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Simply Hot Pots pdf Simply Hot Pots , ebook Simply Hot Pots , epub Simply Hot Pots , doc Simply Hot Pots , e-pub Simply Hot Pots , Simply Hot Pots fa5c3cca6b2 In Japan, Hot Pot Cooking Is Called Nabemono, Or Nabe, And Cooked In Donabe, Traditional Clay Pots Comforting, Healthy, Affordable, Easy, And Quick Especially When You Make Your Broth Bases In Advance These Satisfying One Pot Meals Can Be Customized For Anyone Including Kids Simply Hot Pots Brings Hot Pot Cooking To Your Table With A Complete Course Of Recipes, Including Base Broths From Shabu Shabu To Bone Broths To Creamy Corn And Tomato Broths Pork, Chicken, Beef, Seafood, Spicy, Vegetable, And Specialty Hot Pot Meals Dipping Sauces Sides And Desserts Amy Kimoto Kahn, The Best Selling Author Of Simply Ramen, Shares Recipes Of Traditional And Non Traditional Japanese Hot Pots, Along With East Asian Hot Pots With Flavors From Mongolia, Thailand, And Malaysia You And Your Guests Will Love Quickly Cooking Shabu Shabu Style Meats, Greens, Mushrooms, Onions, Root And Other Vegetables, And Tofu In The Piping Hot, Savory Broths, Followed By A Shime End Of Meal Course , When Plump Udon Noodles, Tender Ramen Noodles, Or Fluffy Rice Are Placed Into The Leftover Broth And Simmered Until Warm And Bursting With Its Delicious Flavor With Easy To Follow, Step By Step Instructions And Stunning Photos, Simply Hot Pots Will Not Only Have Your Dinner Table Brimming With Great Food, But Also Great Conversation

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    I m a huge fan of Asian foods and was excited to see this book coming out I was especially excited to see a section in the book of vegetable hot pot recipes since I choose not to consume animal products A note to vegetarians and vegans, most of the recipes included here do include pork, chicken duck, beef and or seafood, though these are in specified chapters aside from the section with the broths and sauces I did find a good number of broth and sauce recipes that did not call for animal products, though some recipes in the vegetable hot pot section call for broths that do contain animal products This is something to watch for I do think some substitutions could be made in some of these recipes to eliminate the animal products, though it would obviously impact flavors.In addition to the various hot pot recipes, there are also sections for side dishes and desserts The photography throughout is done well, making the food enticing Though this book isn t a perfect fit for me, I m so glad I got a chance to review it and I do have a few recipes I ll be trying out soon.Thank you to Quarto Publishing Group Race Point Publishing and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review.

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    More than 30 years ago, I remember my husband and I being invited to a Japanese friend house for dinner, I still recall sitting at a very low table and being presented with a beef sukiyaki, with bowls, pot and ingredients to make our own meal at the table I have never forgotten that meal amongst friend sharing and eating, it was fresh, tasty and just fabulous It was a meal I have never had before and try as I may, I could never replicate it Simple hot pots bring Japanese cooking into the home and make it possible for people to make and understand the process of making these wonderful meals It speaks of utensils, ingredients and skill required to make lovely meals in any home The recipes are easy to follow, with great photos all with time and skill required Really love this book

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    Received via Netgalley in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.I d never heard of Hot Pots before maybe a year or two ago, one of my favorite Youtubers does them with her family for Christmas, and seeing the food and the experience made me super interested and also really hungry But in my crappy little town, we don t have any place that has Nabemono, so I figured I was relegated to dreaming and being hungry forever Enter this book, which I was super excited to read Tell me your magical food secrets, I want to dip meats and veggies in broth and eat the hell out of it After reading this book, I am absolutely ready to continue dreaming and being hungry forever She lost me right around the time she said Kobe wagyu beef was her favorite protein.Also the equipment listed at the beginning, the only thing I own is a rice cooker And someone else paid for that Seriously, who has the money for the items she includes in these recipes To her credit, some of them are SUPER simple, and still sound incredibly mouth watering She does an excellent job of describing flavor combinations, including for ingredients I ve heard of but never tasted But the odds of me ever eating this deliciousness I m convinced than ever those odds are not good.

