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    In Degsy Hay A Juvenile Redeemed, Brian Montgomery sets himself up as a modern day Horatio Alger or Charles Dickens, telling a tale of a hard done by young man who overcomes his humble beginnings to become something .Degsy Hay, born inside a UK prison to a heroin addict, inherits his mother s chaotic life, as well as a mysterious diary with missing pages At age 16, he s released from McAlley Stoke youth facility with no prospects He spends a few months on the streets, during which he assembles a small entourage including a three legged dog named Sadface, a girlfriend and her young son and several homeless tradespeople Before long, though, he s back in McAlley Stoke, where, through a mix of violence and charisma, he quickly becomes the Gaffer, the big man in the youth correctional facility He launches a reform campaign to encourage the young offenders to educate themselves during their incarceration and convinces via a bloody riot complete with hostage taking the facility itself to treat its wards humanely All the while, a mystery around missing children and how they re connected to the missing pages of his mum s diary builds around him.Montgomery gives his hero narrator a distinct voice, rife with Cockney slang, locating him squarely in the rough and tumble housing estates of urban London, a lot of nar mean this and geezer that But for all his streetwise exterior, Degsy is a kind soul at heart and looks out for the people around him It seems that everyone he meets has a lesson to teach him, even if they have to die a grisly death for him to learn it The people closest to Degsy have a nasty habit of ending up dead, or filthy rich Sometimes both.For a book that tackles some extremely difficult topics like poverty, addiction, and child abuse, Degsy Hay can be a bit simplistic at times It seems concerned with showing how one extraordinary character overcomes these heinous hurdles with a plucky attitude and a few well placed friends, and yet there s an internal logic to it too It s Degsy himself who tells the story, and so why wouldn t he place himself at the center and give himself all the credit On the surface, the story of a streetwise youth pulling one over on the world with nothing than his wits, a few friends, and a three legged dog should appeal to middle grade readers, but the very strong language and heavy theme of sexual abuse are better suited to older readers with a bit of maturity to process the trauma at the core of Degsy s tale More sophisticated readers, though, might find the very Dickensian style of storytelling a bit old fashioned But then, we re still reading Dickens, so why not At any rate, the colourful language and Degsy s unforgettable voice should keep them interested.

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Degsy Hay - A Juvenile Redeemed download Degsy Hay - A Juvenile Redeemed , read online Degsy Hay - A Juvenile Redeemed , kindle ebook Degsy Hay - A Juvenile Redeemed , Degsy Hay - A Juvenile Redeemed b63729546b6a Sixteen Year Old Degsy Is Roughing It On The Snowy Freezing Streets Of London With No One For Company But Sadface, The Three Legged Dog He Saved From The Bins He S Spent His Whole Life In And Out Of Jail, Rising To Power As The Gaffer, Dealing With Cracking Skulls, But He Always Looks After His Own And Those Who Can T Look After Themselves He Learnt That From Gladys The Little Old Lady Whose Life He Saved When He Was A Kid And From His Violent, Drug Addicted Mum, Who Showed Him Exactly What It Feels Like To Be Powerless And AloneHe Was Cut From Her Belly, Kicking And Screaming, In A Prison Cell And Spent His First Four Years There In Hell It Was Tough He Has The Scars To Prove It But He Has No Idea How Tough Until He Finds Her Diary The Devil S Book Her Cheerful Boasts Of Violence, Humiliation And Torture Leave Him Breathless Then Her Evil Scrawl Gets Darker Still, And Sexual, And Just As He Is About To Discover The Full Horror Of His Childhood, He Finds That The Pages He Needs To Read Are MissingBut He Must Look Forward Now He S Determined To Keep His Nose Clean He Can T Go Back To Prison, Not Again He Wants To Make A Better Life For Himself And He Wants To Help Others, Too Kids In Gangs, Like He Was, The Homeless, The Elderly, Like Gladys He Can T Bear The Thought Of Them Getting Beaten Up Or Feeling Like Prisoners In Their Own Homes He Has A Vision He Wants To Turn An Abandoned School And Hospital Into A Housing Project For Young People Unit It Will Cost Millions Of Pounds, And He Can T Even Afford A Bag Of Crisps, But It S A Dream That Keeps Him Warm At Night Along With Hooch, Weed And The Pills That The Vet Gave Him For Sadface S InjuriesHe Wants To Change The World But The World Has Other Ideas See, He Takes On A Final Job To Score A Little Cash Dumping A Scooter For The TWC, A Gang With A Reputation For Violence And Connections To A Mysterious Crime Lord With Eyes, Ears And Guns On Every Corner MR K It Turns Out The Scooter Was Used To Mow Down A Copper, And Members Of The TWC Take Photos Of Him Dumping It Now He S Just Waiting To Be Arrested For A Crime He Didn T CommitAnd Then There Re The Kids To Worry About And Missing Kid Posters Are Pasted All Over London, And When His Mate, Dipper, Goes Missing, He Knows That It S A Problem He Can T IgnoreAs Degsy Searches For The Truth About His Past, The Whereabouts Of The Missing Children And A Better Way Of Life, Losing The Game Of Cat And Mouse With Street Predators And The Police, He Is Slowly Drawn Back Into A World Of Trouble That He Will Be Lucky To Escape With His Life Intact But Degsy S Is A Story Of Transformation And Redemption, Of Strength And Hope, Of Holding Onto An Impossible Dream And Watching It Become A Realityno Matter What The Cost