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Haunted Christmas summary Haunted Christmas , series Haunted Christmas , book Haunted Christmas , pdf Haunted Christmas , Haunted Christmas e8205b8fa2 In Plenty Of Time For The Holidays, Here Is A Gathering Of Thirty Tales Of Ghosts, Hauntings, And Other Paranormal Happenings Purported To Have Taken Place On Or Around Christmas, Or That Are Otherwise Related To This Holiday By A Long Time Believer In The Paranormal Who In The Introduction Tells The Story Of Her Own Christmas Ghost, Haunted Christmasincludes Stories Such As HAUNTED BETHLEHEM Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Is Famous For Haunted Locales Such As The Hotel Bethlehem, The First House Built In The Town, In There, Guests Have Come To Expect Visits From Several Spirits Predictably, Things Heat Up At Christmas After All, This Is BethlehemE DEATH COACH OF CHRISTMAS One Christmas Eve In Ireland Many Years Ago, Young Nora Mahoney Was Returning From The Bogs When An Invisible Something Suddenly Rushed Past Her With The Sound Of Grinding Wheels And Thundering Horses Hooves Had Nora Encountered The Death Coach Of Irish Legend

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    This is a book that delves into the world of spirits during the holiday season Christmas is a special time of year and add in ghosts trying to connect with humans, and this leads to a good book.The author explores the different types of ghost stories that have taken place around Christmas A majority of the stories consist of spirits reaching out to loved ones, but there are stories that explore haunted inns and castles One chapter even talks about the ghost of Anne Boleyn, who is rud to haunt her final resting place.The stories in the book take place in the past, and some in the present, but each one is touching as you read about the spirits coming alive during the most magical time of the year.

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