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    Dukes a dying Alex, the newly minted Duke of Fordham by unfortunate happenstance death of his older brother was never shocked when his seemingly healthy brother died in his sleep Not only did he lose a brother, admittedly they weren t that close but he now had to give up being a member of the House of Commons and walk in the halls of the House of Lords.More than that he had to notify his brother s fianc , Lady Georgiana Fenton, of her betroth s demise.What Alex didn t plan for was Georgina arriving on the doorstep with a hastily flung together portmanteau Who was this unusual, take charge woman who insisted on viewing his brother s dead body, then decided that they d need a doctor s opinion to determine if he d been smothered.Now all Georgina and Alex need to do is find the killer At the top of Georgina s list was Alex What neither of them had counted on was the strong attachment that might be a hindrance than a help.I loved Georgina but didn t warm to Alex that much I must admit that the unmasking of the culprit was a bit of a surprise A Harper Appleton ARC via NetGalley

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    Last Duke Standing by Cheryl Bolen is book Three in The Lords of Eton Series This is the story of Georgiana and Alex I have read the previous books, but feel you can make this a standalone book if you wish to do so Alex is the third son of the Duke of Fordham, so he has no real concerns of taking over the title and has worked toward another goal But when the oldest brother dies all is left to the second brother, Frederick Freddie But when Freddie is found to have died in his sleep he is now the new Duke Alex goes forward to inform Freddie s soon to be wife of his death Georgiana feels that someone has actually killed him and goes forward to solve the mystery along with Alex This puts them to working together and finding that their feelings are becoming powerful each day Really enjoyed their story and would recommend it.

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    Last Duke Standing is the third book in the Lords of Eton series by Cheryl Bolen It can easily be read as a standalone book but if you haven t read the first two you will definitely want to after this one I have loved each book including this one.Alex Fordham is devastated when he is told that his brother has passed away in his sleep Not only is he shocked because his brother was a very healthy man, but he also never thought as a third son that he would ever become Duke Fordham One of his first jobs is the very sad one of informing his brother s betrothed that he is dead.Lady Georgiana Fenton is that woman She has had a long engagement to the late duke mainly because her mother had been very ill and she was helping nurse her back to health before the marriage could take place It had actually been quite some time since she saw her fiance but she faithfully wrote him letters daily When Alex informed her of the bad news, quite unexpectedly she demanded to be taken to see his body Until then she would never believe he was dead Alex agreed and they travelled to the Ducal estate where the body was still in bed where it was recently discovered.There starts the drama of the storyafter looking at his eyes and also seeing a small drop of blood on the pillow Georgiana tells Alex that her fiance had been smothered to death A doctor s visit confirmed her statement and everybody was left in shock Why would anybody want to kill Alex s brother and who had the opportunity I am not saying anything else because I don t want to give any spoilers What I will say is that early on in the book I was a little disappointed because I thought I had guessed the murderer It didn t matter because it would still be good to see how said person was caught ButI was wrong in being so sure of the culprit because it wasn t too long before I was suspecting at least 3 other people I love that I couldn t figure out who it was until he she was revealed Along with the suspense of searching for the killer, there was also the budding romance between Alex and Georgiana to enjoy There were reasons that they both weren t happy with the attraction they felt towards each other When they would give in and kiss, their relief was almost palpable Afterwards, the guilt was crushing and I had to wonder how they would have their happy ending Don t worry, there is one and I was left with a big smile on my face This book really ticked all the boxes for me and it gripped me from start to finish There is nothing like a romance book written by Cheryl Bolen, add to that the fabulous suspense filled plot and you really have an unforgettable book.

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    A mystery and romance made this engaging story a pageturner until the end Alex unexpectedly inherited the Dukedom after his older brother was found dead Of course he was the third son, so never expected that to happen His duty was to tell his brother s betrothed Georgiana, about his death and when she heard, she insisted on seeing the body Foul play Mr Watson Yes, I do believe he was murdered due to signs he was suffocated Thus the mystery begins to track down the suspect and even Georgiana has left Alex on her list Yes, he did have motive, did he not As the two work together, there begins a slow attraction and also many political conversations that keep them engaged Will the two find love in the mist of sadness and feeling of betrayal to his brotherand if so will they act on it Who killed his brother and why There are many questions that will be answered and surprises to no end Although part of a series this can be read as a standalone.

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    Alex is the third so of the Duke of Fordham He never thought to become the duke Two brothers are ahead of him The oldest brother died and left Frederick as the new duke Frederick and Alex differed on politics, but they loved each other While Alex was visiting, his brother dies in his sleep His death left Alex as the new duke Freddie had a fiancee and Alex needed to notify her of his brother s death Lady Georgina is a spirited woman who doesn t believe he is dead unless she sees him She goes to the estate to see for herself While there, she notices something that doesn t seem right She believes Freddie was murdered The doctor believes it as well Since no one knows of this, Alex and Georgina decide to find out who killed Freddie They go to London together and look thru his personal papers They make a list of suspects and investigate each one Georgina and Alex are of opposing political parties as well The attraction between them is noted by everyone, but Georgina is not sure Alex is innocent of murder Who hated Freddie that much or is there another suspect that has nothing to do with him After there is an attempt on Alex life , they must reevaluate suspects Could it be Freddie s ex mistress or a neighbor wanting land I enjoyed reading this book It is full of intrigue as well as love The hero and heroine have a lot of chemistry together I received this book from Net Galley and Harper and Appleton Publishing for a honest review The opinions expressed are my own.