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    I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review From the publisher, as I do not regurgitate the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it.In Japan, hot pot cooking is called nabemono, or nabe, and cooked in donabe, traditional clay pots Comforting, healthy, affordable, easy, and quick especially when you make your broth bases in advance these satisfying one pot meals can be customized for anyone including kids.Simply Hot Pots brings hot pot cooking to your table with a complete course of 75 recipes, including 15 base broths from shabu shabu to bone broths to creamy corn and tomato broths pork, chicken, beef, seafood, spicy, vegetable, and specialty hot pot meals dipping sauces sides and desserts Amy Kimoto Kahn, the best selling author of Simply Ramen, shares recipes of traditional and non traditional Japanese hot pots, along with East Asian hot pots with flavours from Mongolia, Thailand, and Malaysia.You and your guests will love quickly cooking shabu shabu style meats, greens, mushrooms, onions, root and other vegetables, and tofu in the piping hot, savory broths, followed by a shime end of meal course , when plump udon noodles, tender ramen noodles, or fluffy rice is placed into the leftover broth and simmered until warm and bursting with its delicious flavour.With easy to follow, step by step instructions and stunning photos, Simply Hot Pots will not only have your dinner table brimming with great food, but also great conversation.I got this book this morning and ripped through it as I needed a dinner idea and I found so many Although my downloaded version of the e book did not allow photos, the recipes seemed yummy and made me want to make them and see how they turned out I have a feeling that I will be making most of the recipes in this book, even though I have not yet invested in a set of the cool bowls that they come in A great book for cooks of any levels and those interested in seriously yummy food It deserves a spot on every cook s cookbook shelf As always, I try to find a reason to not rate with stars as I love emojis outside of Instagram and Twitter so let s give it

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    The best part of reviewing new cookbooks is selecting and then preparing a selection of the recipes Along with a good read, that usually makes for several good meals as well I was excited to read Simply Hot Pots My memory of sukiyaki was formed by my mother s mid 70 s rendition, possibly from a Sunset Magazine of the era It was delicious, and a regular in the meal rotation Those memories made Chicken Sukiyaki a must try on my recipe list, and the recommended sesame miso sauce side was an obvious 2 Korean Scallion Pancakes and Korean Short Ribs with Spicy Kimchi Nabe both sounded delicious, and a good way to use the jar of kimchi that was in my fridge.All of the recipes were big hits, and surprisingly uncomplicated Prep and cook times were accurate I m lucky to live in a region with good access to Asian stores, so none of the required ingredients provided a particular challenge In fact I was surprised to discover miso in my regular grocery store refrigerated section The only change I will make to the recipes is to cut back on the sugar The sauces were a tad too sweet for my taste, although that may be perfectly authentic.The recipes in this book are great ways to include vegetable dense meals into the dinner routine, without a high cost in preparation time.I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    It s been over 10 years since I lived in Japan as an international exchange student Experiencing nabe because it IS an experience was memorable, and I was very excited to check this cookbook out.Some things I enjoyed The photos are beautiful and inspirational I definitely want to make a hotpot meal when I see these photos There is quite a bit of variety and customization with the recipes, as is expected with this meal type It feels authentic.Did you know you could do hot pot cooking in a rice cooker or pressure cooker It had never occurred to me and I will definitely be trying this out.The recipes often call for pricey, and sometimes difficult to find ingredients I recommend this book for people who are starting out on their hot pot journey The introduction lists equipment needed and many common ingredients It s an easy read and the table of contents organizes the recipes by protein type such as protein, pork, beef, and seafood Vegetarian and specialty broth is also listed.Thank you Netgalley and Quarto Publishing group for an ARC copy of this cookbook for an honest review.

