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    At my age, I should ve expected that any book entitled The Greatest Horse Stories Ever Told would be anything but Why did I expect the content to equal the title Many of the selections are non fiction pieces such as magazine articles and rambling essays At least five of the selections detail dying horses Two selections are about gamblers and not about horses at all The editor states that the Damon Runyon selection caused him to laugh out loud often pretty disturbing admission since it s about a gambler s suicide The typos got really annoying But what really burned my buns was that the back cover blurb promised stories by Zane Gray and Will James Open up the book and lo and behold no stories by Zane Gray OR Will James.How does this crap get published

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    I think this is the first book in a LONG time, that I have not finished I love horses I love horse stories almost as much Short tales, essays, or novels I thought I adored everything horse related Turns out I was WRONG I expected some sort of heart warming collection like a Chicken Soup For Horse Lovers when I picked this book up Umm, no It was a dry collection of various articles written about horses or some notable horse people I was probably the most interested in Buck s story, as there has been a recent documentary on his life that was screened in our area and I m still sorry I missed it so I perked up reading his chapter a bit than I did with the others Overall, I carried the book around for a few weeks, before I realized that it was effort to finish it, than I was willing to put in I am a little peeved about the title of the book, now becuase there were certainly NOT the greatest horse stories ever told, to me Maybe to someone whose closest encounter to a horse is through the racing articles published in the paper maybe this book would appeal to them, in it s journalistic style.

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    Mix of fiction and non fiction, all about horses I suspect that this collection is targeted at teenage girls I wallowed adolescently in it I may need to go watch The Black Stallion movie now.

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    When I pick up a book I want to reads stories or, if it s true events, narratives, NOT articles And this book has several articles that made it feel like reading a magazine That aside, some were what I consider narratives, and some of those were fantastic Example Tall ho and Tribulation was one of my favorites, because while I haven t had the pleasure of experiencing fox hunting yet, it was otherwise very relatable And I did love that it had truely unique material that I haven t seen before It did clue me in that I shouldn t bother picking up any Dick Francis novels, and that I can only enjoy Damon Runyon on radio classics, not in print Overall, definitely worth look.

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    All the stories were interesting Some about people than horses My favorite was the story by Colonel Podhajsky because he spoke about the horses and their personalities James Herriot wrote a moving story Every writer featured in this book gave insights into this marvelous animal and how they get to be part of us or members of the family The excellent story by Dr Green speaks to this relationship The stories are varied, from the Olympic riders to the pleasure rider, from school horses to the champions to the pasture ornaments Anyone liking horses will find lots to like in this book.

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    A really good read for equestrians and non equestrians alike Allows the reader a whole array of emotions from the deepest saddest to the greatest joy.

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    If you listen, when ponies talk, you will have earned having another man s best friend.In this anthology, of thirty tales, some stayed with me I found the articles by Colonel Alois Podhajsky, William Nack, Paul Trachtman, Ben K Green, Thomas McGuane, James Herriot, Gene Smith, Cooky McClung and Holly Menino, to be the one s where I regretted not knowing those horeses Damon Runyon, I had a problem with I was never able to naildown the racetrack cadence when the characters were speaking I know how it sounds, and its a joy to hear however, for some reason, Runyon just didn t transcribe the melody to pulp As a rule he was right on The story was enjoyable.Overall, this collection offered much Humor to heartbreak, joy and peace Personally, I will never find another Stanley Stanley understood me when I didn t understand stuff.Still trying to listen..

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    This book, I am saddened to say was wasted on me I think perhaps someone who actually owns horses would be a better reviewer for this book I can only review as someone who loves animals, loves horses and loves reading stories about them.Some of these stories were older then 50 years old which is not a negative of course some were fiction and some were not.As an anthology, it seemed odd to me that the voices of the different writers seemed to be similar.Shall I be honest I found the pace slow, the stories lack luster which trust me, surprised me As I mentioned before I love, love, love animal stories but these ones fell flat for me.

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    I read Classic Horse Stories, and now I m working on Greatest Horse Stories, both edited by Stephen Price I m still trying to read all of my unread books on my shelves before the end of the year though I begin to admit the unlikelihood of that actually happening, this late in the game , and these two somehow conjured themselves up The Classic stories were much better Teddy Roosevelt, Churchill, Tolstoy good stuff I debate the adjective in Greatest stories They re exceedingly mediocre thus far Soldiering on

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    This reminded very much of Bloodlines that Maggie Estep and Jason Starr edited about ten years ago, except, you know, older Same concept have writers from different horsey disciplines write, although these are largely non fiction A lot of the well known equine writers are represented here Jane Smiley, William Nack, Dick Francis But there are also folks like Tom McGuane and Cooky McClung who have interesting voices and stories to tell as well.If you like horse based stories, then you ll like this book.

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The Greatest Horse Stories Ever Told: Thirty Unforgettable Horse Tales (Greatest) summary pdf The Greatest Horse Stories Ever Told: Thirty Unforgettable Horse Tales (Greatest), summary chapter 2 The Greatest Horse Stories Ever Told: Thirty Unforgettable Horse Tales (Greatest), sparknotes The Greatest Horse Stories Ever Told: Thirty Unforgettable Horse Tales (Greatest), The Greatest Horse Stories Ever Told: Thirty Unforgettable Horse Tales (Greatest) 878d8cd Throughout Recorded History, The Horse Has Played Many Roles In Human Life He Has Been Man S Partner In War, His Servant In Work, His Teammate In Sports, His Inspiration In Art So It Is Only Natural That Literature Includes Many Masterpieces About Horses And HorsemanshipThe Greatest Horse Stories Ever Told Gathers Together The Best Of The Equestrian Genre It Includes Stories And Articles By Pulitzer Prize Winners Red Smith, Maxine Kumin, And Jane Smiley, And Tales By Jockey Turned Mystery Novelist Dick Francis And Veterinarian Turned Writer James Herriot Here Also Are Reflections On Fox Hunting By Steven Budiansky And Anthony Trollope A Profile Of Buck Brannaman, The Inspiration For The Horse Whisperer An Inspirational Piece From Ellie Phayer, And A Story About The Spanish Riding School S Dancing White Horses By Felix Salten Author Of Bambi , As Well As Writing From Tom McGuane, Bill Barich, Humorist Cooky McClung, And Classic Western Authors Will James And Zane GreyHeartwarming, Adventurous, Profound, And Funny, This Anthology Is A Treasure Trove That Includes Favorite Writers And Little Known Or Long Forgotten Gems, Illuminating Our Fascination And Captivation With Horses

  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • The Greatest Horse Stories Ever Told: Thirty Unforgettable Horse Tales (Greatest)
  • Steven D. Price
  • English
  • 02 March 2018
  • 9781592280117

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