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We Ride (Highland Horses Book 1) pdf We Ride (Highland Horses Book 1) , ebook We Ride (Highland Horses Book 1) , epub We Ride (Highland Horses Book 1) , doc We Ride (Highland Horses Book 1) , e-pub We Ride (Highland Horses Book 1) , We Ride (Highland Horses Book 1) 811a79d8976 Donovan Claine Needs A Vacation Somewhere He Can Relax Somewhere He Can Paint, Draw And Recharge His Art Career Somewhere A Million Miles Away From His Cheating Ex Boyfriend When He Picks A Destination At Random, He Doesn T Expect To Find Himself Heading For The Highlands Of Scotland And Yet Here He Is, Freezing His Butt Off And Trying Not To Stare At The Breathtakingly Ripped Farmer Next Door Lachlan Lock McTavish Can T Stand The English Especially City Folk So When Donovan Asks To Paint Him, He Thinks The Whole Thing Is Ridiculous What S Worse Is The Way Lock Can T Keep His Mind Off Those Smooth, Idle Hands And That Boyishly Sharp Jawline If Donovan Ever Finds Out Lock S A Stallion Shifter, There Ll Be Trouble So Lock S Never Going To Let That Happen Not Unless The Choice Is Taken Away From HimWe Rideis Book Of The Highland Horses Trilogy

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    I giggled and swooned and fanned myself with anticipation Lock is just Yum, gods It s so flipping charming, and I will definitely be waiting for the 2nd installment I am intrigued by horse shifters now I won t give any spoilers, but this one caught me pleasantly by surprise at the end I have several other Lovelight Press books on my TBR shelf namely shifter and historical to suit my tastes So far, of the two I ve read, this one won my heart I simply had to leave a review for it.Great work Pop Cherry a post apoc, shift slinging tea sipper, high volume book consumer, and kitteh worshipper

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    3.5 stars

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