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Best Man and the Runaway Bride summary Best Man and the Runaway Bride , series Best Man and the Runaway Bride , book Best Man and the Runaway Bride , pdf Best Man and the Runaway Bride , Best Man and the Runaway Bride 06a17e13ad Scandal At A Society Wedding Can He Resist The Runaway Bride Helping Nikki Lucas Flee Her High Society Wedding, Privacy Loving Best Man Max Conway Doesn T Expect To Be Accused Of Having An Affair With The Bride As The Media Scandal Dies Down He Escapes To A Remote Island And Comes Face To Face With Nikki Their Connection Is Undeniable, But She S Completely Off Limits Yet As The Sun Sets In Paradise Both Are Struggling To Resist

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    Oh wow, Kandy Shepherd knows how to keep a reader hooked Best Man and the Runaway Bride is a juicy, tantalizing read that will snap your attention from page one Nikki is so melodramatic in a sassy, entertaining way and I fell in love with her the moment she marched on to the page Max is a such a sweetheart and I felt bad for him Who knew helping out someone could turn so drastic and dramatic The author s engaging plot and articulate prose just made reading Best Man and the Runaway Bride pure bliss.Highly Recommended 4.5 Stars

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    Naughtiness 3 Absolutely beautiful read, adore this book ferry much, the story their plight all beautifully written.Won t give spoilers as alway but will say this is definitely a sweet story that is easy to fall in love with Will definitely be reading by our authoress.Beautiful book thank you for writing it xxx

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    MS Shepherd s stories just get better with every book she writes, I have truly loved every one of them, they are moving, emotional and so very sensual and heart warming and this one is of the charts fantastic The setting is just amazing and the hero and heroine are just the best and so deserve each other, sit back and enjoy this one you are not going to want to put it down.Nikki Lucas is all set to marry the man she loves, she is a very successful business woman, but she so very badly wants a family and is having a lovely society wedding, well she was until the last minute and she discovers some things about her fianc that are not very good, and she needs to get away and fast in steps the best man Max Conway shocked as he is he gets her away and the media takes over with some not very flattering headlines Nikki escapes and lies low for six months on the beautiful Island of Nusa Lembongan in Indonesia.Max Conway is a top tennis player, but after an injury he has some decisions to make, but when a friend asks him to be his best man he is happy to step up, never realizing that he will end up helping the bride make a daring escape and that this will be the start of big changes in his life Of course the drama of the best man helping the bride runaway brings the media down on his back again, him and the media do not get on well they have caused a lot of problems in his career I loved this story from page one, I felt so apart of the story and the amazing setting and fabulous characters, MS Shepherd brings to life her heroes and heroines, that you feel their happiness and of course their pain because true love never runs smoothly When Max and Nikki meet up on the island unexpectedly the attraction is instant but they both are so afraid of media that it takes them a bit before they give into that very sensual pull and after a few ups and downs they have such a beautiful HEA, this one left me sighing and very happy it is such a delightful story Thank you MS Shepherd for another keeper don t miss this one, it is a must read.

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    Another fun romance from a very talented storyteller.

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    This is a sweet romance between a runaway bride and the best manbut six months later after the event All good for those who feel a bit thingy about the situation, there were excellent reasons for the runaway scenario The Indonesian small island of Nusa Lembongan makes for a very exotic location it sounds idyllic Thanks Kandy, another winner.

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    This is an emotive read Discovering her groom is a lying cheat, Nikki Lucas flees what should have been her wedding, assisted by the best man, Max Conway Unfortunately the wedding was a high society event and Max is a successful sportsman so the story of the runaway bride gets lots of unwanted media attention Six months later, Max decides to go to stay at an island resort, not knowing that Nikki is there, too Assumptions, worries about anyone finding them both there and many other factors are involved to drive this couple apart but the attraction is definitely hot Will they give in What will happen to them in future This is a lovely story, most of it set on the beautiful island of Bali which is brought to life in the reader s imagination by the author s brilliant descriptions of the place, food and people It is a sweet romance that has moments that make you sad, mad, swoon and sigh It is the first book in the True Love series from Mills and Boon and I ll definitely be looking out for books in this series in future in the hope they ll be as great as this one I requested and was given a copy of this book, via NetGalley This is my honest review of the book after choosing to read it.

