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Dear Myself files Dear Myself , read online Dear Myself , free Dear Myself , free Dear Myself , Dear Myself 8124464d3 One Fateful Morning, Hirofumi Awakens To Discover He Has No Memory Of The Previous Two Years All He Can Recall Is The Car Accident That Caused His Amnesia, But He Can T Remember His Classmates Or Anything He Learned In School He S Shocked To Discover That He S Been Romantically Involved With The Tragic And Handsome Daigo And Finds A Letter He S Written To Himself To Explain Their Relationship Can True Love Triumph Over The Loss Of Memory And Will Hirofumi Be Able To Make Daigo Smile Again

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    As much as I love amnesia as a trope, I didn t like this manga as much as I thought I would Hirofumi wakes up one morning to find he can t remember the last two years He discovers to his shock that in these two years he met and fell in love with another boy, Daigo The two were a bit too codependent for my liking, and the story was very heavy on the angst and drama while some things were talked about with a matter of factness that I found rather shocking This is the kind of book where I m really grateful for Tauschticket if I had actually paid for this, I would be a bit miffed, but this way, it s ok.

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    Pretty interesting premise and it s quite engaging but not enough for full 4 stars Didn t like the artwork and I don t see myself wanting to reread it in future So it s a 3.5 stars or less 12th November 2015

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    I did like this one, although there were nonconsensual scenes and some remarks that were really gross I wish BL manga didn t rely so heavily on these kinds of tropes.

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    This is yet another abusive relationship presented as romance Yes, Daigo has had some terrible things happen to him, but those are reasons that he s a manipulative, emotionally abusive jerk, not a free pass for him to continue to be so And Hirofumi pandering to Daigo s issues to his own detriment is no basis for a relationship.Add in the constant no homo theme in a yaoi manga and the scene where Hirofumi s family said they didn t intervene when Daigo was sexually assaulting Hirofumi practically in the next room because Hirofumi is a guy and should have been able to fight Daigo off on his own, and I would have given this book less than one star if that had been an option.

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    um so I know consensual nonconsent is often a thing in manga but it crossed a line for me here and I could not deal with the mc crying I can t be a homo I m a man and people telling him to take it like a man constantly this was disappointing.

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    definitely read this in middle school, for some reason remember it all these years later

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    Laugh Reading this right now and finding it funny how the song I m listening to right now seems to fit perfectly with this p Shattered Trading Yesterday Not bad I think xDAfter I read the first chapter, it s nothing too special as of yet.4 1 I know I ve read this Most likely a year or two ago but I don t remember anything about it I wonder what that means but I did rate it a 10 10 before so it s time to hunt down and re read it.

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    This was a graphic novel, and yaoi manga for teens, but I thought I d give it a try It was okay, but was too young for me I like some of the graphics, but was not my favorite Dany Dany s ANIMA is my favorite Just beautiful artwork and lovely story.

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    The premise of the story was interesting but it was downplayed a lot so it sort of fell flat to me Also, Daigo is really dependent and needy to the point of it being a pathological problem I can understand the trauma of his past but at the same time it pretty much got on my nerves.

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