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    The Influential Author by Gregory V Diehl is a book I was given a copy to read and review But I actually listened to this one on audiobook and I recommend it to be the best way to process this book.I read the book cover to cover but honestly, there isn t a need to do so This book is the textbook kind of read, where you can dip in and out of the chapters and get whatever you need to know about writing and publication Even though it is focused on writing self published nonfiction, I do think this could be beneficial to any writers who are starting out or considering self publishing It will help you with basically everything from how to publish self published work, what to consider, what you may need to do, and what to avoid It also has tips on how to develop a healthy writing routine and write better as well It covers so much that I don t really see myself needing to read another non fiction guide on how to write and publish self published works.As a book blogger, I sometimes accept self published books for review I ve pretty much come across everything now From the good, to the bad, to the very ugly I definitely know what book I ll be recommending to self published authors whose work I didn t end up enjoying Even if you aren t the best writer, I do think this is the kind of read which will at least get your writing to a decent standard.I also found this book to be very clear cut and precise Everything was worded so smoothly and simply I didn t have to search for meaning, and not once did I not understand what Diehl was trying to convey When it comes to instructional or tip filled books, this is so important If the reader can t understand what you mean to say, you re failing to deliver on your promise to help them I am safe to say that wasn t the case in this book at all.I don t really think there is too much else to say on this book It served its purpose and went above and beyond what I expected to get from it I will definitely recommend the book to other self published or aspiring self published authors, and hope that if it is one you might use you ll check out getting a copy for yourself too This review and others can be found on Olivia s Catastrophe

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    I had a chance to read a review copy of this book, and I very highly recommend it to any non fiction author just starting out Even indie fiction authors will get some good tips on branding and an good idea of the current publishing industry Full of practical advice and insight, this is a great book to add to your professional arsenal.

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    This is not just a book of cliche advice of do s and don ts It is a well organized walkthrough of the entire process The Influential Author quickly becomes a favorite in your writing toolbox.

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    The Source Author Gregory V Diehl is an educator, podcaster and an entrepreneur and has published several books on identity development for businesses and individuals He is also the founder of Identity Publications Diehl travels to than 50 countries and enjoys homesteading in Ecuador and ArmeniaThis book follows the author s own rules His object to guide writers of self help books in a way that avoids the barriers and hurdles most new authors face when taking on such a project IN this introductory message he sates, Today, due to blogging, vlogging, podcasting, and most pertinent to our purposes self publishing, it is easier than ever to communicate your ideas to the people most desperate to hear them However, you may never have pondered what your message is, the forms it could take, or its influence upon those who will receive it You might not yet appreciate the power of your influence over the thoughts and emotions of other people As a self published author, you will be the master of your own destiny You will need to ask yourself many questions about what you are trying to say Even if you think you know what you are talking about, do you have a detailed idea of the type of people you are trying to say it to Do you understand how they should change after having read your words and assimilated your ideas Without a specific purpose to your actions, your communication will fall flat Ideas accomplish nothing without viable presentation You will need to convince strangers, in moments, that the contents of your book constitute a worthwhile claim on their time and money Your ideas will need to keep the reader s attention throughout the text, so they will feel compelled to keep the pages turning An influential author must wear many hats as the creator, presenter, promoter, and consumer of valuable ideas Understanding how human knowledge has been passed on throughout the generations and the importance some books have had for how we think and live pushed me into nonfiction writing and self publishing Gregory establishes seven aspects of the relationship between an author and their nonfiction book philosophy, strategy, creation, refinement, presentation, promotion, and reward Each of these areas is explored thoroughly and it becomes readily apparent that the rules apply to all writers of nonfiction, no matter their stage of experience Highly recommended.

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    I found this book to be very helpful as I am a new writer It helped me to discover my why and how to coherently craft my message Highly recommended for writers of any level.

