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    It s a relief to be able to read a good, old fashioned novel that s neither sexually explicit nor specifically aimed at young adults just a regular, grownup book about suffering bravely through war together and coming out into the sunshine on the other side, like the plenty of books straight people have like this only, about two women in love instead I don t have anything against sex, but there are lots of straight books without it so it s nice to have the reminder that our stories don t NEED a sex scene to be worthwhile A Wartime Love is so full of What it was like for the British during the period of German attacks in WWII details that it can almost be read just on that level by itself what it was like to have young men to worry about overseas, or to have American soldiers hanging around, or to have your workplace completely destroyed in the middle of your job, as well as minor but no less evocative details like faking a Christmas turkey with sausage in the shape of a turkey and parsnips for legs, or milk bottles still standing in place on the stoop when the building they d been delivered to was bombed to rubble Anyway, I m sure there are a bazillion what we endured books like this, but this one has HAPPY LESBIANS so it s special and different.So, yeah, you can safely read this if you only pick up f f novels if they have a HEA They re gonna be okay Even the brief moment of sisterly revulsion goes away really fast, just push forward when you get to it because it goes in an unexpected direction that really made a lot of sense.There are definitely upsetting bits, though TW for pregnancy loss and pregnancy in general, and for, well, the kind of death and destruction you d expect for a book in this setting But the girls are okay I honestly wouldn t have read it without that assurance PAnd the bits where it s just them, together, being emotional rang REALLY true and felt exactly like what that feels like.

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    Over written, anachronistic, trying to cram far too many unimportant plot points and descriptions in to a relatively short story Persevered to about a quarter of the way through Not worth reading at all I was disappointed, I had expected from a story set in such a time period Lots of potential, nothing to recommend it for.

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    Beautiful This was a beautiful story, with beautiful characters Your heart is wrenched at every turn, whether it be by love or tragedy This is a fantastic read, and I look forward to reading by this author

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    fantastic read really I loved the characters and my heart ached for them with every obstacle their love was a beautiful one I just wished this book had been longer

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    This one is a whole other flavour for the authors writing In the ominous backdrop of London during world war two, families are asking out survival as the bombs come down at random from over head During the sadness and the lottery of survival two women meet in a bomb shelter while the walls are shaking around them.That is the general theme of the story but there is not to come with this one The new couple, happily come together, run into possibly the most unusual complication and with so much tragedy all around them it seems like any bit of happy is a struggle to keep hold ofIf you have read any of the writers other books I would say try this one too You will be glad you did

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    In a world where sex sells books, it s refreshing to read a love story that doesn t center around the sex scenes That being said, I felt the characters Stella and Ruth to be a bit flat and thus their romance was only luke warm In a setting that could have been very powerful and emotional, the story was quite anemic.

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A Wartime Love download A Wartime Love , read online A Wartime Love , kindle ebook A Wartime Love , A Wartime Love 9e85d85bb755 Set In England, During World War Two, This Romantic Drama Will Draw You Into The Lives Of Stella Baxter And Ruth Arnold The Two Women Meet In An Underground Station, Whilst Waiting Out An Air Raid Strike In The Early Stages Of The Blitz Over London A Strong Friendship Evolves Between Them One That Eventually Turns Romantic But Ruth Is A Married Woman Her Husband Is Overseas, In Germany, Fighting For His King And Country Can A Lesbian Affair Survive Not Only The Tumultuous Conditions That An Entire Nation Faces But Also, See Itself Through The Fact That Ruth Has A Husband, Willing To Die For Her Freedom