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    Scrumptious Accessible Authentictl dr All the hot pots you didn t know you wanted I m buying this book Then I am buying a hotplate Written by a fourth generation Japanese American Californian, this book shows all the things I love about hotpot and then I basically requested the ARC to get the cover recipe, a traditional hotpot But, since I have earmarked a number of other ones My children love Shabu Shabu, but it is expensive I am excited to make these fun for the family meals at home Now, let s say you don t want to buy a hotplate or use an of the stovetop recipes , find the book anyway for the beautiful pictures I also think the author s tween child is a champ to be in the photos Mine certainly wouldn t Thanks to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    Hot Pots is a very appealing book I routinely buy cookbooks for inspiration and to salivate over than to actually cook from, but I m definitely going to be cooking from this one The hot pots themselves are very appetising, but there s the side dishes are different and appealing, and the puddings drool inducing.In all, I didn t expect to be quite so taken with this book, as I had no idea what to expect, but I think this is going to become a kitchen favourite.

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    I received this book free from NetGalley in return for an honest review Simply Hot Pots, the new offering from Amy Kimoto Kahn, author of Simply Ramen, is a cookbook for anyone who wants to implement an easy, delicious set of staple meals into their family diet.Kimoto Kahn presents her relationship with the food she makes as something that naturally flows from her upbringing and her family background In her introduction, she explains how her association with her mother s tight knit group of Japanese American women, The Dames, gave her an introduction to dinner parties and the deep social roots of eating food together She lays out recipes in the book that are connected to her society and her heritage family recipes, recipes from friends, and recipes inspired by those she loves she mentions that her Beef Brisket disk is inspired by her Jewish mother in law The author walks us through each step of hot pot cooking, or nabemono, a traditional Asian style of cooking which she describes as not only a complete meal in a single dish, but it is also delicious, affordable, and simple to make comfort food She begins with helping you choose a donabe clay pot and telling you tips on how to cure it, or choosing an alternative to an earthenware pot altogether She then has a helpful list of all the equipment she uses, and that you may need, for a successful hot pot dinner.Recipes you will find in this book are often accompanied by beautiful photos which, at least in my case, were enough to make me want to start making hot pot meals tonight There are many different types of broths and sauces you can make, most which include some animal products, but some which are vegetarian or vegan I imagine that some of the others could be tweaked to make them vegetarian friendly as well There are sections for each type of protein you could want, whether pork, beef, poultry, or seafood, and once again a spattering of vegetarian options Despite the name of the book, there s a little than simply hot pots here, too there are several side dishes and a few desserts the photos for which made my mouth water I am very much looking forward to nabemono in my own home after reading Simply Hot Pots

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    Although I d heard of hot pots before picking up this cookbook, I honestly had little idea what they actually were Which, is a good part of why this book attracted my attention That and I love to cook and eat different kinds of food Besides, get a load of that cover Doesn t it make you hungry just looking at it So, what is a hot pot exactly It s a healthy, affordable meal that is also quick and easy to prepare Starting with a steaming hot broth, you build upon it by adding proteins, vegetables, rice or noodles, sauce, and garnishes A good for you dinner that will fill your belly and not break the bank at the same time Simply Hot Pots covers all the bases giving you recipes for twelve different broths, a handful of sauces, and hot pots to fit every taste, diet, and need There are plenty of meat based, seafood based, and vegetarian recipes to choose from as well as a special section for spicy hot pots in case that s your jam Truth be told, I love spicy stir fries, so I m definitely all in with these spicy hot pots This is an exceptionally comprehensive cookbook You re not only given a ton of recipes including desserts and instructions on how to build the perfect hot pot, but you re also blessed with a ton of additional information as well There s a list of traditional equipment as well as substitutions that you probably already have lurking in your cupboards You get a glossary of ingredients plus common replacements in case you re unable to locate some of the unique ingredients In addtion, the photos of the food and the author s family are beautifully done, making you want to pull up a chair and grab your chopsticks Thanks to Netgalley, the publisher, and the author for a digital review copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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