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10 thoughts on “ボクのふたつの翼 5 (Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa, #5)

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    Even if I had fun reading this manga, was kind of I don t know how to explain it I mean, has a good taste in what the design matters Makoto is really attractive and in a way you can t avoid to fall in an weird love for her or even have some twisted sexual desire for her.At first sight, and continues, is like a sexual education book with fun characters and it s work that way The finish is kind of even weirder than the start.However is a funny story I smiled a lot reading this manga, it s not the deepest story at the word, but if you want to have a good time, this manga will make the magic That s why I give it three start It s was fun and enjoyable at the end.

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    I will be writing one review for all the volumes 5 of Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa.Hiromi is waiting for the arrival of her male cousin Makoto, whom she hasn t seen in years But when she opens the door to a tall, big chested, knockout claiming to be her cousin Makoto, she is dumbstruck since she clearly remembers having a male cousin showing her his penis.Makoto clears up the confusion by telling Hiromi that she has always been a Hermaphrodite a person who has both male and female organs Basically this managa is a gender bender about Makoto s first sexually experiences as a Hermaphrodite.

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    this series was good and all but honestly, i remembered why i am picky about the manga i read the story was to based around sex and experimentation and even though the ending was happy it was also stupid i dont think i will add this one to my list, it to much for me to really say i care about it.

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