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Learning Curves Bundle chapter 1 Learning Curves Bundle , meaning Learning Curves Bundle , genre Learning Curves Bundle , book cover Learning Curves Bundle , flies Learning Curves Bundle , Learning Curves Bundle b5711c471c656 Meet Ariane And Her Paris Cooking School Take Six Americans In Paris, A French Cooking School And A Sexy Chef Bring Together In An Intensive Workshop Let The Mix Simmer For A Long Weekend Serves One Or Two Savor Cautiously, It S Hot And A Little Spicy

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    Too many themes, too many POVs, not enough substance.This story truly centers around Ariane, the cooking school instructor and some of the students in her cooking class a gay couple, a brother sister pair, a gruff writer, and a honeymooning couple, plus others in the Parisian neighborhood where she lives and works, including the older landlady who likes to meddle, the baker with whom A had been having a friends with benefits kind of relationship which seemed to recently dissolve, an EMT Doctor and and plastic surgeon who are best friends and share everything.The problem with this series is that there s uneven treatment of the characters some who are introduced but left to move into the shadows and others who play extremely prominent roles Then there are stories that go nowhere.There was a lot of telling without showing in this series and that made me less connected to the characters.SPOILERS Ariane falls for the American, Peter, who is a widower and has a deep possessive streak that borders on violent and stalker like and this is where I had a HUGE problem Why oh why would the author have Peter pierce holes in the condoms to keep her They break up and then I m expecting something about a pregnancy or false pregnancy and nothing happens What was the point And then the menage thing which kind of comes out of left field Huh

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