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    Hollywood Dirt stand alone Opposite attracts second chances as Hollywood comes calling on a small Southern town I want to flip you over and bury my face in between your legs and fuckin own you with my mouth Hollywood Dirt stand alone opens shortly before a Hollywood production is heading to a small Southern town to film a big budget movie Center stage is Hollywood heartthrob and too handsome for his own good, Hollywood royalty Cole Masten aka Big City This movie is his baby, his first production When his world is rocked by deceit and divorce papers served by his gold digging soon to be ex wife, a jaded Cole turned man whore must fight to keep the movie production on schedule and in his name.Summer Jenkins aka Country is the polar opposite from Cole, except since the movie announcement Summer has caught the first break of her life helping the movie scout with local logistics with the hopes of staying on as crew once production starts But Summer has a bit of a temper accompanied by bluntness much due to being born to a single mom and an outcast for most of her life followed by a scandal in recent years The story alternates between Hollywood in stark contrast to the small Georgian town as Cole and Summer prepare for the big production while also slowly digging further back into their secret pasts When they finally meet the sparks fly and everything pretty much goes downhill from there sprinkled with intense sexual tension, sizzling clandestine sex, humorous bantering and a tempestuous working relationship made for the tabloids Cole Masten aka Big City is the perfect blend of imposing beauty, entitled heir, broken boy, larger than life movie star and successful businessman Yet in all his jaded cockiness there is both vulnerability and humor to him I predict he ll wrap himself around your heart.Summer Jenkins aka Country has never had anything handed to her Her good looks and feisty personality compounded by her background has always worked against her until now This is her moment, her time to make piece, grow up and grasp her big break Hollywood Dirt, told from alternating POVs is a hilarious, feel good read about second chances, about working the cards you were dealt and grasping opportunities when they arise But ultimately it s about forgiveness and making peace with one s past and how, in life, some of the best moments don t come with a huge price tag, yet have blockbuster written all over Story also comes with some surprises for Alessandra Torre fans It ends on a high and laughter much like Hollywood endings where dreams can come true.Effortless story telling Entertaining dialogue Feel good plot Swoon worthy heartthrob Cole Masten Kissed you I just kissed you Big fucking deal You wouldn t shut up Hero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 4.5 starsSexual tension rating 5 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes frequency 4 starsPlot rating 5 starsDialogue rating 5 starsStorytelling rating 5 starsStory ending rating 5 stars Overall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this book Yes.Would I re read this book Yes.Would I read future books by this author Yes.Thank you everyone who F buddy read with us on Shh Buddy read chat Be sure to join Shh Smut, Heroes HEAs with Alessandra here on GR for the latest news Public group for members 18 years and older Beta copy provided to me by author Alessandra Torre in exchange for an honest feedback review.

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    Did anyone else see the author s pic when she was in body paint I think it was for Halloween That has nothing to do with this book review, but it was hot.

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    FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED Sexy, fun, and fantastically well written, with an intense hate to love Hollywood romance that ll make your heart race That s exactly what this book was and I love love LOVED it There s a special feeling you get when you start a genuinely fantastic book where you can just instantly feel that it s a winner I was less than a page into this book before I d fallen in love with it From the start, the story had this almost palm tingly feeling of anticipation, excitement, and intrigue to it and with Alessandra Torre s strong, captivating writing, I found it to be unputdownable Cole Masten was the epitome of walking sex and had every woman in town drooling over his arrival Every woman but me, that is I couldn t be For one, he was an ass All cocky attitude and no manners to speak of For two, he was for the next four months my boss Secrets are fascinating We re all drawn to them And Summer Jenkins sleepy Southern town of Quincy, Florida was brimming with them Almost 50 millionaires and billionaires lived within the grand total population of 7000 folk, but you d never know if you looked by looking at them They quietly went about their lives, never boasting of their wealth, until super star actor Cole Masten found out their secrets