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Fergal and the Bad Temper chapter 1 Fergal and the Bad Temper , meaning Fergal and the Bad Temper , genre Fergal and the Bad Temper , book cover Fergal and the Bad Temper , flies Fergal and the Bad Temper , Fergal and the Bad Temper d5a23e9564afd A Young Dragon Must Learn To Control His Temper In This Funny Picture Book For Fiery Kids Everywhere Fergal The Dragon Does Not Like Being Told What To Do It S Not Fair And When Things Aren T Fair, Fergal Loses His Temper And Snorts Angry FireHe Feels Sorry Afterward, But Fergal Just Can T Control His Outburts After One Really Fiery Day, His Family And Friends Offer Him Some Advice To Calm Down Can This Dragon Learn To Cool It Before A Temper Tantrum Hits An Imprint Book

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    Cute picture book which looks at the consequences of anger and how it can be controlled in everyday situations And, of course, the main character is a dragon which makes it even better

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    I got a free copy in exchange for an honest review.This book was both cute and infuriating I ve never liked children that would fire up because they felt something was unfair cough my sister cough I won t say I didn t do the same, but surviving childhood cancer kind of put things in perspective for me, and so eating my greens was a small price to pay to be alive But back to the book I really did like the drawings And while the whole burning with anger over eating my greens or doing something because it is unfair thing kind of just annoyed me, I know there are many kids out there that act like it.So the subtext of this book was interesting, and I know a few kids that could stand to learn from it.

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    Fergal is a dragon so when he gets heated, he burns everything up Does a great job of illustrating the concept of not only can you not play with it any, now no one can The rest of this is a pretty standard anger management book for kids But if your kids haven t read a book like this or if they like dragons, it s a decent example of the mileau.

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    There s much to love about this book, but I especially loved that Fergal expressed to his mother that his anger made his friends turn away and that s not fair However, his mother reminded him that the consequences of his anger for his friends was also not fair A great way for children to think about the ramifications of their anger.

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    When a dragon gets angry Watch out

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    A young dragon struggles to control his temper, but soon learns different coping mechanisms to calm down I like that this demonstrated how others use difference techniques and that bad tempers affect others.

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    Young dragon must learn to tame his incendiary temper.

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    Fergal the Dragon is a nice dragon, until he doesn t get his way, and his temper flares Fergal s inability to control his temper has isolated him from his friends Fergal needs to find a way to control his temper After receiving some advice from his mother, Fergal discovers several ways to calm himself, and his temper.

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    When Fergal gets upset or thinks something isn t fair he erupts with flame After a while, people don t want to be around Fergal because he inevitably turns their goods or toys to crispy ashes Can Fergal find a way to get his temper and his flame under control This presents anger issues in a very entertaining way I love the spread that shows an array of things Fergal has turned to ash because he got upset at them When he starts looking for ways to cool off when he gets upset he observes lots of good methods little readers can also try A fun read with some very practical advice on how to keep your temper under control.

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    Let s take a look at Robert Starling s picture book debut, Fergal and the Bad Temper Fergal is, readers learn, a pretty friendly, smiley little dragonbut things take a quick turn for the fiery when Fergal is told what to do Whenever things feel unfair or whenever he is asked or directed to something he does not want to do, Fergal reacts with temper and fireactual fire breathing, which unfortunately wrecks and scorches things for those around him When one of Fergal s fiery outburst puts him on the outs with friends, Fergal learns an important lesson from his mom about learning to take a breath and try to keep fuming and tantrums in check With bright artwork, an easy to follow story and concise, effective text, Fergal and the Bad Temper is a title that could be read aloud to a toddler and or preschool ages storytime touching upon the subject area of emotions For those who have explored titles such as Finn Throws a Fit , Millie Fierce, The Very Cranky Bear, or Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, and are looking for a new, similarly themed, frank and sweet read, Fergal and the Bad Temper is a solid pick.I received a copy of this title courtesy of Raincoast Books in exchange for an honest review All opinions and comments are my own Title has been published and is currently available.

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