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    A quick catch up with Elizabeth, Ash and Axe a few months after their mating and subsequent marriage There s talk of what the future could hold for this family and yes that could include a Wiccan cub or two of their own Elizabeth is uneasy, plagued by dreams and yet trying hard not to let her mates know anything is wrong Yes good luck with that Elizabeth because you mated two very curious and determined bears As with the previous book this moves along at a fair old pace I have to say that Ash and Axe can get very creative when it comes to their mate so yes do expect lots too much of sexy times There is a little plot this time with things on the periphery but it s primarily a chance for the author to give this trio a happy ever after so be prepared to end with a smile on your face

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    This was the follow up novella to a Curve of Claw Elizabeth and her two husbands, Ash and Axe are settling in and adjusting to their new lives together The passion between these three remains smoking hot and the love is so unconditional R.E Butler has created wonderful characters that I look forward to reading about There are a few characters from this book whom will hopefully have books of their own Jesuit, Daeton, Shy and Tech I look forward to alpha male shifter romances from this author.

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    Better than the first, but very much an intermediate book half a lead in to book 3 and half wrapping up book one and maybe setting up a future second generation book I was irritated that she had to give up her life and position in order to have a happy future How cliche that a woman can t be powerful, have a happy marriage and children.

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    Free on smashwords3.5 stars What a great way to end her story And a good way of introducing the next story They are a united family Her protectors are still jealous and possessive, but I love that Will continue to read as I want to know what happens to their little sister.

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    A long time between book one and this follow on about Elizabeth, Ash and Axe.Interesting and enjoyable story but though Elizabeth is likable, her double standards are annoying Elizabeth is keeping secrets but is expecting her husbands to tell her everything.Did like the fact that there was some growing up happening by Elizabeth, long overdue.Really enjoyed the twist with Daeton and what is going on with her.I have owned this book for many years and have read and reviewed it a long time ago but reviews submitted from the back of books seem to be missing.

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    Loved the continuation of this bear wiccan relationship.I really loved the ending with a short glimpse into their entire lives.again the most painful part was just how damn short these stories were Drives me insane given how good the writing was and it was such a unique take on the shifter romance.

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    Elizabeth with her husbands have settled into a good family life Who knew she could be happy with these men But something is keeping her from sleeping at night And the men are not without their means of getting the truth out of her But is the bear ready for what she knows Changes and death will come to the clan.

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    Human married to twin Shifters, well I know I m jealousThis story is an easy read I would recommend this book to everyone who loves were bears, and good witches, and lots and lots of twin were bear on wiccan wife loving.

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    Short but okay

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    StunningAmazingly written and an overall joy to read I hope to enjoy from this author in the near future

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A Flash of Fang (Wiccan-Were-Bear, #2) download A Flash of Fang (Wiccan-Were-Bear, #2) , read online A Flash of Fang (Wiccan-Were-Bear, #2) , kindle ebook A Flash of Fang (Wiccan-Were-Bear, #2) , A Flash of Fang (Wiccan-Were-Bear, #2) 403d371e5d73 A Flash Of Fang Is The Follow Up Novella To A Curve Of Claw And Joins Elizabeth, Ash, And Axe Several Months Into Their Married Life Bad Dreams Stalk Her From The Darkness And Leave Her With A Sense Of Foreboding When The Fall Mating Heat Comes Upon Her Husbands, The Only Thing She Can Think Of Is How Dangerous Her Life Is And How Unfair It Is To Bring A Child Into Their World Ash And Axe Reassure Her That They Will Keep Her Safe At Any Cost, But Her Fears Are Only Compounded By Their Earnestness When Her Husbands Have Had Enough Of Her Keeping Secrets From Them, They Become Creative In Getting Her To TalkThis Book Contains M F M Interaction And Is Intended For Mature Audiences Only Warning This Title Contains Were Bear And Witchy Loving, Office Loving, Nipple Biting, Wandering Fingersd Enough Ice To Cool Things Down