and decided to turn them into a blockbuster movie So Hollywood arrived, one quiet Sunday afternoon, with their trucks and noise and equipment, soon overrunning her small town And bringing her face to face with one of the world s sexiest, most famous, and most swooned over men who she happened to hate on sight Don t do that What He straightened off the porch railing That smile thing It s creepy He stopped smiling Ten million Americans would disagree with you Then ten million Americans are idiots His good looks weren t nearly enough to get him in her good graces With his lack of manners and cocky attitude, she had no problem telling him exactly where to go or kneeing him soundly in the balls the first time he tried to kiss her But there are two sides to every story, and luckily we were given both.He wasn t a bad guy in fact he was a pretty good one, but was in the middle of an ugly divorce and still hurting from his soon to be ex wife s stinging betrayal He also came from a world of smoke screens and lies, where privacy was the most highly coveted luxury that even the richest stars couldn t buy and where personal lives were dragged through the mud for the public s entertainment The combination of everything had in fact naturally fashioned him into what would easily appear to be an asshole People in Hollywood will build you up just so that they can rob you blind You gotta be an asshole to not be assholed Don t ever forget that So when contrasted with her Southern upbringing of manners and hospitality, it was no surprise that the the sparks between them flew right from the start Can you put on some pants she snapped, looking back at him, her eyebrows raised accusingly It s rude to waltz around with your junk out The sexual tension was delicious They were so busy hating each other that they barely realized they were falling in love It was this intense mixture of lust, hate, attraction, frustration, and desire they couldn t stand each other, but were still drawn closer However I really appreciated that they didn t just fall into bed The build up was perfectly drawn out teasing and enticing you further into their story There should be laws against men who could kiss like that With a mouth that dominated yet begged Tongue that teased yet delivered Tastes that dipped into an addicting stream and hooked a woman after just the first hit Ohhh and the humor It was just brilliant Witty, snarky, sassy, and totally hilarious I laughed and chuckled my way through several scenes, especially the ones involving Cole s new pet chicken err, sorry rooster named Cocky Yep, rooster Pet Not dinner Beloved pet Omg, those scenes were pure GOLD I just got a baby rooster, Cole started I can see that, the man drawled He leaned forward, his chair creaking, and peered through the thick plastic Why d you bring it with you I don t know I thought it might need to be checked out, or you might have questions, or it might not be able to be left alone Cole s voice trailed off, and he realized exactly how stupid he sounded It s A Chicken The toothpick in the man s mouth fell out as he spat out the words It s not a pet You don t name the thing and give it a bedazzled collar What does it eat Cole snarled, taking Cocky s tub down off the counter and setting it on the floor, his boot pushing it to a safer location, a little to the side Corn Cole waited for And waited Just corn Nothing else The man raised his eyebrows It s A Chicken Anything else I d need for it Medicine or vitamins or shots It s A Chicken, Cole finished Got it And finally, there is some serious hotness in this awesome story Cocky attitude or no, Cole had me swooning and fanning myself And I m pretty sure you ll be doing the same once you ve met him I ll pin you down and won t stop until my mouth is imprinted on your mind and your taste is my fucking middle name See winks Oh aaaaaaaaaand there s a cool twist to the direction of the story that isn t mentioned in the blurb and that I ve chosen not to mention here just because I honestly think it s fun to just discover it as you go There was nothing about this book that bothered me, I have zero complaints It really was a winner I genuinely LOVED this book I read it cover to cover in one sitting It was additive and utterly delightful to read The writing was top notch, the humor was on point, and the intense hate to love romance kept my heart racing This was a smart, sexy love story with incredibly strong writing I highly recommend it Rating 4.5 stars Standalone Contemporary Adult Romance._______________________________________ For of my reviews, book news and updates Main blog Aestas Book Blog Facebook Blog Page Twitter Subscribe by email