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    Best Man And The Runaway Bride is a standalone book by Kandy Shepherd.On the morning she is supposed to be getting married, Nikki Lucas discovers that her groom is a lying cheat She arrives at the church, and no sooner does she set foot outside the car than she spots the best man Max Conway She begs him to help her get away, and although in two minds as he is supposed to be helping the groom, he grabs her up in his arms and they make a mad dash to his car and to her freedom.Max is a number one tennis player, he s good looking, and the press always hounds him Of course, they get hold of the story of him running away with the bride and ridiculous stories hit the headlines Six months later when the scandal has finally died down Max decides he needs to get away, to totally relax and evaluate his future An injury has stopped his tennis career and he needs to decide what is next for him He chooses a quiet part of Bali for his respite not knowing that he is in for a surprise.Nikki Lucas is friends with the owners of the resort that he has chosen She is having a much needed break whilst also helping her friends out with running the place The very first person that Max sees when he arrives at the resort is Nikki When Nikki spots Max she thinks that her ex has sent him to try to get her to go back to him She is furious Max himself is furious because the last thing he needs is for anybody to recognise him, realise Nikki is there too and the stupid stories of him being a love cheat would resurface Thankfully the resort isn t a popular tourist place, yet, because when Nikki realises that Max isn t there on behalf of her ex, and he realises there is little chance of them being spotted if they are careful, they both start to enjoy each others company There is an instant attraction between them, and they definitely like each other, but Nikki wants than a holiday fling It s something that isn t possible thanks to the scandal they have already been through which will take off again with a vengeance if they were to be seen as a couple Will she listen to her heart and body that wants to live for the moment and enjoy a passionate fling, or her head that tells her she needs to concentrate on her dream of marriage and children which won t be possible with Max This is a really great story which had me captivated from the first pages Max and Nikki are so obviously perfect for each other I couldn t wait until they finally gave in to their attraction and couldn t read quickly enough to find out how they would deal with the question of the future Bali is a beautiful island and I enjoyed the author s description of the area and about the culture of the place including the food and the clothing traditionally worn She also writes a very good steamy love scene or two, definitely time to break out the hand fan

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    A sweet story perfect for summer 4 starsThis book is one of a fairly new series from Mills and Boon, called True Love Books in this series promise sparkling romances that will make you laugh, cry and fall in love over and over again.Well, I m not sure I ran the whole gamut of those emotions but this book definitely delivered on the true love in a sweet and gentle way It s the first book that I ve read from this series and I certainly wouldn t be against picking up another again when I m feeling in the mood to remember that true love really does exist no matter the odds.Nikki was a great character She s smart, sharp, knows what she wants and goes out and gets it She does have a vulnerable side particularly evident when deciding whether she wanted to sleep with Max which makes you relate to her and root for her some .Similarly, Max is a hero that you can t help but love and want for yourself sorry Nikki He s a former tennis player with the body to match swoon and while he s got a reputation as a bad boy, he s actually a bit of a sweetheart.The story moves on at a leisurely pace The writing style flows well and makes you want to keep reading One thing I did note was that the way the story is told, you really believe that Nikki and Max are falling in love And it s gosh darned adorable.I would have liked Nikki to be a wee bitty assertive with her feelings and her wants with Max And while Max was a bit of a muppet when he accused Nikki of breaking his trust at least he managed to catch on to his mistake pretty quickly.And in the keeping of the book being a sweet and romantic tale we get a few kisses and when the time comes to do the deed, the bedroom door firmly shuts us out Not even a peek Nor a rundown of events after the fact either Oh well, at least I have my imagination This was a lovely, sweet tale of two people who are so right for each other just with the wrong circumstances and the wrong time It s a book any Mills and Boon fan will enjoy reading and I ll be looking out for stories by Kandy Shepherd in the future 4 stars.

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    Saturday, 30 June 2018Book Review Best Man and the Runaway Bride by Kandy Shepherd MB Best Man and the Runaway Bride is written by Kandy Shepherd and is part of the revamped renamed Cherish now True Love collection Assisted by the best man, Max Conway, the bride, Nikki Lucas, after discovering that her intended was cheating on her, flees her own high society wedding She then bumps into him six months later when she is working at her friend BB on Bali Max is a high profile tennis player who has injured himself and so has had to retire from the game He doesn t want to be recognised as he has come to Bali to recover, regroup and plan his future There is an instant attraction between the pair but is Nikki looking for than Max can offer Is he prepared to move the goal posts and enter in to a long term relationship which is Nikki s goal I couldn t think of any tennis analogies but it is the World Cup at the moment I enjoyed this book It wasn t full of angst, flouncing or disaster, but was full of lovely flowing duscriptions of Bali, the food, culture, sea and clothing I received this book via Netgalley and Mills and Boon in exchange for an honest review I am a MillsAndBoonInsider netgalley

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    A runaway bride meets her match With a drama filled kick off, this story takes us on a journey of picking up the pieces after life doesn t go as planned It s a bit slow in overall pace, but still enjoyable The characters have a nice connection, and the plot has an interesting flair to it.Max Conway didn t know what he was getting himself into when he agreed to be the best man for an old school buddy When faced with a distraught bride who needed help running away from the wedding that was about to happen, he reluctantly helped her He never expected it to all turn around on him as the gossip headlines claimed he whisked the bride away for himself Nikki Lucas is so appreciative to Max for his help, but if she would have known she would turn his life into such a circus, she wouldn t have put him in that position Now six months later, happenstance brings them face to face again on an exotic island Fear of additional scandal has them vowing to stay away from each other, but temptation is mighty strong when they both are feeling a such attraction to each other

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