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Heavy Flow chapter 1 Heavy Flow , meaning Heavy Flow , genre Heavy Flow , book cover Heavy Flow , flies Heavy Flow , Heavy Flow d7ac42ca3e2fd What Do You Know About Your Menstrual Cycle A Woman S Cycle Is Considered Her Fifth Vital Sign, Telling You As Much About Your Health And Wellness As Your Blood Pressure Or Pulse Yet, From A Young Age, Girls Around The World Are Taught The Minimum, If Anything, About Their Own Bodies And This Important Function Instead We Are Taught To Expect Periods To Be Painful And Gross, That Hormones Will Turn You Hysterical Every Twenty Eight Days, And That Good Girls Definitely Don T Talk About Menstruation This Book Examines The History Of Period Shame And Stigma And The Far Reaching Effects It Has Had On Women S Health And Wellness Today, While Providing A Self Care Guide To Understanding Menstrual Cycles And Reclaiming Your Fifth Vital Sign Through Holistic Nutrition, Lifestyle Advice, And Self Advocacy

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    Amanda Laird is a holistic nutritionist who specializes in menstrual health She has witnessed the widespread shame associated with menstruation and recognizes how this impacts women in all areas of their life, but most importantly their health Shame prevents open discussion with health care providers and it encourages avoidance in terms of monitoring, tracking, and overall awareness This fifth vital sign of bodily health is being ignored and it is hurting women everywhere In her book Heavy Flow Breaking the Curse of Menstruation, Laird gifts her readers with a wealth of knowledge so they may be better empowered to change the narrative of menstruation for themselves After all, it s as natural as breathing In addition to priceless education, Laird reviews historical views on the subject, she sheds light on who benefits from negative attitudes towards periods, she gives practical suggestions on how to make the experience comfortable for us, not them , and she ends with encouragement so that we may embrace our physiology and break the cycle of shame for future generations.I loved this book I was surprised by the amount I learned through this reading experience My favorite elements included the ancient views of menstruation as something magical, powerful, and worthy of reverence, and I was especially grateful for the education about hormonal health Laird debunks myths, answers common questions, and breaks down the entire menstrual cycle from onset to menopause There are no big words to sift through it s a very real conversation that is easy to understand I so appreciated the opportunity to learn, to find strength and validation through the gentle feminism threaded throughout, and to gain beautiful perspective that our bodies are elegantly designed and smarter than we give them credit for Heavy Flow is a stellar resource that will benefit women, trans men, and non binary individuals as well as those who are the primary caregivers for our young girls Knowledge is power so take it, share it, and let s break the curse together Check it out.Thank you to the following for permitting me access to an advance reader s copy ARC of Heavy Flow Breaking the Curse of Menstruation This generosity did not impact my honesty when rating reviewing.Source NetGalleyAuthor Amanda LairdPublisher DundurnGenres Health, Mind Body, Nonfiction Adult Pub Date February 23, 2019

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    I ve noticed that when it comes to books for review, I often enjoy nonfiction the most and Heavy Flow by Amanda Laird was no exception I think this is an absolute MUST READ for every woman in this case, I mean biologically There are so many things we don t talk about that make up the experience of being a woman, and periods are part of that Or rather, periods are talked about, but the narrative is so incredibly cherry picked that it affects our whole view on something that is completely natural and has been there in the lives of women basically since the dawn of time, and it affects it in certain, most often negative, ways Heavy Flow is a book meant to not only open up this conversation, but speak about it as should be spoken about on women s terms, as well as educate its reader about the myths associated with this part of women s lives, while explaining and promoting natural ways in which you could influence your cycle for your own wellbeing and health The book promotes understanding and educating yourself, and l m sure it will teach you at least a few things you didn t know about your own body To find out what you might not know about periods, read the full review on my blog here I thank Dundurn for giving me a free copy of the book in exchange to my honest opinion Receiving the book for free does not affect my opinion.Read Post On My Blog Themed Bookstagram Quick Update Bookstagram Bookish Twitter