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    5 stars We are strong We are Southern We have secrets you will never imagine Hollywood Dirt is not the type of read I ve come to expect from Alessandra After reading most of her books, I can say that this is far different from all the rest but equally as good I was in the mood for something lighter, sweeter, with a strong heroine and wonderful hero and that is exactly what she delivered Hollywood Dirt is a feel good romance about two people who started off hating each other and ended up falling hard for one another Summer Jenkins has lived in small town Quincy most of her life Quincy is full of southern people who have money but don t like to talk about it Summer isn t from one of those families that have money She and her mom are working class As much as she loves her mom and she loves Quincy in some ways, she is dying to escape to get out of the town that held such unpleasant memories for her To start fresh Cole Matsen has a passion for the film he s starring in A true to life tale about the Coca Cola fortune in Quincy Cole is professionally ready for the role of a life time, but his personal life isn t going so well After catching his wife of 5 years cheating, he s in the process of a divorce Love is the last thing he s looking for In fact, until his divorce is final, he s been advised by his attorney sigh to stay away from all women When Cole first arrives at Quincy, he meets this spitfire named Summer The only thing he can think about is she would be perfect for his film She would bring a level of authenticity to the role that no one else could give it Summer isn t interested in being a star, she s not interested in Cole, either but being in this film could be her ticket out, so she takes it I loved the back and forth between Cole and Summer Their banter was great and you could just feel the tension between them These two characters were fantastic together They tried so hard to fight the way they were feeling, but they could only fight it for so long Both of them had a fun and feisty attitude and I loved them both together Alessandra did a great job giving Quincy a realistic small town feel And let me tell about Cocky the rooster Every scene between Cole and Cocky left me with the biggest grin on my face There wasn t much I didn t love about this book It was overall a wonderful read Hollywood Dirt is a small town romance with tons of heart It had laughs, the right amount of steam, and was an all around sweet and fun read If you re looking for a book that will keep a smile on your face and leave you with a happy feeling in your heart, pick this one up

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    4.5 Coca Cola StarsThis book was such pleasant surprise Alessandra Torre skillfully tells the story of a small town girl falling for Hollywood s top hottie The story is interestingly based on the very real Coca Cola millionaires which I found myself reading about once I finished this book Hollywood s heartthrob Cole Masten is bringing this Coca Cola story to the big screen The filming of this movie will take place in the small, southern town of Quincy, Georgia Summer Jenkins, our heroine, house sits on an estate with her mother, and has been ignored and politely shunned for the past three years by the whole town The mix of city meeting country as Cole falls for Summer and their back and forth, love hate attraction, is pretty entertaining and so very sexy Summer finds herself smack dab in the middle of this multi million dollar production as the lead Added to the fun is the one and only Brad DeLuca He represents Cole in his divorce from his cheating superstar wife I truly enjoyed the pace of this story, the setting, and the cast of terrific characters Most of all, Summer and Cole s fall into love was perfectly done For him, flirtation was nothing, a country girl finding him attractive normal For me Falling for the unattainable Cole Masten might just break all of my bones upon impact This was not a rebound, this was not infatuation, this was the end of this life as he knew it, and the realization hit that even if she didn t want him, he would never ever find another woman like her, he would never ever get other her Summer and Cole s story was so very entertaining with the just right amount of fun, steam, and love ARC provided by Alessandra Torre for an honest review

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    FIVE SOLEMATE STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author in Exchange for an Honest Review BR with Dee and Mel I could hate this man, curse him to hell, but there had never been a question on this earth that the man was beautiful, this his body was sin, that his sexuality was addicting.SUPERB I have read several of Alessandra Torre s books previously but this one is hands down my FAVORITE It was such an unexpected treat Her stories are usually erotic with some dark undertones This was the kind of story I crave It was funny, with just the perfect amount of angst and sultry steam I lost my heart to the Hero and even fell in love with the heroine as well Don t even get me started on that crazy little rooster Summer Jenkins is a young woman who lives in a small town in Georgia, called Quincy It has a total population of 7000, and is best known for being home to 45 millionaires and 3 billionaires Their fortune gained by purchasing some valuable Coca