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The Emerald Comb quotes The Emerald Comb , litcharts The Emerald Comb , symbolism The Emerald Comb , summary shmoop The Emerald Comb , The Emerald Comb 790151c7 Some Secrets Are Best Left BuriedResearching Her Family Tree Had Been Little Than A Hobby Until Katie Stepped Onto Kingsley House S Sprawling, Ivy Strewn Drive The House May Be Crumbling Today, But It Was Once The Intimidatingly Opulent Residence Of The St Clairs, Katie S Ancestors Arriving Here Two Hundred Years Later, Emotion Stirs In Katie A Strange Nostalgia For A Place She S Never Seen Before And When Kingsley House Comes Up For Sale, Katie Is Determined That Her Family Must Buy ItSurrounded By The Mysteries Of The Past, Katie S Pastime Becomes A Darker Obsession, As She Searches Through History To Trace Her Heritage But She Soon Discovers That These Walls House Terrible Secrets And When Forgotten Stories And Hidden Betrayals Come To Light, The Past Seems Alive Than Katie Could Ever Have ImaginedMoving Between The St And Th Centuries, The Emerald Comb Is A Hauntingly Evocative Novel, Perfect For Fans Of Kate Morton And Rachel Hore

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    Firstly, thank you to the lovely author Kathleen McGurl for getting in touch with me regarding her novel The Emerald Comb I love to take chances on books, and I love it even when those books turn out to be absolutely stunning, as The Emerald Comb turned out to be There is nothing, nothing in this world, that makes me feel quite the same way that I do when singing an author s praises So I ll beginI wasn t sure of what to expect from The Emerald Comb when Kathleen emailed me Each time you accept a review request, it s either going to go one of two ways You re either going to absolutely adore it, or you re not going to be a huge fan It s a bit of a risk, but as a reviewer I believe it s only fair to take those chances, because who knows how hard you re going to fall in love with a story After reading the blurb that Kath sent my way, and realising that she d be taking me back in time, I knew that there was no way I could turn this one down I am a major fan of historic time slip novels, but I rarely get chance to sit back and enjoy one I readily agreed to read and review The Emerald Comb, and let me tell you something Never, never, ever before have I been glad that I took a chance on a book And I mean NEVER The term time slip was a new one to me I d heard of historic, and I guess I thought that the two went together, that they were similar in some way I mean, I suppose they are, in that you re taken back to a time before your own, but time slip just sounds so much interesting, doesn t it And it is also the PERFECT description of Kathleen s smooth, fluid slips between the present and the past Slip is exactly what Kath does, and it seems effortless There s no muddling up of dates or people or time eras, the time slipping is so sleekly achieved, it s incredible When The Emerald Comb begins, Kath introduces us to the lovely Katie, who is a sucker for digging up the past, creating family trees, and doing everything that she can to find out about her ancestors who once lived in Kingsley House When her interest piques, Katie decides to go and take a look at the house itself She takes a drive down to Kingsley house and is surprised when she meets the old couple who live there Visiting Kingsley House does nothing except heighten Katie s interests in the old place even , after all, the house is where members of her family from generations before her once lived It s as if the ghosts of those people still linger in the rooms and whisper down the hallways I absolutely loved Kath s portrayal of Kingsley House It was old, in need of some love and care, yet still held Katie captive with its hidden secrets and past, and it also held me captive too As Kath built Kingsley House up in my mind, I, too, felt even enthralled with it There was definitely something hanging in the air within the house, something chilling yet intriguing I could not wait for the secrets of the house to be revealed to me I was just as excited as Katie was When Kingsley House comes up for sale, Katie is as quick as anything to get her family down there to have a good look around Once they ve visited, Katie and her family decide that it s the home for them, but she withholds the fact that it is linked to her ancestors Once they are all moved into Kingsley House, tiny snippets of the past begin to reveal themselves, and Katie finds herself deeply involved in what happened in Kingsley House generations before, involved, in fact, than Katie had ever thought possible I will mention here that Kath slips between the different time frames each time a new chapter begins I confuse very easily when reading books like this, but Kath s technique was just so effortless and smooth, it was incredibly easy to pick right up from where I left off With each change of chapter and era, Kath also changes the focal point of her characters In the here and now, she focuses on Katie and her family in the modern day Kingsley House Whereas when Kath takes us back in time, we re focusing on Bartholomew and Georgia I think for me personally, I endlessly enjoyed the progression of Bartholomew and Georgia s story, and adored the old style dialogue and how Georgia had her own house maid etc Flicking from that back to the modern day was a fantastic transition that I not once tired of Kath s characters were brilliantly developed She didn t lack details with either couple, whether they were from the modern day or the past, and by the end of the book, I was absolutely besotted with the character s separate lives and where they would end up once Kath brought her book to an end Every emotion and experience that the characters went through, I went through too It was just superb, and I cannot stress enough how bloody effortless it all seemed, although I m sure that s not the case on Kath s part I could tell how much effort Kath had put into the writing of The Emerald Comb I was incredibly enthusiastic about the entire story, and chattered non stop to my other half, wondering what was going to happen next Throughout the entirety of Kath s writing, there was a sort of foreboding A sense that something dark was slowly approaching the characters, and something terrible was going to happen I was so eager to reach the part where things were going to take a turn for the worst, and I was not disappointed when that part came around Kath s words were powerful and intense, and lacked neither punch nor effect I must have gasped about trillion times, and couldn t believe what I was reading Such a momentous event, and perfectly slipped in to a time that coincided with something else major happening in the present day to Katie and her family Kath didn t stop there with hooking me in At the beginning of the story, Kath draws the reader in with a letter, from Bartholomew to his son, indicating that something terrible happened, right there in Kingsley house Not only is the story told through the character s points of view, but Kath amazingly tells the story through the form of the letter, too Every now and then, the letter is brought back to the attention of the reader, and you re reintroduced to the catastrophic secret that is hidden in the walls of Kingsley House Honestly, Kath s skill never ceased to surprise and tease me.In a nutshell, The Emerald Comb by Kathleen McGurl was incredible, and I am not using the term lightly It absolutely blew my mind Everything about this book is what I love about reading The mystery, the romance, the drama Definitely one of my favourite reads of 2014.