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    Just finished this review copy received from netgalley and it is a compelling read highlighting a load of issues that women have about not really understanding our bodies due to shame, taboos and lack of unbiased information I like the way the author deals with some of the less scientific suggestions with an open approach and doesn t advocate anything untoward or unrealistic This is the kind of education young women need rather than the unhelpful and underwhelming video sponsored by a tampon maker that we received in high school HeavyFlow NetGalley

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    Loved this book Amanda Laird did a thorough job researching numerous facets of the period experience, which she presents in this comprehensive and informative book Easy to read and digest, Heavy Flow gave me tons of insights and tips for living in peace with my menstrual cycle I recommend this to all my menstruating friends, and to anyone else who might want to open their mind to Breaking the Curse

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    What an astonishingly necessary book It is never too late to learn new things or learn about your body, especially when it s a function largely ignored, if not denigrated in culture I can t recommend it highly enough of you ever had a period PS This book is pretty trans inclusive WIN.

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    5 Stars I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review Read full review here Brina and the Books Go a little further and you ll see how menstruation is a sister to the conversation around hormonal birth control cousin to female sexuality, fertility, pregnancy, and abortion It s about what we as a society think is okay to do to female bodies For those of you who shy away from feminist books, do not fear Heavy Flow covers all certain kind of topics and there s something for everyone in this book history, biology, self advocacy, nutritional advice, and feminism I can t express how much I loved this book I recommend this one to every girl and every woman out there It s a must read for me And this is not only the feminist in me speaking This is me as a person and woman speaking I can honestly say that in my 29 years I have never learned so much about periods and the menstrual cycle as from this book Not even school and we had sex ed class in elementary, junior, and high school Up until a couple months ago the whole cycle was or less a mystery to me Of course I knew what was going on but I never quite got it Does that make sense I don t want to blame my biology teachers for failing to explain the menstrual cycle sex ed is part of biology class in Germany because I m pretty sure they did a good job but Heavy Flow explained it in much detail and so differently than my biology teachers ever did There s nothing inherently shameful about menstruation It s a perfectly normal, healthy function of a body tissue missed with blood and mucus, exiting the body Heavy Flow definitely left a lasting impression on me Even before reading the book I tried to embrace my period than I used to I tried to be positive about it But reading this book helped me to strengthen my positivity about it even I see my period and the menstrual cycle in a completely different light now It s not a monthly, recurring and annoying burden any The period and menstrual cycle is also than only a sign of fertility For us women and girls it is a sign of health and wellness Who would have thought because no one taught me that little fact Your menstrual cycle is a vital sign that s both an indication and promoter of your overall health and wellness Even though some of the self help tips mentioned in the book to improve your period experience were a little too natural and holistic for my taste, there were definitely some other things I d like to try.Heavy Flow was an amazing book and is definitely one of my favorite reads this year It was informative, interesting, and so helpful As much I loved reading it on my kindle, I m certain that I will buy the print version also, just to re read certain parts, mark them, and to rummage through it again Once you understand the role of the menstrual cycle as a vital sign, beyond fertility, and you start to feel relief from menstrual related symptoms, perhaps you ll begin to feel that it s not such a curse after all

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    This is such an amazing book I learned so many things Which in itself is a sad thing, because that means the education I got from my parents and schools is bad, at best.Amanda Laird talks about menstrual cycles But also about the shame that comes with them She questions the reasons we think a perfectly natural bodily function is something to be ashamed of and who is profiting from that The feminine hygiene industry is big business, raking in about 15 billion worldwide The book is well structured and easy to follow It certainly is educational The important message is to recognize menstrual cycles as a vital sign for health and wellness You will also find a crash course in menstrual selfcare, understanding your own cycle, means to track and chart it and by that make the first step to body literacy.The second part of the book sheds some light on practical applications for improving menstrual experiences, how to use food to have better periods and the benefits of working with health professionals.There are also chapters on the history of menstrual myths and taboos and the alarming status quo When you walk into a public washroom you ll find toilte paper and soap there for you to use Why Because it was decided that we all have the right to these items when using the washroom So why not pads and tampons Half the population can help menstruating , yet the products what we need to manage them are taxed, often as luxury items, and kept out of reach for many marginalized individuals who need them The last pages focus on self care beyond bubble baths and recommendations for specific period problems.I really liked the tone and neat structure of the book You can read it in a few hours A recommendation I gladly give to all gender types, regardless whether you are menstruating or just want an informative read on this topic.