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    Gregory Diehl brings than a decade of substantial experience on writing and independent publishing, all exposed in this book with insightful and practical tips that any indie author can and should apply.Although it is meant for nonfiction authors who want to take a chance on self publishing their books, The Influential Author offers several facts and advices which can be also beneficial for fiction writers It s about getting grounded and familiarized with all the process that takes from creating your book to the moment of launching and promoting it To be true and focused on what inspired you to write that book, the meaning of its message, and why you want to share it with the world, will fuel your creativity and hustle to keep going your work This book will help you get the gift you have inside to share it with the world and spread your message.Through The Influential Author, you won t only get introduced to the process of self publishing and all that it takes, but also the obstacles which you ll encounter on the path, the situations that may trigger you, and the cons which you must identify in order to avoid committing so many mistakes a new author could do at the beginning of their career.To write down and develop your idea is just the first step in your writing career After that honeymoon stage, you must continue with the editing process, the design and formatting of your book, the creation of your brand, promotion and launching, getting your book to be visible by positioning it in the right categories through the different forms and platforms, contacting readers and reviewers, and other steps you must consider if you want a successful future for your book and career.For a better, comprehensive approach, the book is divided in seven parts 1 Philosophy, where you must expose the social and historical context of your work, as well as its meaning, purpose, and influence to the world.2 Strategy, or the plan you ll develop to take your message book out into the virtual and physical world.3 Creation, where you turn your idea into words.4 Refinement, is about the stages of developing, editing, destructing, rearranging, proofreading, and every other step your book will endure to assure a high quality 5 Presentation, how to make your book appealing enough to attract readers to it, and the best strategy of presenting your work message through the most convenient title and subtitle, cover design, text formatting6 Promotion Here you ll pick the best marketing strategy to find the way to get the attention your work requires and deserves You ll need to give exposure to your book in order to attract traffic You ll get familiarized with creating your brand, launching your book on different popular platforms, getting reviews and loyal readers.7 Reward This is the stage where your book will be creating value and generating passive revenues for as long as it is positioned in the market It s all about you getting benefits from it and developing your professional image as an authority in what you convey.The step by step explanation of the self publishing process, the resources to help indie authors before and during the launch of their books, and the meaningful advices and words of support, make of this book a must read in today s competitive literary society As you see Diehl s wide knowledge to the nonfiction literature, you ll realize the level of credibility of his work I was so attracted by the examples of real titles and authors that gave a clearer view to the explanation of the whole process.Self publish today is a challenge, and you have to take out your message, write that book, and promote your brand with such quality that readers won t regret picking your book.For all this I give The Influential Author 4.8 stars You can t let it pass

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    Self publishing isn t just about books being sold it s also about words and writing In The Influential Author, author Gregory Diehl, who may well be influential, draws readers in quickly with an overview of the history, importance, power and social dangers of words As a Cambridge mathematician, I particularly love the reminder of the importance of, for examples, Newton s Principia Mathematica, but readers from other fields will find much to intrigue them too, as the author explores censorship, science and even common sense in an overview of history and philosophy in a book about writing Of course, by modern times the philosophical questions just might devolve into self publish or persist in seeking a publisher, and the author deals quickly and clearly with the timeline, royalty and creative control reasons for self publishing.Then there are the reasons for writing Writing a book is hard It s not for everyone It will take lots of thought and lots of time Gregory Diehl s The Influential Author starts with philosophy, communication and purpose moving on to the structures of a book s communication scope, length and focus and what makes it unique then there are the tasks of creation, word counts, outlines and other practicalities followed by editing in all its various forms the format and presentation of your book helpfully including audio narration and finally how to promote and sell so as to feel you ve achieved something at the end It s a huge scope for a book about writing, and there s a lot to read But the book presents a pleasingly different approach from the usual self help, anyone can do it approach.What matters , the outcome book or the journey writing the book the focused thought or the rambling implication who we are or who we re seen to be Such questions arise right at the start of this book, and the answers are argued eloquently and cogently, each chapter ending with a simple, straight forward summary for those whose first inclination is to skim But do you write what you love or follow the author s direction to find what will sell, and will s ecosystem ever work in your favor By sticking to the book categories and results will be relevant to your goals as a bookseller but this reader s losing sight of being a book writer as she reads Sometimes an idea s time just comes The author s fascinating philosophical start devolves into lists and numbers and personal examples as the book progresses like what the reader expects from the title perhaps The book covers everything from writing style to editing to marketing to fame or influence The structure of a non fiction book is nicely described, including explanations of copyright pages and glossaries The writing process includes outlining, perspective, self plagiarism e.g from your blog , punctuation, and even cognitive stress load Much of the information might be available elsewhere, but this book collects it all together in one large volume, illustrating, perhaps, the art of adding wordcount to your book Trying to choose a title Designing a cover Formatting a hardback copy Recording your own audio book Wondering how much your book will sell for Yes, all these are covered too.The Influential Author collects lots of information on lots of topics into one large volume A great resource for finding answers, a book that reads like listening to a series of lectures and gives you the lecture notes in the chapter summaries , lots of personal anecdotes and the joys of using your book to break the ice with strangers , and It s well worth reading and keeping to hand for useful information.Disclosure I was given an ecopy and I offer my honest review It s a long and useful read.

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    Revealed Complexity Long ago I learned that the I studied a topic, the complexity I uncovered and the I discovered what I didn t know about that topic Gregory Diehl s seminal book, The Influential Author How and Why to Write, Publish, and Sell Nonfiction Books that Matter, taught me just how much I didn t understand about writing and self publishing a nonfiction book.It should be easy, right I sit at my computer and type out what I would say if we were face to face chatting about the topic of interest Diehl quickly disabused me of that idea and set me straight on what it takes to author a book that matters At the same time, he inspired me to write that book I haven t gotten around to writing Organization Everything about Diehl s book exactly demonstrates what he is inculcating The organization of the content is no exception The body of his work comprises seven parts Philosophy, Strategy, Creation, Refinement, Presentation, Promotion, and Reward He then adds a conclusion to draw all the content together and remind us what we have learned Diehl packs each section with practical how to information as well as the reasoning behind the directions given.The front material includes a wonderful section titled, Questions to Help You Get the Most from This Book Those questions did indeed help me watch for answers along the way They kept me focused on my reasons for exploring authorship Is the content of your book unique Are your tone and presentation effective than other authors Why are you inspired to bring your message to the world Who needs to read your message and why There are many questions waiting for you in that section.The back material Appendix Resources, Acknowledgments, About the Author proves to be just as informative and useful as the rest of the content I m sure I will be referring to the Appendix many times in the future It is chock full of links to resources for each phase of my writing project.Style The author s writing style is informative without being overly didactic He entertains with personal examples of success and failure Diehl is personable, relaxed and yet authoritative in his presentation The result of this presentation style is that I believe I have the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to writing, publishing and promoting a book I will go into this project with my eyes open.Bottom Line For me, the bottom line is reading this book built my writing confidence and was time well spent I will undoubtedly read it again I intend to have it by my side as a guide and resource when I embark on my writing adventure Diehl s is a must read book for anyone who is blogging who isn t these days , writing articles for social media, or embarking on a book project.The Influential Author How and Why to Write, Publish, and Sell Nonfiction Books that Matter

