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The Beast in the Mirror pdf The Beast in the Mirror , ebook The Beast in the Mirror , epub The Beast in the Mirror , doc The Beast in the Mirror , e-pub The Beast in the Mirror , The Beast in the Mirror 78a49363a04 He Watches Her From The Shadows Of The Ruins But He Can Never Let Her See Him, The Cursed Beast That He Has Become But When He Falls In Love With Her, He Thinks Just Maybe She Will Accept Him As He IsA Twist On An Old Fairy Tale, The Beast In The Mirror Is A Short, Sweet Love Story Between A Beautiful Young Woman And A Beast That Has Been Cursed By A Witch To Be Ugly ForeverThis Is A Short Story Of Less Than , Words

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    Art Work by abigaillarson.deviantart Then come out of hiding Step out of the darkness and into the light Let me see you just as you are I ll love you no matter what Rose Beauty and the beast is one of my all time favorite stories, and I love reading different versions. This short story is about Christopher the beast cursed by a witch and lives in the ruins One day he sees, the beautiful, Rose He stays hidden in the shadows, just watching her Until one day she goes exploring and they meet A truly hideous beast Can Rose see through his ugliness

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    Sweet Short Story.Nice surprising twistfor a fun Retelling.Listened with TTSClean Story.

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    This was a delightful story to read right before you call for lights out I never read the book Beauty and the Beast so I don t know what is different in this telling Just a pleasant little read.

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    My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookAnother twist of the classic Beauty and the Beast tale and in another contemporary is how it s told After reading Skye Warren s novella Beauty Touched the Beast, I thought to give this a try This book is also a free novella but very short, about 9 pages or so and no love scenes I know Bummer, that was Christopher has been cursed by a witch 3 yrs ago and been living in the ruins of a mansion castle , not sure He s filthy rich I got that and used to be a playboy But karma had befallen on him and life hasn t been the same No one knows he still resides in his place and a recluse without a doubt Every day, he d see Rose, a girl who has inhabited the nearby cottage very recently with her parents, from the shadows She s sweet and an artist but there s something about her that calls out to him So, to gain her attentions somehow without showing himself , he carves beautiful pieces of woodworks and leaves them for her.Rose is intrigued by this place She loves paining in these ruins and feeling the environment One day, she felt like exploring it It was shadowy and kinda creepy, yet she still found the rose woodcarving on the very 1st day of her exploration She immediately fell in love with the artwork and wanted to know the artist The next day, she gets lucky but he won t show himself He would talk to her from another room He says he s badly scarred and not ready to reveal himself But, Rose has found a kindred spirit and she s up for taking a chance on himHonestly, I really liked the premise If you can suspend your beliefs about a few things and don t question about certain stuffs, I think you ll like it I ve never read anything by this author before but it was a good one IMO My few complaints were 1st, the paragraphs of the story should ve been formatted well It bugged me a bit 2nd, definitely I wanted on the hours of conversations Rose and Christopher apparently had It would ve given me a whole lot of information about the depth of their relationship because ultimately, when she said ILU to him, I was still kinda vacillating about it all I m not complaining about the lack of love scenes but I would ve loved to know about the depth of their passion for each other as well For 9 pages, I guess it was ok and worth my 20 mins.The ending was funny, actually It had a little twist I found good, wasn t expecting it 3.5 stars and I would ve certainly given it a higher rating if I got a few pages of romancing the beast, or so to speak lol The Beast in the Mirror is a free installment and can be downloaded from smashwords.

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    Book Description He watches her from the shadows of the ruins But he can never let her see him, the cursed beast that he has become But when he falls in love with her, he thinks just maybe she will accept him as he is.A twist on an old fairy tale, The Beast in the Mirror is a short, sweet love story between a beautiful young woman and a beast that has been cursed by a witch to be ugly forever.My Thoughts Downloaded as a free book from Smashwords, this was story was an interesting take on Beauty and the Beasty Christoper, the Beast, was cursed by a witch but one sighting of the beautiful Rose and his heart was lost to her forever This 5,000 word novella was sweet and heartwarming and has a very interesting twist of at the end.

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    This is a short story It s perfect if you re looking for something sweet and light that you can read in under half an hour.With that disclaimer aside, the story ia about Christopher who dated a witch who upon being dumped cursed him with a beastly face Horrified, he ran and hid in some ruins The story begins when he s been there for a couple of years, always reminded of his hideous appearance whenever he looks into a mirror that he can t break Rose, the heroine, is an artist who takes an interest in the ruins From the moment he sees her, he falls in love with her but knows she ll never love someone as ugly as him Unable to resist her, he talks to her from another room but refuses to let her see him.I won t say any because I don t want to spoil it, but I enjoyed how being alone for years forced Christopher to understand why being a playboy wasn t a good way to live I also enjoyed the sweet tone to the story and the moral that real beauty is on the inside, not the outside There is a twist at the end which was neat, too It s something I can t recall being done in any versions of the Beauty and the Beast type of stories I ve read So I recommend it for people who want something short, light and sweet.

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    If you like the old Beauty and the Beast fairytale you ll enjoy this modern version.Cursed by a witch for rejecting her advances, Christopher transforms from free spirited womanizer to lonely recluse, deeply ashamed of the face he sees reflected in the mirror every day Having recently moved from the US to a tiny town in England, Rose is drawn daily to the same place, the shadowy crumbling ruins she feels compelled to paint from all different angles, at all times of the day She is unaware of the figure watching her from within the ruins, and falling for her each time she visits When Christopher finally makes himself known to her, they begin a friendship on different sides of the wall, awaiting the day Christopher works up the courage to show Rose his scars.Beautiful prose flows effortlessly from the page, ahem computer screen This story has such an old world feel to it that I read with surprise references to the movies, the local art gallery and Christopher s cell phone I had been imagining a land far far away, a long time ago The Beast in the Mirror is a charming little story that you can read in half an hour over a cup of tea.

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    The Beast in the Mirror by Lauralynn ElliottThe Beast was once a playboy in modern day England After being enticed by a beautiful woman, he quickly saw that within her she was pure evil She didn t take rejection well and turned his good looks into something beastly Giving him a unbreakable mirror so he could always see his horrid face.Rose was enjoying her new surroundings She lived in a lovely cottage with her folks and there were beautiful ruins nearby that she loved to paint And then she met someone who lived within the ruins.Christopher longs for Rose to care for him, but has no idea how will react to his cursed face He s no longer the proud playboy with the handsome looks He s the Beast who just longs for love This is only about nine pages long, yet tells a whole story.http justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com

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    Average read I like the characters and thought their developing romance was unusual, but sweet The ending was unexpected, but don t know if I was completely in love with it Otherwise though, I enjoyed the beauty and the beast tale.

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    I ve been waiting for you forever Lauralynn Elliott puts her own modern spin on a classic tale of Beauty and the Beast This is a quick romantic read that I wish would have continued a wee bit longer Look forward to of her stories

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