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    For me this one ticked a lot of boxes, a Greek hero, set in Greece and heroes and heroines helping after an earthquake, and both Deakin Patera and Lea Risi had pasts that need to be settled for them to move forward and working together and getting to know each other opens their hearts to love.Lea was holidaying on the beautiful Greek Island of Mythelios, getting away from her life after losing her fianc , as a psychiatrist she knows that she needs to move on with her life, but when an earthquake hits Lea offers her service at the local clinic, here she gets on well with the other workers, but when another of the Doctors who started the clinic arrives back to help there is an instant attraction, but Lea has promised herself that she will not get involved with troubled men again, but she cannot help but be tempted by this handsome scarred man.Deakin has finally arrived home to help at the clinic after the earthquake, he has no plans to stay for too long this place holds way too many memories for him, but when he meets the newest Doctor helping out at the clinic the chemistry sparks flames that bring a lot of memories back for him, but is Lea the answer to a future, a future back on the island and a future of happiness I really enjoyed this story it is moving and very sensual as two people help each other fight fears and move onto the future, the setting is fabulous and the HEA just beautiful the other characters add so much to the story and as this is the second book in the series the characters are building, this is a book that any lover of medical romances will enjoy, I do highly recommend this one.

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    With the second book in the Hot Greek Docs series, Tina Beckett brings us Deakin s story It s fun, fresh and appealing There were a few plot holes left that I would have liked to have gotten some answers to, but overall, a very enjoyable read Looking forward to the next two books in the series On vacation when an earthquake hit the Greek island of Mythelios, psychiatrist Dr Leanora Risi stepped up and volunteered at the clinic in town when a call was made needing doctors She s a bit out of her element on the medical side of things since it s not her specialty, but she s become very useful helping the townspeople through the trauma they have suffered because of the quake.Plastic surgeon Dr Deakin Patera doesn t enjoy coming home to Mythelios because of his past there, but when his partner in the clinic tells him he needs him to come help, he makes his way there as quickly as he possibly can Memories of times past still haunt him, but meeting Lea turns out to be a breath of fresh air

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    4.5 Star Review Posted at HarlequinJunkie.comDr Deakin Patera never thought he d return home to Mythelios, but when an earthquake hits his home country and causes plenty of destruction, he knows the people of Mythelios need his skills as a doctor However, he never imagined he d find a reason to stay until he meets Dr Lea Rosi Will he convince Lea to take a chance on him or are the pair too haunted by their past demons to ever have a chance at happy ever after Read More

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    This book has 2 stories in it One has Theo as the main male character and the other has Deakin Theo and his friend Deakin and 2 others set up a clinic on a Greek Island An earthquake hits the island and the clinic is run off its feet Cailey comes back home to help and falls in lust and then love with Theo, while Lea is on holiday there and when Deakin returns to help at the clinic she and he become a couple But what of Stavros Is he ill

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