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Capturing a Ladys Love (Enduring Legacy Book 14) chapter 1 Capturing a Ladys Love (Enduring Legacy Book 14) , meaning Capturing a Ladys Love (Enduring Legacy Book 14) , genre Capturing a Ladys Love (Enduring Legacy Book 14) , book cover Capturing a Ladys Love (Enduring Legacy Book 14) , flies Capturing a Ladys Love (Enduring Legacy Book 14) , Capturing a Ladys Love (Enduring Legacy Book 14) 6867b2aa42275 Ewan Mcdougal Knows He Must Use His Gifted Powers To Defeat A Powerful Sorceress, No Matter The Cost Even If That Means Giving His Own Life He Doesn T Have Anything To Give The Beautiful Brianna Brianna Takes One Look At Ewan And Knows He Is Her Destiny But How Can She Convince Him Their Love Isn T Ill Fated

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    Scotland 1832 A wonderful addition to the Enduring Legacy series A gift or curse passed down through generations and Ewan McDougal was one of the recipients of the a family of witches that had been hung generations ago He had the gift of reading people because of the aura surrounding them and could see visions of things that later would become real But he had run out of time trying to stop a powerful sorceress who threaten him and he had visions of his death and a girl with blue eyes leaning over him That girl was Brianna and they were fated to meet and if visions were correct marry What was surprising is she and her uncle had powers too.Have I grabbed your attention This story pulled me in from the first page and I was mesmerized as the adventure unfolded There are several characters that help them on their way and as united they fight the evil sorceress I really enjoyed this story that took me on a journey and entertained me with a world unlike any I have read.

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    Ewan Mcdougal knows he must use his gifted powers to defeat a powerful sorceress, Lady of the Ise, no matter the cost Brianna takes one look at Ewan and knows He is her destiny This is the final book in the Enduring Legacy series also the final novella in the Fairfield Fairy Tales series I found it to be a very satisfying closure to both The pace is very good, I read it in a sitting The characters are well drawn have depth which is hard to achieve in a novella.I ve thoroughly enjoyed the Enduring Legacy series will miss my Tuesday read

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    Great endingI love the ending of this series but I m confused as to why it is part of another series with multiple authors The Fairfield series is so good Ms Andresen needs to write some of these tales I m sure the enduring legacy books are good I just have a hard time with so many different authors the stories could get muddled.

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    I enjoyed this story even though it could have been longer Magic, Evil Sorceress What a story.

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