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The Diamond Makers txt The Diamond Makers, text ebook The Diamond Makers, adobe reader The Diamond Makers, chapter 2 The Diamond Makers, The Diamond Makers ba0fbb Since Time Immemorial, We Have Treasured Diamonds For Their Exquisite Beauty And Unrivaled Hardness Yet, Most Of The Earth S Diamonds Lie Deep Underground And Totally Unaccessible To Us If Only We Knew How To Fabricate Them In The Diamond Makers Robert Hazen Vividly Recounts The Very Human Desire To Exceed Nature And Create A Synthetic Diamond Spanning Centuries Of Ground Breaking Science, Instances Of Bitter Rivalry, Cases Of Outright Fraud And Self Delusion, Hazen Blends Drama And Science To Reveal The Extraordinary Technological Advances And Devastating Failures Of The Diamond Industry Along The Way, Readers Will Be Introduced To The Brilliant, Often Eccentric And Controversial, Pioneers Of High Pressure Research Who Have Harnessed Crushing Pressures And Scorching Temperatures To Transform Almost Any Carbon Rich Material, From Road Tar To Peanut Butter, Into The Most Prized Of All Gems Robert M Hazen Is The Author Of Fifteen Books, Including The Bestseller, Science Matters Achieving Scientific Literacy, Which He Wrote With James Trefil Dr Hazen Has Won Numerous Awards For His Research And Scientific Writing

About the Author: Robert M. Hazen

Robert M Hazen, Senior Research Scientist at the Carnegie Institution of Washington s Geophysical Laboratory and the Clarence Robinson Professor of Earth Science at George Mason University, received the B.S and S.M in geology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1971 , and the Ph.D at Harvard University in earth science 1975 The Past President of the Mineralogical Society of Americ

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    I enjoyed all of this book The reserch and interest the author has in this type of science is clear and makes it a rewarding read The science of high pressures and the and the race to create the first man made diamonds was surprisingly exciting to read about The last few chapters on the future of diamonds in our everyday life is something that intrigues me and I know I m going to get lost in a Google search later on reading about this.

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    A very cool book covering the history of diamond making and high temperature and pressure research It is well written and not to technical The interplay between the scientists is very interesting and some of the things they did to make diamonds are just nutty.

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    Tracy Hall, who first made diamonds in a lab, recently died Now s a good time to re read this fascinating book which chronicles the race to be the first to manufacture diamonds It s no secret I think this would be one of the best films ever It s science and it s exciting Worth a read.

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    I ll have to read this again someday I read it years ago and I still think about it.

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