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    This follows the exploits of Librarian Calistarius as, many years after the Sin of Damnation mission, he boards another space hulk and uses his powers to search for answers within the mind of a dying Blood Angel What he finds there, amongst the fractured recollections of Sanguinius brought on by the Black Rage, shows him the grave danger he and his brothers are in.You might assume this is another space hulk story in the same vein as Sin of Damnation, but in fact it s something a little different It s characterful and slightly creepy, cleverly plotted to maintain the tension associated with a space hulk story, and the teasing flashes of Sanguinius final moments add a frisson of additional excitement to a highly satisfying story.Read the full review at

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    This story was reviewed together with Sanguis Irae by Gav Thorpe You can read a full review over at my blog Workshop s Space Hulk, a Warhammer 40,000 tabletop classic has recently seen a new lease on life The game is being brought back for a new generation of players, and to accompany the release of the game itself, Black Library recently put out a quartet of short stories and even a novella focusing on the core concept of the game Space Marine Terminators fighting off against a Tyranid infestation in space From what I can tell, the re release has been received very positively, as well as it should, given the place that Space Hulk has in Warhammer 40,000 tabletop gaming history.Two of the stories released so far are The Black Pilgrims by Guy Haley and Sanguis Irae by Gav Thorpe The former focuses on a small force of Black Templars led by Castellan Adelard, while the latter focuses on an equally small force of Blood Angels led by Brother Librarian Calistarius I didn t quite like The Black Pilgrims as much as I did Sanguis Irae and I didn t even really know about the whole shared theme thing until I read through them, but I will say that both stories are fun nonetheless, and they serve to highlight an aspect of Warhammer 40,000 that seems to not get as much narrative attention as it should, truly.Beyond the obvious, one of the main differences between the two stories is their location Where Sanguis Irae is a story told in the vein of Space Hulk itself, with Blood Angels Terminators facing off against a genestealer infestation on a space hulk, The Black Pilgrims replaces the space hulk with a drifting cathedral ship lost in the void for far too long Past that, the format for both stories is dissimilar, and that really is not a point against either one.Guy Haley is one of the newest writers to be working for Black Library while Gav Thorpe is a veteran with long years of experience working for both Games Workshop as a games designer and lore writer, and also for Black Library as a novelist The Blood Angels have always been one of my favourite Space Marine Chapters, thanks largely in part to James Swallow s opening duology of his Blood Angels quadrilogy, while my fascination and appreciation of the Black Templars is much recent, owing to both Guy s The Eternal Crusader novella and Aaron Dembski Bowden s Blood Fire novella And going in, I was expecting something on a similar level from both.Sanguis Irae certainly does not disappoint, in part because it features Calistarius as the protagonist Brother Librarian Calistarius is the warrior who would later go on to fight at Armageddon and would come out of it transformed into Lord Mephiston, one of the greatest Blood Angels Librarians to have ever lived and also one of the most powerful Space Marines alive currently Sanguis Irae drops some hints of his eventual transformation, but it is also a tale firmly rooted in the here and now as per the timeline of the story Calistarius leads his brothers to purge a space hulk, and the story unfolds in a brisk manner, with lots of great twists along the way.Gav also works in the Blood Angels genetic curse, the Black Rage in the story and the execution is flawless The Black Rage is a flaw which causes the warriors of the Chapter to turn into rage filled berserkers and makes them relive the final moments of their dead Primarch Sanguinius, just before he was killed by the traitor Primarch Horus, some ten thousand years ago as per the Warhammer 40,000 lore It is the Blood Angels greatest weakness, and also one of their strengths, and that s how Gav portrays it.There isn t much of a twist to the story as there is with The Black Pilgrims and it is quite a straightforward story actually, but it is no less awesome for that In fact, it is characterized with all of Gav s strengths as a writer and is some of the best short fiction that I ve read from him to date.

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Sanguis Irae download Sanguis Irae , read online Sanguis Irae , kindle ebook Sanguis Irae , Sanguis Irae be4ce06bd6d3 Blood Angels Librarian Calistarius, No Stranger To Battling The Dreaded Alien Genestealers Aboard Sinister Space Hulks, Faces His Greatest Challenge Yet Boarding An Unnamed Vessel Alongside His Terminator Battle Brothers, Calistarius Is Assaulted By A Creature Of Prodigious Psychic Might That Brings Forth His Inner Daemons As He Fights Off The Psychic Attack, The Librarian And His Fellows Must Find The Creature And Destroy It Before All Fall To The Black RageSanguis Irae Is Also Available In The Novella Sin Of Damnation