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The Seven Rings of Marriage chapter 1 The Seven Rings of Marriage , meaning The Seven Rings of Marriage , genre The Seven Rings of Marriage , book cover The Seven Rings of Marriage , flies The Seven Rings of Marriage , The Seven Rings of Marriage 801725604051e Studies Show That Roughly One Out Of Two Marriages End In DivorceOne Of The Reasons For This Is Couples Today Are Not Prepared For All The Good And Bad That May Happen In Marriage Are You Prepared Author And Blogger Jackie Bledsoe Outlines The Seven Stages, Or Seven Rings Of Marriages, That Will Equip Couples For All Stages In Marriage He Challenges Couples To Keep Moving Through Each Stage For A Lasting And Fulfilling MarriageThrough The Seven Rings Of Marriage, Readers Gain A Deeper Appreciation Of What Marriage Is, And Get A Clear Picture Of What May Lie Ahead In Their Marriage Diligently Go About Making Your Marriage Everything You And Your Spouse Hoped For, And The Seven Rings Are Ring Engagement RING Ring Wedding RINGRing DiscoveRING Ring PerseveRING Ring RestoRINGRing ProspeRING Ring MentoRINGVisit To Learn About The Seven Rings Of Marriage, And Get Additional Resources

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    I think this is one of the best marriage books I ve read While some of it didn t pertain to me as my child is grown and has her own family now, I can relate to the teachings he talks about I think this would be a great book for anyone thinking about getting married or newly married Biblically based and from personal knowledge I know that the advise works Easy to read and very relatable I would highly recommend this book.

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    My wife and I have a goal to read one marriage book each year This year we read the The 7 Rings of Marriage While it didn t contain a whole lot I hadn t heard or read elsewhere, it is full of solid, practical advice and serves as a good reminder to be intentional in our marriage Before I dive into some of the good points, let me get its faults out of the way The 7 rings model Engagement RING, Wedding RING, DiscoveRING, PerseveRING, RestoRING, ProspeRING, MentoRING while somewhat useful, just struck me as a gimmicky marketing ploy In trying to capture each stage of marriage with a different ring , the author tends to repeat himself a lot, making the same point in multiple chapters On the plus side, the author s willingness to share his own rocky marital experience early on child out of wedlock, infidelity, financial struggles, etc and how they overcame it lends it some serious credibility often missing in academic marital books written by PhDs Hopefully, his experience offers both hope and a roadmap to those facing similar marital struggles The author is unapologetically Christian and offers sound biblical advice for married couples There are no shortcuts offered in this book The author makes clear that marriage is hard work and we should go about it intentionally.

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    Excellent book to read for a person in any season of marriage, thinking of marriage or engaged It combines the ideas of so many solid sources, with relevant personal examples and features other influential marriage experts This is a tool you will keep on your shelf as you enter and exit into the different rings of marriage I really enjoyed the descriptive writing and metaphors Every lesson in this book leads back to the Bible Looking forward for to come from this author.

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    Book was very informative and helpful Good for getting to the heart of the problems Some time a bit intimate for group involvement I would recommend this book.

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    During the first part of this book, I found myself mentally typing a scathing review of it as a having enough quotes, cutsie slogans, numbered lists, and cheery testimonials to rival the most adrenaline of motivational seminars But by the time I was done, I planned to read it again with my wife.The seven rings, Engagement ring, Wedding ring, Discover ring, Persevere ring, Restore ring, Prosper ring, and Mentor ring , ARE a little cheesy, and don t reflect real, cut and dry, categories, as much as the author s desire to market an idea like The 5 Love Languages But what this book has going for it are its cascades of practical ideas Though weak on the theoretical but still sound , there are enough lists and ideas that it won t bother you that a few aren t for you This is definitely worth reading.

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    In The 7 Rings of Marriage, Jackie Bledsoe offers foundational concepts for highly valuing our marriages He also provides practical tips and strategies to build on that foundation through each of seven stages of marriage Assessments, checklists, step by step guidelines, and motivational encouragement make this a great book for marriages in all stages and even in between stages Although it may start out a bit slow and wordy, this book is definitely worth sticking with to the end It will likely not be the only resource you need to move your relationship from sustainable to dynamic, but it is a perfect one to begin with.

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    Excellent marriage book that outlines seven stages of marriage in rings Engagement RING, Wedding RING, DiscoveRING, PerseveRING, RestoRING, ProspeRING, and MentoRING No matter where you are in your marriage, you will get something out of this His emphasis, from a Christian perspective, includes prayer, communication, commitment, and many other concepts Highly recommend.

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