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    Amanda definitely knows, what she s talking about, an empowering, eloquent woman who dares to talk about menstruation straight to the point which is what we should all be doing, as this mechanism is the very reason we all exist.This is a book every woman, who wants to know about her own body and hormones should pick up no matter which hormonal phase she finds herself in It truly changed my view, my understanding and my opinion on the menstruation and its position in our society.

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    When I read the blurb for this book Heavy Flow by Amanda Laird and it mentioned how the shame some may feel in talking about menstruation should end, and that we should be looking at our cycles as indicators of overall health, I knew I had to read it.I have for some time thought the same thing that we should be talking to each other about our menstrual cycles When you discuss symptoms you have with friends, you may find out that a symptom is very common and normal, or that a symptom is atypical and should be checked out Without dialogue, knowledge cannot be gained or shared.I was also intrigued by the idea of looking at our cycle as a vital sign, just as we may do with our blood pressure, for example That was an idea I hadn t really thought about before.The book is in 3 main sections first, an essay on historical views of menstruation, period shaming and why this should end Second, a thorough explanation of the menstrual cycle And third, what we can do to make sure that our whole body is healthy, so that our menstrual cycle can function optimally.When I read the first section of the book, I felt infuriated at the way that people menstruating have been looked down upon in the past and present , when it is something that literally half of the world s population goes through, and is vital for us to continue as a species The author also brought out how comparatively little research is done into reducing period pain and symptoms One example mentioned was how endometriosis, which causes extreme pain to many including a close friend of mine and has no cure, can only be truly diagnosed through invasive surgical procedures yet a recent study was done, not on what can be done to help sufferers, but on how it affects the sex lives of their male partners I have felt this same bias a few years ago when my menstrual cycle went crazy, and became 14 days on, 14 days off When I went to my family doctor, to make sure this wasn t a sign of something serious, and to see what could be done to recalibrate my cycle, he said, That must be annoying for your husband I was thinking, what I am spending half of my life bleeding, it s annoying for me The family doctor agreed to refer me to a specialist, who spent 3 minutes with me and then gave me a prescription for birth control to, as he said, control heavy periods But that wasn t the problem, they weren t heavier than normal, they were just way longer And if he had asked any questions about my medical history, he would have found out that when I had taken birth control pills before they had not agreed with me and given me many side effects, so it was not something I wanted to take again He didn t do any examination or order any tests Okay, thanks for the help After finally being able get some testing done, I found there was nothing wrong, just perimenopause, and the cycle eventually went back to normal That s why I feel this book is important to help educate people so they don t display this bias, and to bring attention to the fact that research needs to be done on this topic.The second section of the book examined in detail the menstrual cycle, including all the phases menstruation, follicular phase, ovulation and the luteal phase It also discussed the different hormones produced, some of which I had never heard of, such as luteinizing hormone, and gonadotropin releasing hormone Several months ago, I read a different book on menstruation, but the information was pretty slight, and didn t go nearly as in depth as this book did I enjoyed the thoroughness, I actually learned a lot I didn t know before The last part of the book had advice on nutrition, diet, stress, pain relief, and much to contribute to whole body health One concept mentioned was seed cycling, where you eat certain seeds at various points of your menstrual cycle to balance your hormones This is something I definitely wish to explore further.I really enjoyed reading this book, and finished it in 2 days I think it is essential reading for everybody to reduce stigma, to educate and to enable us to be as healthy as we can Note I received an advance copy of this book for review through Netgalley.

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