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Celtic Blood summary Celtic Blood , series Celtic Blood , book Celtic Blood , pdf Celtic Blood , Celtic Blood 926c7226cd Set In Th Century Scotland The Son Of The Murdered Earl Of Ross, Is A Fugitive When His Family, Rival Claimants For Scotland S Crown, Are Declared Traitors Influenced By MacBeth And The Writting Of Nigel Tranter It Is A Tale Of High Drama And Suspense

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    The story of young thirteen year old Morgund MacAedh and his friend and protector, Seward, starts in Scotland in 1210, where there is much treachery and traitorous villainy afoot With the murder of Morgund s father, Kenneth, he must escape before he too is murdered On horseback they fled with six men for protection, but after Morgund was betrayed by the very men sent to protect him, it was Seward who saved him, and led him out of Scotland, into England, where he was a fugitive for many, many years He suffered imprisonment, near death, and extreme hardship, but as he grew to adulthood, he was and determined to return to Scotland, and reclaim his heritage.The history of the MacAedh clan of Scotland, originating with Morgund to be the clan Mackay, is a very interesting one The intrigue and suspense, along with the horrors of the clan wars kept the pages turning My only issue with the novel is the lack of editing, which, if done, would turn this into a brilliant historical fiction novel.I have read and reviewed this novel by request of the author 3.5 stars.

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    I must admit to being facinated by history and in particular European history Celtic Blood looks at a part of history not very familar to me that being 13th century Scotland The story opens with a mysterious newcomer found by the MacAedh clan Seward far away from his original home in Scandinavia befriends 13 year old Morgund MacAedh Morgund seeks to rivive the fortunes of his clan and in years to come does just that.Along the way Morgund and Seward will fight many battles and will rely on each other to survive Making there way to England and then back into Scotland as Morgund discovers the plight of his people who s land has been taken from them This was a time were only the strongest survived and with Sewards help Morgund would do just that and turn into someone not just pysically powerful but also someone who would create a dynasty.I must admit to knowing very little about the history of Scotland so found this book very interesting At times though i did get confused with the various characters that came up during Morgund and Seward s journey and at times the story seemed to go from the two main characters to other s without warning They were though only minor niggles with what was overall a very enjoyable read and one i would recommend to those who enjoy historical fiction.

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    Review also posted at The Owl ReviewI was asked by the author to review this book and received a print review copy.Actual rating, 2.5 starsThis book starts off with introducing a shipwrecked Seward who washes ashore and findshimself surrounded by strangers The writing style is very fluid and heavy on descriptives.Often times though, I found myself wondering why there was so much discussion about certainaspects of a characters thoughts, because it was stalling the story instead of moving it forward.I had a very difficult time finishing this book I did not feel drawn into the lives of thecharacters, or as though I truly cared about Morgunds quest for his claim to the throne I kept feeling as though I was lost as to what exactly was happening in the story and whereit was going Sometimes, historical stories are dry and difficult to read because of that, but this was not the case for this book Each section and paragraph was lacking a cohesive writing that started, drew you into it, and followed a path to lead the reader along the way to the culmination of the tale I just felt at a loss for where exactly this story was taking me, and what point the author was expressing from section to section I feel that it really needs a good editing to take all these pieces and put them together in a flowing way that really makes a strong story At times, the words themselves are flowing, and the ability of the author to write is there, but tying those words and sentences together in a manner that tells the story is lacking At othertimes, there are fragmented thoughts and sentences, or obvious punctuation errors that joltthe flow of the story Some of the paragraphs I was automatically editing in my head as Iread so that they were correct, which was a bit frustrating since that takes me out of thestory.During reading, I noticed there were big chunks of historical information given in one paragraph Take for instance, the evolution of a Surname This also made for a less flowing story line as they read like they just flew out suddenly and then it went back to the story.Something else that I had trouble with in this story, was a conversation of religion some ofthe characters were having They were discussing ones belief in the god Wicca and how they were followers of Wicca I didn t understand this part since this story is set in the year 1210, and Wicca is a neo Pagan religion, that was not begun until the 1960 s Overall, with this story, it wasn t tight, and didn t have good pace I was eager to readit based on it being about Scottish history, but found it a slow and difficult read because it didn t keep me interested Perhaps some good editing would be able to take this authors descriptives and fit them together better It s definitely great to see some new authors taking interest in history, and namely Scotland.

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    Well WAW I loved this book could not put it down exceptional story this book took you in and made you believe you where there with the characters good strong characters and story lines were excellent and now I would like to know will there be a second book to follow this wonderful adventure so with all that said keep the smiling going and happy reading to all with the love from wee me.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Celtic Blood is my second book for the Read Scotland 2015 challenge Through the challenge s Goodreads page I learned of a limited time opportunity to download the book from for free.Celtic Blood is billed as a historical novel It is set vaguely across Scotland and some parts of England although definite identifications of place are rare The story initially concerns a Scandinavian teenage boy, Seward, who is washed up on Scottish shores following a shipwreck The focus then shifts to a Scottish boy, Morgund, for whom Seward acts as a kind of Squire.Primarily a coming of age adventure, the tale revolves around Morgund s attempts to become a true warrior and reclaim his family s noble heritage There is a lot of posturing about the sacred brotherhood of men who own swords and the need for such soldiers to discover their destinies through fighting each other The main plotline of the story is entertaining enough though, other than a silly interlude with some Satanic witches None of the novel s female characters are at all realistic, but the generic old crone at the centre of those scenes is definitely the worst of the lot The overriding problem with Celtic Blood however is that it is a difficult book to read The language switches from contemporary to Olde Englishe thank goodness no actual Scots is attempted and the random use of commas throughout means that some sentences have no meaning Odd word orders frequently give the impression of reading the wisdom of Yoda Loftus use of sentence fragments could be considered a style decision if they were consistently and sparingly applied However, the combined errors of grammar, punctuation and spelling on every single page simply gave me the impression of a first draft that has somehow been published by mistake The poor writing quality is repeatedly mentioned in other reviews dating back years though so, sadly, it would seem Loftus has not undertaken corrections and is not interested in providing the best experience for his readers.

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    great story The shipwreck start is magnificent You can feel yourself struggling in the freezing water, being thrown onto the beach half drowned, exhausted, raising your head to witness a massacre At every turn the story is exciting The author s imagination is intense, the evocation of ancient Scotland poetic and powerful He s especially good at battle scenes where the severely injured characters are unsure whether they are alive or dead The fight scenes have incredible power.

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    A captivating look into the history of Scotland that takes the reader into the highlands with a front row seat Early on in the story there is an extensive explanation of the Scottish clans and royal line s family tree This I found very helpful in putting the timeline and story in general into perspective Dabbling in pagan black magic also brought the story into new heights Morgund who begins as just a young boy of 13 truly develops into a remarkable character Along with his companion and sworn protector Seward from Norse descent, the duo battle a great number of trials both on the battlefield and within themselves They are tested time and time again and just when you begin to think the action will cease the story leads you into yet another amazing situation.

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    my gratitude goes to the author who sent me a hard copy of this book.The amount of work and research that has gone into this book must have taken a lot of work It is very descriptive One thing about the book, it goes from back story then back to the main story and back again.This necessarily isn t a bad thing it just made it even interesting.It s like a really interesting history lesson, or lesson in Scottish feuds or something like that.I really liked the book and was upset it had to end

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    I Loved this book Historical novels are my favorite, so this story was my cup of tea I recommended this book to friends family A must read for lovers of Scottish history.

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    I found the story to be interesting but it was let down by editing issues which made it hard to read.

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