Cola stock back in the 1930s She lives with her mother and keeps a low profile She isn t exactly the town s most favorite person due to something she did a few years prior Summer s dream is to be able to move out of Quincy and start her life over in a place where no one knows about her past.Cole Masten is Hollywood s hottest actor at the moment He s a three time Academy Award Winner and also one of the most beautiful men in the business He s recently had his personal life turned upside down and is heading to Quincy to start production on a movie he is funding The story will be based on a novel about the group of millionaires of Quincy and how they made their fortune I will say that once these two meet, the chemistry is electric, and the book became unputdownable for me They are definitely attracted to one another but Cole puts his foot in his mouth and gets on Summer s bad side right from the start He sees something in Summer that convinces him that she must be the leading lady in his movie and gets her to agree to take on the role.The animosity that builds between them only guarantees that when these two finally get together, the sex is going to be explosive It s a slow build to get to the steam but for me it only made it that much gratifying when it finally happened You will not be disappointed ladies Believe me I actually love when the hero and heroine can t seem to stand the sight of each other You just know that you re in for a treat when they finally let their guard down, and that the sex is going to be panty melting good It doesn t happen often that I actually end up loving both main characters in a story, but Cole had me swooning and owned my heart the moment he starts to care for Cocky I don t want to say much about that You all will see once you pick up this book Summer was a spitfire and yet had an endearing vulnerability to her as well I loved how she held on to her Southern traditions and could go toe to toe with Cole whenever they had a clash of opinions, which happened quite often This is a MUST READ Go on and one click You all need to meet Cole, Summer, and Cocky And you ll get a treat because there is a character from another one of Alessandra Torre s series that is in this book quite a bit. Link

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    4.5 City Boy and Country Girl Stars I m so glad that Hollywood and dirt roads met in the uniqueness of Quincy Do you remember the popular gum from the 80 s called Freshen Up Imagine the sweet hard gum as it makes contact with your teeth and the first taste of sugar invades your system followed by the bite down on the gum which leads to a delicious burst of syrup to sweeten your body all the way from your mouth down to your toes And that my friends is how I feel about Hollywood Dirt It is a sweet read with witty text, complex characters, down home country and city scenes, sprinkled with some steam, and it all equals up to one power packed burst of sweetness that I will never forget Smile Treat your neighbor as yourself Be gracious Keep your secrets close and your enemies closer Summer is a small town country girl living in Quincy, Georgia She has enjoyed her simple life She has overcome adversity and has dreams of leaving Georgia for a better life A life where she can start fresh She only needs to find the means to do it When a hot shot movie star decides to make a movie in her small town, Summer realizes she may have just discovered her way out of Quincy But, can she manage to accomplish her goal with her heart still intact Quite possibly the most beautiful man to grace Hollywood in the last decade Cole Masten is a sexy movie god After reading the 72 page book The Fortune Bottle, Cole made up his mind that he wanted to produce and act in a movie version of the book The movie would portray the story of the small town of Quincy s multi million dollar rise to fame through the creation of Coca Cola Coke Say the word Pepsi in this town, you best watch your back on the way out Sounds like a simple business venture for this Hollywood Socialite However, with his marriage going down in flames, an ugly public divorce, and a possible undeniable attraction to Summer his link between making the movie and the small town of Quincy things are bound to be trouble for poor Cole When Cole Masten loves, it is scary Things do not start off smoothly between Summer and Cole There is an obvious physical attraction between the two, and yet, it is like mixing oil and water When Cole decides that Summer should be his co star in the movie, it is questionable on if they will kill each other before the movie wraps The relationship between Summer and Cole is a slow burn They build a friendship of sorts first before they come to the realization that a future together might just be the answer to all of their needs But are they strong enough overcome the obstacles of Hollywood, the movie, exes, and small town trash talk Before Cole, I had never been half of a whole, a pair of two joined so closely that it was hard to see where one personality