There s a German accent he did, I turned it up loud enough for my husband to hear it one night He actually looked like her was going to cry.I am not willing to continue this series via the audiobook Also, the blasted noise that plays at the beginning of chapters I don t know what evil I ve done in my life to deserve having to listen to that sound.As for the story itself, I did enjoy it It was a little over the place with the different characters, but it wasn t too hard to keep up with I do recommend reading the series, but not listening to the audiobook version.2 platypires for the narration 4 platypires for the story

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    Being the middle volume in the Interstellar Age trilogy, Music of the Spheres turned out pretty much as I expected In general terms, the writing flows nicely, the major arc of the story is completed nicely, and the foundation for the remaining volume is well done.I have two major dislikes First of all, the authors complete lack of understanding when it comes to orbital mechanics is an embarrassment It was there in the first book as well, but it s far obvious here The tragedy is, the story would have worked just as well without the errors Second, our intrepid young character Alex it turns out, has been withholding vital information for years, not trusting it to a single solitary soul Not exactly an endearing quality, for a character we re supposed to like and or care about.There is a bit development of the science behind kinemet, which I was happy to see The properties of the substance are still problematic, but Daniels has made an effort here to make it sound plausible.

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    Music of the Spheres The Interstellar Age, 2 by Val DanielsThis is the second installment of his Interstellar Age trilogy The characters are, once again, very real and well textured the plot is entertaining enough to keep you turning pages, even when it gets either cumbersome or stilted by turns I did enjoy the delving into Mayan history, and that has been well woven thru this story Unfortunately the author still has problems with continuity in several places And there also many places where the dialogue felt forced Daniels still hasn t got his approach to artificial gravity down all puns included and the Canadian space station just doesn t fit right either The journey in this book, however, does fit well, and is paced nicely I only hope that he doesn t fall back onto some tired cliches of aliens invading Earth in the next book It s been done too many times before to have real meaning now.

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    A fantastic read, I bought this as soon as I finished the first book A fast paced story to the end with high intrigue I had to buy the third book as soon as I finished this one.Excellent work Val Daniels I will be looking for your other titles as soon as I finish Worlds Away.Gary Nelson, author of The Ultimate Tree House Project

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    of the same from the first installment, the characters are a little better this time around but the plot is still unevenly paced A fun second read in this universe.

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    Continues the story, but better.

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