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    I would like to thank author Kathleeen McGurl for sending me a link to the via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review I would also like to thank Becca from Beccasbooooks for tweeting about this book and making me want to read it and also Leah from GirlsLoveToRead for passing on my email to Kath.Oh where do I start, I love the cover it is gorgeous, I love the green dress although I personally would of liked to see the comb in the ladies hair.We first meet Katie as she is going to see Kingsley House where her ancestors lived, she meets a lovely couple that are now living there, they also tell her they have plans to sell the house as it s getting too much for them Katie comes away in love with the house but not thinking anything of the couple plans to sell up Weeks later Katie and Simon are talking about moving, they see the house for sale but Simons doesn t hold with the history stuff Katie does, does she tell him it s her ancestors house or keep it secret I loved how the story mixes with the past, the past being told in a series of letters from Bartholomew St Clair to his son Barty This is a wonderful mix between the 19th Century and 21 Century I didn t understand why this was classed as a time slip novel, but really it s the best way to describe it The chapters switched seemlessly between the centuries, leaving me desperately wanting to find out .I can t say I liked Bartholomew or Agnes as their actions had serious consequences which they eventually suffered for later in life This also would come back to haunt Katie as well.I really felt sorry for Georgia as she was young and niave, she was let down by her uncle who just wanted her married and off his hands Used by Bartholomew who only wanted her money and used by Agnes who wanted her husband, they were the ones who were meant to care about her but badly let her down.I really like Katie, as like me she has a love for her ancestors and ancestry She loved her family and tried to do the best by them, but she also wanted to find out her family history Simon her husband couldn t understand this as he was adopted and never wanted to know further than his close family.Simon however I found annoying and even though he was under strain, his mums dementia and finding out that he had a 21 year old daughter at times I really wanted to slap him.The mysteries within the book held me captivated chapter after chapter, especially the 19th Century ones that were revealed in the 21st Century, it just goes to show how much do you really know about your ancestors apart from their names What secrets they hide and keep There is so much to this story but to say any would ruin it An edge of your seat read, that is a page turner and griped me from page one.