ended and the other began Hollywood Dirt offers a perfect blend of sweet and spicy The characters are well developed and the constant advance retreat between Summer and Cole left the sexual tension building the entire read The secondary characters enhanced the plot with their presence by offering sweetness and witty banter throughout The descriptive writing of Ms Torre painted a vivid picture of each location Each moment was well scripted and felt thoroughly As each of the five senses come to life, I actually felt hot and sticky as I was reading about the stifling heat in Georgia There were several instances where I would put my kindle down to grab a glass of tea to cool off Overall, I cannot rave enough about Hollywood Dirt It is truly a feel good read If you are looking for a light romantic read with complex characters, then look no further What is most refreshing about this read is that the author has once again blown me away with her mad writing skills It appears that if you are in the mood for something dark and sexy, Alessandra Torre is the author to check out If you are looking for something erotic and passion driven, Alessandra Torre is the author to follow And now, she has mastered a completely different type of read with ease and to the sheer delight of her fans I will certainly continue to follow this author because honestly whatever she writes, I want to read it My kindle and I will be waiting for Read as part of an Epic WORLDWIDE BR with my girls at Shh As always, it has been a pleasure graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest reivew Thank you Alessandra Torre for sharing your brilliance with me For reviews reveals giveaways visit

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    Aren t they making this into a movie When Anyone know I CAN T WAIT..I have only read one book by this author, Sex, Love, Repeat, which I loved having read so many amazing reviews about Hollywood Dirt, I couldn t wait to open up Page 1 It had to be an incredible story otherwise why would there be all those 5 star ratings by my GR friends.Well, let me just say.THEY WERE COMPLETLY CORRECT This is a beyond incredible book I could not stop turning the pages.Even when I should have switched off my lights and get some shut eye I couldn t 4AM.got to get some shut eye Wake up 9AM.after dreams of Cole, naturally it was back to Hollywood Dirt No, breakfast can wait Hollywood Dirt one of the coolest and sexiest stories ever One of my favorite books ever Let me share just a few of the many reasons why I adored this story This is a beautiful romantic love story not dark and twisty moments Two people from totally different worlds who probably would never meet..but there are times when something happens and call it fate, destiny, whatever that sets the moment right for something extraordinary to happen in someone s life And that s exactly what happens when Hollywood comes knocking at a small and sleepy town called Quincy, to film a movie I so enjoyed the back story of the small town of Quincy the Coca Cola history that s interwoven into the story The contrast between the fickleness of Hollywood and the warmth of a small town in Georgia was shown really well.Summer Jenkins, small town girl I adored her I loved her spunkiness, her soft heart and her impish moments.check chicken present And yes, this woman can cook And most of all, she s not blinded by the whole superstar thing Cole Masten, Hollywood Superstar What a man Here I thought we would have this spoilt, overbearing.you know who I am kind of movie star and wow I get to see a side of him that is totally irresistible..his reaction to Cocky.. about him later.just made me fall in love irrevocably and totally and eternally in love with Cole Okay, so you want to know about Cocky..he s my 3rd favorite character in this book The most hysterical scenes have to be when Cole is checking out what Cocky s diet is at the local feed store and the scene where Cole takes Cocky on set.totally unforgettable I loved the interactions between Summer and Cole funny, sizzling sexual tension, hot and intense sex and the working relationship on the movie was a total blast to read Love.Hate.Enemies.Lovers I couldn t get enough of these two There are some incredible and interesting secondary characters that just add something special to the story..Brad de Luca, Cole s attorney I have to read his book , Ben, the movie scout loved his scenes , Summer s mother.and the Quincy community Sunday church, the local gossip..just made it feel so real.Beautifully written, great story, compelling characters..thank you Alessandra Torre for sharing it with me Uplifting, sexy, heart warming leaving me with a smile on my face If you love contemporary romance that will leave you feeling so good when you get to the last page THE END.then please get this book You will be so glad you did My favorite quote They say that love is finding your soul s match in another I found my match I found him, let him wrestle me to the ground, and then turned around and made him mine.

