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Hearts of Ice (Sunsurge Quartet, #3) chapter 1 Hearts of Ice (Sunsurge Quartet, #3) , meaning Hearts of Ice (Sunsurge Quartet, #3) , genre Hearts of Ice (Sunsurge Quartet, #3) , book cover Hearts of Ice (Sunsurge Quartet, #3) , flies Hearts of Ice (Sunsurge Quartet, #3) , Hearts of Ice (Sunsurge Quartet, #3) 385b3c03a87fc Summer Is Gone, And The World Is Turning To IceThe Rondian Empress Lyra Has Lost Her Husband, Her Army Is Defeated And The Deadly Masked Cabal Have Seized The Holy City Her Allies Have Abandoned Her And Her Empire Is Spiralling Into Chaos And Her Only Weapon Is A Forbidden Magic She Dare Not Use She Can T Survive Alone But Who Can She Still Trust Vibrant, Memorable CharactersSciFi Now The Eastern Conqueror Sultan Rashid Is Victorious On The Battlefield, But Now He Faces An Enemy Deadly Than Rondian Knights The Winter Unless He Captures A Major City To Shelter His Huge Armies, His Plans To Overthrow The West Face Ruin In The Snow But Standing Between His Men And Safety Is The Remnants Of A Defeated Army Led By A General Who Knows All About Fighting For SurvivalAn Epic Journey Of Ordinary People Destined To Change The Course Of History Alluring Gripping BoHoMindThere Are No Easy Options Left Lyra And Her Fellow Dwymancers Must Master Their Deadly Magic, Whatever The Cost Even Those Who Believe Themselves To Be Fighting For Good Must Grasp The Reins Of Power With Cold Hearted Determination, And Use Even The Most Terrible Weapon, If They Are To Stop The World From Falling Apart For Ever

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    another superb entry in the moontide Sunsurge series book 7 and I am still expexting any new book with bated breath picks up where Prince of the Spearshad its devasting finale and continues at a non stop breathless pace with lots of things happening including some shattering ones and obviously an ending that has some conclsuion like all the books in the series to date, but with all remaining to be decided in book 4highly reccomended and a top 5 of the year for me

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    So, I ve really loved David Hair s writing The moontide quartet is an amazing series, with compelling characters, and lovingly built world, an amazing story, and honestly an amazing story telling structure the vexations of emperor constant interludes were great The Sunsurge Quartet has been less good, for a number of reasons, and with this book I decided to get into the details of figuring out why Spoilers below So, the first part that I have issues with is the Dwymancy This is an entire, very powerful, magic system that is never mentioned in the Moontide quartet, which honestly seems like a retcon to have this story work Additionally, Dwymancy is sooooo much less defined that regular gnostic usage, which is very frustrating I absolutely loved the almost painstaking detail that went into gnostic magic, that everything had its counter Sure, there were exceptions, no question at all about that, but for the most part you knew what the results of various actions would be At the end of this book, we have a captured Dwymancer who might be infected with a demon, and we know what about that The fact that the magic is not well defined reduces tension, because the author can basically do whatever they want Mr Hair could decide that 3 Dwymancers holding hands and conducting a ritual would banish all demons from Urte, larger problem solved The second part that makes this quartet less fun is how terrible almost all of the characters are, at least on the personal level In the Moontide Quartet, we had Alaron, Cymbella, Ramita, Ramon, Seth, Kazim, Elena, and Cera Nesti and I may be forgetting some of good charater POVs These characters might not have always done the right things, but at least you could root for them to succeed or improve In this series I don t even know I guess we still have Seth and Ramon for what few chapters we have them for , a and their sections are great, and Tarita Prince name I can t remember now I guess my point is that most of the screen time is taken up by less sympathetic characters Also, the big bad of Naxius is just so much less compelling of a story.

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    Well, this was a surprise Who knew that adding another character from the previous books into this series would increase its qualities so much Lyra is still obnoxious and makes even nightmare mistakes of sexual nature this book, honestly her POV was the worst one to read for me The author could have written as a better character but here in this series she comes off as a confused adult who just wants somebody to hold her at night.Admittedly when the story focuses on military combat and in turn Seth Korion Ramon Waqar, it shines as thats the author forte The Tarita Ogre Jehana POV also was a bit of a slog and mostly an outlet for Tarita to shout out her insecurities The one thing I still don t understand is like man where have the main characters from series 1 gone The only ones we know of who are actually doing something in the background are Alaron and Ramita, the rest Cera, Elena and Co just kinda disappeared with Ramon finally making an appearance this book If only instead of those obnoxious Lyra pov s we got these instead The book is going to its endgame now, everything is now out in the open and while this book was miles better then book 2 or 1 , improvements are needed Like that distasteful twist at the end, It was NOT needed S.Recommended for a read only if your a fan of the series.

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    DeliciousThe saga continues If you have not begun reading this series, you are missing out I cannot see this author leaving this world behind for another because I see too many good stories yet to tell With that said, this is a great book to add to your summer reading list If you are an avid reader, you ll appreciate the length Do start from the beginning of this series or you will find Hearts of Ice hard to follow I patiently await the next installment.

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    A continuation I was so excited for this book but as I finish it I find myself disappointed because I didn t love it like I have Hair s other books It was missing something I can t put my finger on it but no one stole the show definitely felt like a mid series book.

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