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    Being the third son should mean you are safe from having the responsibilities of the duke Alex is happy with his life but first his oldest brother dies and then his second brother dies in his sleep Freddie has a group of friends there for a hunt They leave without even knowing the current Duke of Fordham has died Alex goes to tell his fiancee that he has died and she decides to come back to see Freddie before he is buried He was healthy and ok the day before his death Lady Georgianna believes Freddie was murdered They decide to work together, letting everyone think it was by natural causes, to see who may have killed him They find they are in tune with each other and there is an attraction there.

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    ARC was provided to me for a fair and honest review Overall rating 3 5 Heroine Georgiana 3 5 She is the daughter of a marques that was a duke s intended She is a fairly intelligent lady at 24 and supports the Tory party Hero Alex 3 5 The third son of a duke now finds himself with the title Very dedicated politician first in the House of Commons and now in the House of Lords supporting the Whig party Plot 4 5 After just having lost his eldest brother, Alex the third son to a Duke has lost his other brother and has found himself the new Duke of Fordham Alex must tell his late brother s betrothed of his demise Georgiana upon seeing the body insists that her fiance was murdered and her and Alex set out to solve it while trying to push any feelings for each other aside Personal Review I had to do a quick google search to refresh my memory of what the Tories and Whigs supported Tories conservative, Whigs liberal Politics and the characters beliefs are important if you want to understand their various ideologies I thought it was going to play into the plot, but it s of reader fun facts about the characters I found the pair to be adequately compatible but I found Georgiana refusal to admit to even herself she had a thing for Alex irritating for the length of time it goes on With the setup of the book it should be a cat and mouse game, a little give and take but Alex kisses her at point of zero romantic tension and then both harp on it until they give in and declare their love for one another.

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    While I found the story line interesting, I did not care for Lady Georgiana It s one thing for a 24 year old young lady to be bold and unafraid of expressing her opinion, it s another to be downright nasty and rude, which I felt she was at times I could not see how the attraction aside from purely physical aspects could develop between the H and h Their cooperative efforts in trying to find the late duke s murderer could have been improved as a tool to develop their relationship IMHO.Georgiana s repeatedly voicing and thinking of the supposed inappropriateness of a possible marriage between her and her late fianc s brother annoyed me She was supposed to be an intelligent woman she should have known there would be nothing inappropriate in a such a marriage.

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    Alex Haversham has become the fourth man in four years to hold the title of Duke of Fordham, when his elder brother, Freddie, is found dead It is Lady Georgiana Fenton, the fianc e of Freddie who determines that he has been murdered Lady Georgiana and Fordham are determined to find the killer.Unfortunately, although an enjoyable story I would say it is a romance story than the murder mystery tale I had hoped to read.The book can easily be read as a standalone story even though it is the third in the series.A Netgalley Book

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    Last Duke Standing by Cheryl BolenHave enjoyed the series and this one starts out with Alex and Lord Slade and they are gathered in the library discussing the death of Alex oldest brother Alex will now inherit everything but his intended fianc e must be told.She upon seeing his body thinks he was suffocated and she and Alex will work together to find out who murdered Freddie They spend a lot of time together, actually getting to know one another and like each other a bit Georginna doesn t want to spend a lot of time at her mother s because her grandkids are hellions and not under control by their parents who also live there.She has to show him the letters that point to another who could have killed his brotherthere are other leads that Alex takes up.Some clues lead to Alex but she knows in her heart it couldn t have been himLike the politics and art mentioned in this book and land deals and what they could mean to othersHe knows who killed his brother because of the horse and he knows horses They are coming after him nextlove the trio and how they stand by one another.Other works by the author and summarized at the end.I received this review book from the author and this is my honest opinion.

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Last Duke Standing (The Lords of Eton Book 3) summary pdf Last Duke Standing (The Lords of Eton Book 3) , summary chapter 2 Last Duke Standing (The Lords of Eton Book 3) , sparknotes Last Duke Standing (The Lords of Eton Book 3) , Last Duke Standing (The Lords of Eton Book 3) 9a89fca As The Third Son Of The Duke Of Fordham, Alex Never Thought He D Become A Duke But He S Suddenly Catapulted To The Lofty Title After His Slightly Older Brother Dies In His Sleep Now Alex Has The Onerous Task Of Announcing The Death To The Woman His Brother Was To Wed Ever Pragmatic, Lady Georgiana Fenton Insists On Seeing The Late Duke S Body, And When She Does, She S Convinced He Was Smothered As He Slept She And The New Duke Decide To Secretly Work Together To Uncover The Murderer But The Longer They Re Together, The Harder It Becomes To Resist The Duke S Scorching Kisses And Even Harder To Dismiss Him From The List Of Suspects No One Had To Gain By Her Fianc S Death

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