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How to Act Like a Grown-Up summary How to Act Like a Grown-Up , series How to Act Like a Grown-Up , book How to Act Like a Grown-Up , pdf How to Act Like a Grown-Up , How to Act Like a Grown-Up b2c75faf42 Filled With A Mountain Of Practical Advice, Enjoy This Timeless Collection Of Grown Up Perspectives That Many Never Get To Hear On Their Way To Twenty One With Humor And Occasional Bite, How To Act Like A Grown Up Is An Indispensable Guide For Moving Into Adulthood Mark Addresses Thirty Topics Including Cell Phone Etiquette, Clothing, Driving, Finishing What You Start, Going To Class, Meeting People, Money, Sexuality, Voting, And Much Do Not Learn These Lessons The Hard Way Enjoy A Humorous And Educational Ride As You Grow Up Into Acting Like A Grown Up

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    Turns out I am a grown up I was worried This little book is for kids graduating from high school I like everything that s included here and I wish someone would have told me about some of these things at that time I had to learn on my own.Some very important things NOT included thank you notes, taking something to someone s home when invited, table manners, saving money with a compounding interest graph, saving for the future, giving back and even topicsbut you get the idea In my opinion, an incomplete book.

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    Maybe this book is intended for 12 year olds, because I can t imagine it is for anyone older The advice really just reads like an old man, who thinks he is funny, cranking about his pet peeveshow to cross the street how to unwrap candy in a movie theater I was really disappointed and only kept reading because I had hope that the book would get better.

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    Fun, fast readfor a grown up It would be a good book of little courtesies for older teens and young adults But, not so sure it would be appreciated.

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    This is a fun book with a great amount of humor It gives practical advice and lets you know that even people who are grown up by age still have some growing to do.

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