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    I thought this book was going to be your typical how to write book a lot of fluff, a little entertainment, a fair amount of how to information that s only useful to beginners, and maybe one tiny nugget of gold that makes the book worth spending time on, maybe.It s much than that.This book is meticulously written, highly detailed, and goes over almost everything about the subject that you could possibly imagine wanting to know.This could be considered a weakness, because it takes a long time to read and digest it all But I consider it a strength, because it s so well written and compelling that it s fun to read, and doesn t feel like it s wasting my time anywhere This is particularly meaningful when you consider that I m the kind of reader who typically likes concise and succinct books, and this book is definitely not concise or succinct.This is probably the best book you ll find on its specific subject, and probably one of the best how to write books out there in general, too It s very good If this is the genre you want to write in, it s probably a good book for you to buy and read There s so much information in the book that it ll have something for everybody, even experienced writers.

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    m very impressed with this book It covers a lot of ground and is packed with great detail Anyone who is contemplating writing a nonfiction book MUST give The Influential Author a look Diehl leaves no stone unturned He explains virtually everything one needs to understand and be aware of before writing the first sentence Diehl writes in a plain, straightforward manner which is much appreciated He s very effective in communicating important concepts and numerous practical tips Thankfully the book is not a collection of platitudes and backslaps for insecure dreamers Diehl is honest enough to lay out the bad stuff right along with the good Readers will find much encouragement and plenty of reason to shoot for success here, but they also will be asked to face some uncomfortable truths Writing is extremely hard Promoting a book is very difficult as well Marketing is often a confusing and frustrating process But this book can make everything easier Highly recommended.

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The Influential Author download The Influential Author , read online The Influential Author , kindle ebook The Influential Author , The Influential Author a9919ecee4f6 Do You Have Something Important To Say Are Your Knowledge And Experience Unique, Valuable, And In Demand Do You Want To Write A Book That Changes The Way People Think And Live By Combining His Experience As An Educator And Entrepreneur, Author Gregory V Diehl Teaches Passionate Thinkers How To Turn Unique Messages Into Profitable Books Without Sacrificing Royalties Or Creative Control To A Publisher With In Depth Advice About All Stages Of Book Creation, Publication, And Marketing, The Influential Author Takes A Uniquely Grounded And Intellectual Approach To Nonfiction Self Publishing Unlike Self Publishing Guides That Promise To Teach You How To Write A Bestselling Book Quickly And Easily, Diehl S Book Actually Walks You Through The Complex Details Of Planning, Writing, Editing, And Promoting Your Work At The Standards Of Traditional Publishing Whether You Are An Experienced Writer Or Have Just Started Thinking About How To Write A Nonfiction Book, The Influential Author Will Teach You About Combining Your Passions And Experience With Reader Demand To Decide What Book To Write Organizing Your Knowledge Into Sections And Chapters For Maximum Comprehension And Flow Refining Your Book With Feedback From Editors, Proofreaders, Beta Readers, And Market Testing Choosing A Title, Subtitle, Description, And Cover Design That Capture Your Message And Create Sales Pricing And Promoting Each Format Of Your Book Digital, Print, And Audio For Maximum Readership And Revenue Enjoying Lifelong Passive Income, Influence, And Meaning From Your Book S Success Publishing A Book Could Be One Of The Most Important Things You Ever Do Read The Influential Author To Begin Your Path To Writing Nonfiction Books That Matter Table Of ContentsForeword By Tom MorkesQuestions To Help You Get The Most From This BookIntroduction To This Book S Structure And PurposePart PhilosophyChapter The Historical Influence Of WritingChapter Introspecting What To Write AboutPart StrategyChapter The Market Ecosystem Around Your BookChapter Designing The Meaning Of Your MessagePart CreationChapter The Qualities And Conditions Of A WriterChapter Writing Your First DraftPart RefinementChapter Effectively Editing Your MessageChapter Proofreading, Pedantry, And PunctuationPart PresentationChapter Book Appearance And First ImpressionsChapter Preparing Each Format Of Your BookPart PromotionChapter Setting Your Book For LaunchChapter Maintaining Book Traffic And ExposurePart RewardChapter What Happens When You Publish A BookChapter Your Destiny As Author And Publisher For Life