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    4 Stars Now I knew why they said you FELL in love I plummeted with no parachute, and hoped like hell he would catch me when I hit the bottom. Have you ever read a romance novel and it was like a movie reel in your head Like you could actually imagine the actors playing out every line Picture the town and it s residents exactly as they re being described Actually notice absolutely every single minute detail inside your mind That s what Hollywood Dirt was for me At times I felt like I was reading a movie script so than a book At first I thought that maybe that s not really a good thing since it was a slower pace than what I m used to But after taking some time to think about it, I can say that it was refreshingly different. If you ve read any of the other books by this author, Hollywood Dirt is nothing like them There s no crazy twists, it s certainly not as erotic as her other books have been, and it s not evocative It s a light, feel good, pure contemporary romance about a country girl and a hollywood star An unlikely one, but still a romance that will capture your heart For him, flirtation was nothing, a country girl finding him attractive normal For me Falling for the unattainable Cole Masten might just break all of my bones upon impact. Don t except a quick paced story here, the romance between Cole and Summer is very much a slow burn, and it wouldn t be fitting any other way They re from two different worlds and they see themselves in two different places entirely in the future, but chance and circumstance brings them together and what starts off as pure snark with hate soon begins to show the undercurrent of unadulterated lust that slowly begins to evolve into something much deeper Jesus, Summer I want to taste you so badlyI want to flip you over and bury my face between your legs and fuck you with my mouth I want to make you scream my name and come underneath my mouth and taste the moment you fall apart for me. Cole is coming off of a bitter divorce and putting everything he has into the movie that he s now bankrolling When he comes to the small southern town and meets Summer, he knows there s no one better suited to play the main role of Ida than her Summer is hoping to take the money she earns from the movie and finally put the town she grew up in and the memory of her mistakes made in it 3 years ago behind her But when she begins to see the man beneath the hollywood layers, she sees there s much to Cole than first meets the eye and she begins to fall for him In that moment, that push, I lost every hold I had on myself and became his. Fans of Alessandra s Innocence series will get a VERY big surprise in this book Which only heightened my enjoyment of this But it was always all about Cole There was just something so endearing andrealabout him Summer was a different heroine from anything I ve read from Alessandra in the past, and while she has her faults and hang ups this is still a woman that knows her worth and stands up for it It was beautiful, fucking heaven, his hands tight on my ass, his pumps fast and quick and barely controlled, the perfect, rapid rhythm pushing me to a place I had never been from just sex, a completion that took me by surprise and caused my body to tighten, my breath to gasp out, my fingers to dig into the mattress, and my world broke, around his heaven and to my hell. Honestly, I struggled a little going into it simply because it wasn t quite what I had expected It s slow paced, but the pace was perfect for the book and the story Upon thinking about it, it really was perfectly suited for this story It was different but lovely If you re looking for a light and feel good contemporary romance, this is a book you should definitely try Alessandra Torre is an incredibly talented writer, and this book shows how multi faceted she is She can pull off different genres and it truly translates Each of her books has been different in their own right, and this one is no different While different from the rest, I think that s what I enjoyed the most about it There was nothing crazy, no silly drama or overdrawn angst Just two imperfect characters finding a perfect love together ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews visit

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    6 Southern Stars Spoiler Free ReviewFilming has begun on Hollywood Dirt For photos and info go here www.HollywoodDirtMovie.com Hollywood Dirt has Southern charm in abundance and left me ridiculously happy and content I laughed, I swooned and I welled up with emotion This contemporary and VERY SEXY ROMANCE oozes personality, wit and heart warming emotions Alessandra Torre presents a story about a Southern Girl whose world collides with a Hollywood Star, they re opposites in every way possible which is delightfully explored through their love hate relationship and the way it unfurls eloquently before us, warming us to their individual personas and their combined chemistry, which is impossible not to feel The character development and story arc are sublimely flawless This author takes the contemporary Romance genre and rocks it making it a story that will be adored by existing and new fans alike Hollywood Dirt is told from the dual perspective of Summer and Cole with an alternating use of first and third person narrative, a style I highly appreciate making the voice of the protagonist s loud, clear and individual There are so many touches of brilliance, story devices, nuance of emotion, themes feelings. laughter, I became so happy at one point that it made me well up with tears It s a wonderful, wonderful story and my favorite read of the year so far This book, to sum up my thoughts, would make the most PERFECT CHICK FLICK film I hope one day someone makes this happen Their banter is fresh and charming I love the addition of the gossip as