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    I received a free review copy of this book from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review A modern approach to mindfulness from an esteemed Buddhist scholar and Psychology professor.Everywhere we go, we hear about the benefits of mindfulness to bring us joy, peace, and productivity, and even to make us look younger and live longer Meanwhile, in the real world, things aren t so rosy suicide rates are skyrocketing prescription drug use is on the rise exposure to negative news is causing PTSD like symptoms and we continue to report feeling disconnected, distracted, and depressed How can we be mindful when the world is this fucked up I have recently completed a short course on mindfulness so when I saw this book available for review, I thought it was just perfect Also, our region has a huge issue right now with mental health problems so I thought this may very well be the book to stock to help others.But from the very beginning of the book, I sensed disappointment The author was quite adamant that there was a lot of info out there about mindfulness but this was going to be different, deeper But, for me, it never really got there.Also disappointing was the need to use the F word I know a lot of authors are using it in their titles now but I don t really think that it worked in this one Felt like it was trying to be edgy and failed with the content Having said that, the author can write, can put sentences together and have them make sense Has a way of engaging the reader quite well at times But it was all just a little sporadic for my liking.Will I buy this for my business I am not completely sure right now ProbablyPaulARH

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    Tim Desmond who has trained under Tich Hanh, shares his mindfulness and Buddhism philosopy for lay people presented in crisp and practical way..Author struggling with his wife s illness and financial ruin finds a away to let go gracefully..Book is divided into 12 crisp chapters with examples from his own life and Buddhism.He touches every aspect of daily sufferings like healing old wounds, fearlessness, memory reconsolidation, mindfullness training, society, loneliness, nonattachment to ideas and many ..There are really good discussions like cloud in your cup, letting your cows go, 100 years old tree and disruptive intimacy..It is very nice book to grab in your tough times and learn how to live in this inherently brutal world by altering your perception of reality..Beauty of book lies in its conciseness, practicality, enjoyfullness and synchronisation with contemporary world..Present world is approximation of reality and this book is approximation of a great teacher in your bookshelfThanks edelweiss plus and author and publisher for review copy.Really liked thus work.

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    Do you need a good book to remind you to stay positive and meditate, even if you don t know how to do that This is the perfect book for that With easy to follow chapters and even easier to follow instructions, packed full of relatable content, this book is a funny and reaffirming way to keep your life together when it seems like you cant.Check out my full review here

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    One of the better books I ve read on incorporating Buddhist principles of mindfulness to the real world A Buddhist psychotherapist, Desmond uses the term human to mean being mindful, and is not afraid of the occasional cuss word to get his point across Recommended I received an advanced e galley through Edelweiss It is expected to be published June 2019.

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    I tried, but I could not listen to Tim s voice without thinking he sounded like a cursing Mr Van Driessen Lesbian Seagull would drift into my thoughts as I tried to focus on Tim s insights, and a few times Stuart Smalley would pop in with his catchphrase This goes against all the good Tim is doing with his book, so my apologies for failing him as a listener.

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    Really helpful book This presented some similar ideas and practices as his book Self Compassion in Psychotherapy, but this was written for a general audience, and this book takes a wider perspective I appreciate how Desmond mixes stories with practices and always breaks down how to try the practices he offers I particularly liked his section on finding compassion for criticisms demands.

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    An auto biographical account of the author s journey through Buddhism, meditation and personal challenges Well written and he describes some practical techniques The f cked up in the title refers to the toxic self righteousness that results in self certainty in politics society.

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    Excellent advice on meditation and mindfulness that was actually practical and will be helpful daily on many levels.

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    I plan to reread chapters of this book every year.

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    This is a pretty basic book about mindfulness I got about halfway through then stopped because I did not find anything new to ponder.

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How to Stay Human in a F*cked-Up World download How to Stay Human in a F*cked-Up World , read online How to Stay Human in a F*cked-Up World , kindle ebook How to Stay Human in a F*cked-Up World , How to Stay Human in a F*cked-Up World d91afeb284d7 A Modern Approach To Mindfulness From An Esteemed Buddhist Scholar And Psychology ProfessorEverywhere We Go, We Hear About The Benefits Of Mindfulness To Bring Us Joy, Peace, And Productivity, And Even To Make Us Look Younger And Live Longer Meanwhile, In The Real World, Things Aren T So Rosy Suicide Rates Are Skyrocketing Prescription Drug Use Is On The Rise Exposure To Negative News Is Causing PTSD Like Symptoms And We Continue To Report Feeling Disconnected, Distracted, And Depressed How Can We Be Mindful When The World Is This Fucked Up Tim Desmond Esteemed Buddhist Scholar And Lecturer On Psychology At Yale Medical School Is The Fresh, Engaging Answer To This Important Question Using Techniques Cultivated From The Monastery Of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh And At Google Headquarters In Silicon Valley, Tim Has Been Inventing New Ways To Bridge The Gap Between The Ancient Tradition Of Mindfulness And Modern Life In How To Stay Human In A F Cked Up World, He Presents Readers With Exactly That The First Mindfulness Practice Designed For Surviving The Sometimes Miserable World We Live In, With Advice, Strategies, And Guidance You Can Start Using To Feel Connected, Joyful, And Present TodayDirect, Witty, And Surprising, With Chapters Titled Why Bad Things Happen, You Re Not Crazy, And Becoming Fearless, How To Stay Human In A F Cked Up World Gets Right To The Heart Of Our Collective Pain With A Simple Practice Rooted In Science, Self Compassion, And Psychotherapy If You Ve Tried Mindfulness Before And Failed, Tim Gets It Likely You Were Told To Sit On A Pillow In A Dark Room, Meditate, Or Count Your Breaths But Mindfulness Isn T About Separating Ourselves From The Problems In The World Instead, It Is About Re Learning How To Get Out There, Connect With The Suffering Of Every Living Being And In So Doing, Embrace Our Own Personal Suffering, Let Go, And Move On