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Beating Endo summary Beating Endo , series Beating Endo , book Beating Endo , pdf Beating Endo , Beating Endo 0695630b59 From Two Of The World S Leading Experts In Endometriosis, An Essential, First Of Its Kind Book Filled With Practical Guidance And A Proven Regimen For Beating The DiseaseApproximately In Women Are Estimated To Have Endometriosis, An Inflammatory Disease That Is The Result Of Abnormal Tissue Growing Around The Uterus And Throughout The Pelvis, Causing Chronic Pain, Limiting Activity, And Often Leading To Infertility Yet Despite Its Prevalence, Than A Decade Typically Passes Before The Average Woman Receives An Accurate Diagnosis Of Endo Once She Does, She S Often Given Little Than A Prescription For Pain Killers And A Referral For SurgeryNow, Leading Gynecologist And Laparoscopic Surgeon Dr Iris Orbuch And World Renowned Pelvic Pain Specialist And Physical Therapist Amy Stein Have Come Together To Create A Unique And Radically Effective Approach To The Disease In Beating Endo, They Offer A Comprehensive Guide To Ways In Which The Endo Sufferer, Working With Skilled Healthcare Practitioners, Can Take Charge Of Her Disease, Addressing The Cascade Of Coexisting Conditions That It Generates From Muscle Pain To Gastrointestinal Ailments To Painful Bladder Syndrome And Cooling Her Central Nervous System To Reduce Inflammation And Ease Her PainBeating Endo Offers Readers A Proven, Multimodal Protocol That Targets These Coexisting Conditions Through Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Product Choices, And Mindfulness Strategies Incorporating The Expertise Of A Network Of Endometriosis Warriors Including Doctors, Nurses, Nutritionists, Pain Psychologists, And Yoga Masters Beating Endo Is The First Resource Of Its Kind To Offer An Interdisciplinary Approach To Restoring Health, Vitality, And Quality Of Life To Women With Endo

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    I ll write tomorrow, but for now This book has a lot of great information laid out in extremely user friendly way As I mentioned in my reading notes, I found the gendered language distracting Overall, a solid book about how to deal with something I live with every day.

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    I ve wanted to badly to like this book, as Amy Stein s previous book was the only one I found helpful for my condition But this one has a few major issues.First, almost this entire treatment plan could be retitled a treatment plan for rich cis women Very few of the recommendations are realistic for someone without incredible amounts of income So many of us with endo have had to reduce work hours, have left or been forced to leave jobs, or are unable to work, a plan that excludes those not in a top income bracket misses many of its intended audience.Throughout the book they insist that these sweeping lifestyle changes taken at great expense are good investments , seemingly failing to realize so many of their potential audience will simply not be able to make such investments In my opinion, the language further implied the inability of some people to make these investments were a matter of lack of commitment to our own health As of 3 4ths through this book there s no insight as to what investments should be prioritized.Many of the messages were mixed or fractured in one moment they say there should be no endo diet as such because symptoms are highly individual, and in the next they insist every person with endo give up gluten and dairy Sweeping dietary changes between chapters taken together would leave someone with little, if any, source of protein.So far, there is no help or suggested resources for trans or non binary endo patients Given the very gendered writing style, I doubt there will be.Finally, I find the style of writing tedious There was a chapter essentially dedicated to long form testimonials Certain phrases get beaten to death over the course of multiple chapters The tone is often preachy.I found some of the contents helpful helpful reminders of ideas I took from other books, insights into the interconnectedness of certain pain generators, so I will give the book 3 stars But overall, I bought this book with Dr Orbuch on my shortlist as a potential surgeon, and it inspired me to remove her from that list While I don t doubt her expertise or experience, I do deeply doubt her willingness to adjust treatment plans for those unable to make the comprehensive and sometimes radical changes she apparently recommends.

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    Book Review Beating Endo by Iris Kerin Orbuch, MD and Amy Stein, DPT given the average 12 year period between onset of symptoms and diagnosis, consider the potential extent and severity of your Endo by the time you receive that diagnosis THIS I cannot thank harper_wave enough for sending me this book Absolutely everything I wish I knew a decade ago Endo is a demonic, debilitating, soul crushing disease To find a book, that treats every single aspect of it, because it s so much than just your pelvic area that s affected, is just mind blowing refreshing If you know someone, or are someone, who s been diagnosed, or has been misdiagnosed, or is just too scared to seek diagnosis unfortunately happens ALL TO OFTEN , buy them this book It s not all surgical It s not all pharmaceutical It s not all physical It s not all mental These authors not only understand that, they re preaching it If you don t know where to start Start with this book I ll be reading and taking notes again and again And I thought I had read it ALL on this subject Pub Date 06.25.2019 bookstagram endo endometriosis beatingendo iriskerinorbuch amystein partner sponsored ad bookstagrammer bibliophile instabooks bookcommunity booksofinstagram arc booksharks bookbuzz books advancedreaderscopy bookworm bookishnana bookhangover

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    A comprehensive and thorough approach to endometriosis as a disease and life altering condition Each chapter tackles a different part of the body affected by endo I thought I was pretty well versed in what endo is and how it affects all body systems but I still learned SO much from this book My only critique of this book is that endo in the LGBT community was not discussed trans men and nonbinary individuals can have endo too and it would have been nice to see some resources directed towards inclusive health care and options for treatment.

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    Somewhat helpful Somewhat overwhelming Somewhat too scientific I m glad I read this because I learned a lot It s crazy how a lot of health issues can all come back to endo I think some of their recommendations are unrealistic for people who do not have super wonderful health insurance or a lot of money Lastly, I just want to say that we should talk about endo It s not talked about enough and there so many women who suffer from it.

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    Please read if you or a loved one has Endometriosis Very informative Definitely learned some things on the science side of it I will try to incorporate a few of the suggestions into my own life in hopes that it helps me I felt that the book could have been slightly shorter as the same information was repeated a few times I guess if you only read certain chapters it works.

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