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    What a stunning read Katie is interested in looking into her family tree although her husband doesn t share her enthusiasm She finds the house where her family lived and although she doesn t tell her husband it s history they do move in She is very keen to trace her history.The house is described beautifully it s in need of some tender loving care, but it really draws KatieThe book is set in modern time and in the 1840 s and the story moves seamlessly between the two It hints of dark mysteries and you really want to find out what secrets are going to be uncovered The characters are so well drawn that you really feel connected to them Katie and Simon in modern times and Bartholomew and Georgia in the 1840 s.I was sad to reach the end of the book and will look out eagerly for books by this author.

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    Two stories one historical, one contemporary linked by an emerald comb Lots to enjoy about this novel Keeps you interested from beginning to end.

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    THE EMERALD COMB BY KATHLEEN MCGURLTHE BLURBSome secrets are best left buriedResearching her family tree had been little than a hobby until Katie stepped onto Kingsley House s sprawling, ivy strewn drive The house may be crumbling today, but it was once the intimidatingly opulent residence of the St Clairs, Katie s ancestors Arriving here two hundred years later, emotion stirs in Katie a strange nostalgia for a place she s never seen before and when Kingsley House comes up for sale, Katie is determined that her family must buy it.Surrounded by the mysteries of the past, Katie s pastime becomes a darker obsession, as she searches through history to trace her heritage But she soon discovers that these walls house terrible secrets And when forgotten stories and hidden betrayals come to light, the past seems alive than Katie could ever have imagined.Moving between the 21st and 19th centuries, The Emerald Comb is a hauntingly evocative novel, perfect for fans of Kate Morton and Rachel Hore.WHAT I SAY I got to say i love this book it was my book of the week It full of mystery , drama,love, romance,family , murder and betrayalThe story is told as a mix of the past and present The past is told by Bartholmew st clair in a letter he wrote to his son Barty Each chapter set in past or present so it very easy to follow It a real page turner you will love it Katie wants to find out about her family her ancestors.She find her self at kingsley house soon they buy the house Katie not told Simon about her family living there he would not have move as he hated Katie finding about her family.To Katie is a hobby she loves doing she so focus on looking in to her history Simon just does not get it he was a bit annoying at times.He all ways seems to be at work well was he He was a good husband to her but her seems to have a lot on his mind all the time he not very open about things Then one day the past become the present and now he seems to want to know about the past he happy for her to look into it i want to tell you but i want you all to read this fab book Bartholomew was not a very nice man i did not like him cause of what he was doing but i did like how he told his story in the letter it must of be so hard to write you could feel his words you were there with him wanting him to write down for you to hear about Georgia i love her she was to young to marry i just wish she could see what was going on she was to naive she need to be a strong person she need to stand up for her self may be she could see or tell what was going on May be she was happy I not sure my heart when out to this young girl she was so alone Agnes what can i say about her you will love or hate her i did both i want to shout at her so many times but in the end she got what she wanted i did enjoy her character at the start but then i found her very manipulative you could see what was going to happen I would of like a bit from Agnes and Georgia side of the story may be them writing a bit in a letter i think they would of told you a very different point of view The story was told we such passion I wish the cover had the emerald comb on it but i loved the emerald dress as the comb play a part in the story it would of been nice to see on cover may on girl hair The house has got so many secret the story tell you them all i was grip front the first page to to last page The book just took you back in time it was told with such grace and passion a lovely story told with a lot of heart arch I loved how the past and present mixed so well together the story was told in a clever way Not just looking for your family history on the net like we can do now days I love history so that why i enjoy this book so much i can not recommend enough you all show read you will love the story My gem book 6stars and book of the week i like to thank net galley and carina for letting me read this fab book