a device to provide contextual information and an aid to move the story arc forward, as well as providing an authentic small town feel to the story I love the back story of the portrayed Southern Town steeped in parts with historical truth It s so interesting with an iconic feel to it, and quite fascinating There s a moment I literally whooped for joy and then continued to bask in the scenes that Alessandra Torre was painting before my eyes I was so happy with the characters, the protagonists and the secondary characters who surround them giving context to the plot, themes and emotion I love the additional characters one is a particular treat and had my heart How can I describe the depth of my love for this story, there are things I simply cannot reveal, there are treats within the pages treats that I devoured and basked in I had moments of feeling emotional in an overwhelmingly romantic way and moments of Oh My Goodness.simply because of the imaginative storytelling and unexpected story devices used by this author Each time I read a book penned by Alessandra Torre I find myself on a unique and superior reading journey Hollywood Dirt is light hearted and sweet, traits I ve not experienced from this author before It had me laughing out loud with the quick witted amusing one liners and inner thoughts of the protagonists and intelligent writing surrounding this enemy to lovers tale that s quirky and effortless in its execution This story is about the making of a film and I felt like I was watching one, Hollywood Dirt has a vivid picture perfect cinematic quality to it that gave me goose bumps along with all the very best book feelings, the ones I crave from my romantic love stories Cole Masten is famous in the extreme a Movie Star personified who shows himself to be highly charismatic, loyal, charming and sexy An Acting Hollywood Great who decides to put his talent, money and name behind the movie of a book that he loves and believes in I felt his aura his masculinity and his stage presence After his devastating marriage break up he s advised to get himself to Quincy, to the film set and stay away from women It should be easy. Cole in essence is the epitome of a gorgeous pin up guy and it seems every woman highly anticipates his arrival, all but one, Summer Jenkins Summer Jenkins is a 29 year old singleton living with her mother She considers her life to be pretty dull, has a past she wants to leave behind and plans for her future The beautiful writing depicts the devastation she felt in her past and made me feel completely empathetic to her emotions I love her Southern girl thought process, her easy going pragmatic approach to situations she experiences with an equal measure of fire, grit and determination She s savvy, snarky, sassy with a feisty straight talking boldness giving way to many amusing moments showing her dry sense of humor and candor She s nobody s fool and definitely not blinded by the star quality of Cole Masten Her self sufficient ways, harsh tone and strong veneer juxtapose against her romantic aspirations and needing something from her life, her vulnerabilities shine through with a touch of self doubt that enriches the feel of the story exponentially.I love the way the histories of both the protagonists are presented Shown to us throughout the story arc, particularly the history of Summer Hers is drip fed slowly, creating a smidgen of intrigue about what exactly happened in her past Between them, Summer and Cole have an array of emotions and vulnerabilities to deal with providing motivation and the perfect push and pull of feelings all bubbling under the surface of their love hate relationship that evolves as they navigate through a plethora of thoughts, feelings and scenarios all eloquently showcased in the prose and laced intrinsically into the story arc, causing Summer and Cole to invade my book heart with equal force It would be remiss of me not to mention how very, VERY SEXY this story is The sexual tension oozes from the characters as their love hate relationship hots up and their chemistry sizzles through the storytelling and then lights up the love scenes It s completely LUSCIOUS and made my heart rate soar.Alessandra Torre s stories are imaginative, layered and engaging Hollywood Dirt mesmerized me from beginning to end with its fun, quirky telling and perfect levels of angst This romantic contemporary will undoubtedly win a legion of new fans I read it with a blissful smile on my face and each time I had to pause for real life commitments I was eager to get back to Quincy and bask in its Southern charm I could have gone on reading about Cole and Summer s story forever I laughed, I shed an emotional tear, I had OH MY GOODNESS moments, and moments I basked in Hollywood Dirt is undoubtedly my favorite book of the year to date and should be devoured by ALL ROMANCE lovers READ THE PROLOGUE here www.MeetColeMasten.comAdvanced copy provided by the author in exchange for my honest review thoughts.

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Hollywood Dirt download Hollywood Dirt, read online Hollywood Dirt, kindle ebook Hollywood Dirt, Hollywood Dirt 8e9de68a6c7f Cole Masten Abandoned By His Superstar Wife, Hollywood S Perfect Husband Is Now Hollywood S Sexiest Bachelor Partying Hard And Screwing Even Harder Watch Out Los Angeles, There S A New Bad Boy In Town Summer Jenkins That S Me, A Small Town Girl Stuck In Quincy, Georgia I Cook Some Mean Chicken And Dumplins, Can Bluff A Grown Man Out Of His Savings In Poker, And Was Voted Most Friendly My Senior Year We Were From Different Worlds Our Lives Shouldn T Have Collided But Then Cole Masten Read A Book About My Small Town And Six Months Later, His Jet Landed On Our Dusty Airstrip, And He Brought Hollywood With Him From The Start, I Knew He Was Trouble For Our Town And For Me Sometimes, Opposites Just Aren T Meant To Attract