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The Psychology of Family Law chapter 1 The Psychology of Family Law , meaning The Psychology of Family Law , genre The Psychology of Family Law , book cover The Psychology of Family Law , flies The Psychology of Family Law , The Psychology of Family Law e2d0daec0379a Bridges Family Law And Current Psychological Research To Shape Understanding Of Legal Doctrine And PolicyFamily Law Encompasses Legislation Related To Domestic Relationships Marriages, Parenthood, Civil Unions, Guardianship, And No Other Area Of Law Touches So Closely To Home, Or Is Changing At Such A Rapid Pace In Fact, Family Law Is So Dynamic Precisely Because It Is Inextricably Intertwined With Psychological Issues Such As Human Behavior, Attitudes, And Social Norms However, Although Psychology And Family Law May Seem A Natural Partnership, Both Fields Have Much To Learn From Each Other Our Laws Often Fail To Take Into Account Our Empirical Knowledge Of Psychology, Falling Back Instead On Faulty Assumptions About Human BehaviorThis Book Encourages Our Use Of Psychological Research And Methods To Inform Understandings Of Family Law It Considers Issues Including Child Custody, Intimate Partner Violence, Marriage And Divorce, And Child And Elder Maltreatment For Each Topic Discussed, Eve Brank Presents A Case, Statute, Or Legal Principle That Highlights The Psychological Issues Involved, Illuminating How Psychological Research Either Supports Or Opposes The Legal Principles In Question, And Placing Particular Emphasis On The Areas That Are Still In Need Of Further ResearchThe Volume Identifies Areas Where Psychology Practice And Research Already Have Been Or Could Be Useful In Molding Legal Doctrine And Policy, And By Providing Psychology Researchers With New Ideas For Legally Relevant Research

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