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    Thank you to Girls Love To Read for asking me to take part in the blog tour for this book I didn t really know too much about it before I started reading it but I had seen some of the hype around it so I was very much looking forward to reading it This is a time slip novel, which is not something I have read much of before, but I loved it The way we get to see two stories both from completely different time s but overlapping was brilliant This book was essentially two different books, a historical fiction and a contemporary novel, it was great to be able to see these two genres mixed as we don t often see this, it is good to compare the characters and their lives then and now and see how differently they lived I loved that we got to read two different stories, about two different families although technically the same family , both with their secrets I thought at first that switching between different characters and time zones might confuse or complicate the book for the reader, however, this is not the case at all Kathleen tells us which time zone we are in at the beginning of the chapter and stays in that time until the next, this makes it so easy to read and the novel just flows.The parts that were written in the past I think I enjoyed than the present and I found myself intrigued as to what was going to happen What I loved about this is that we learn about everything through letters that are being written from Bartholomew St Clair to his son Barty, this is a much personal way of telling us his story and we feel so much connected to it as we become Barty reading his father s letters When Katie Smith formerly St Clair , a descendant of Barty s brother, buys their house the past becomes the present and Katie ends up caught in the middle of a murder mystery case that is over 100 years old.I don t want to say too much about this book because I went into it pretty blind and I am so glad I did because not knowing what to expect made it so much better Plus there are so many stories going on within this book I couldn t possibly tell you them all, some of them you don t expect which is so exciting Kathleen has written a brilliant novel, the research she has put into it to allow us to feel as though we are back in the early 1900 s is amazing, I could picture everything in front of me as if I was actually there It is one of those books that you get hooked on straight away and just can t put down I would recommend this book to anybody as I don t think there will be many people that won t enjoy it If you want a book that is exciting, fast paced and impossible to put down, with plenty of twists and turns, then you need to buy this book I can t wait to read of Kathleen s novels.

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    Whilst researching her family history, Katie Smith falls in love with Kingsley House, the crumbling former home of her ancestors, the St Clairs To her surprise, when the house appears on the market, her husband is very keen to purchase it As he doesn t share her love of genealogy, Katie decides to keep her connection to the building secret This subterfuge ends, however, when a terrible discovery is made and Katie must come to terms with the fact that her family is harbouring a dark secret.The story is told from the perspectives of two people Katie in the twenty first century, and Bartholomew St Clair in the nineteenth century Despite being almost 200 years apart, the two stories collide as we discover the truth about Bartholomew, his young wife Georgia Holland and her trusted lady s maid, Agnes Cutter Without giving too much away, it is quite apparent early on in the book that Agnes is going to play a larger role than that of just a servant but the extreme measures she takes to secure her needs were a bit of a surprise Like Kathleen McGurl s latest book, The Daughters of Red Hill Hall, there are similarities in the stories that are being told in the past and the present, namely that of disfunctional families and the secrecy surrounding them It is interesting to see, however, how society has changed in that time and how an indiscretion that happened in the past would be dealt with differently nowadays.Although the ending does not give complete closure to the story, it is real life as it is acknowledged that not every genealogical mystery can have a complete conclusion Enough clues are given, however, to infer that Katie has her own suspicions and I would like to think that she carried on to discover what really happened.After receiving an advance copy of The Daughters of Red Hill Hall from Net Galley, I was keen to read other books by Kathleen McGurl and I am pleased to say that this one lived up to my expectations Superbly written with great characterisation, I am looking forward to reading The Pearl Locket next

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    Jane Hunt Writer First StepsJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews FacebookJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews Google The Emerald Comb is two stories one historical, the other contemporary, cleverly interwoven with conflict, mystery and passion The action slips seamlessly from Bartholomew St Clair s 19th century confessions to the 21st century consequences experienced by Katie our heroine It is an absorbing read.Katie delves into her ancestry bitten by the contemporary obsession with genealogy What she finds leads to a house move and mystery than answers A possible ghost and a macabre discovery in the garden of their newly moved into house force Katie to question the wisdom of delving into her past She can t stop Genealogy gives Katie an identity and focus, something she is in danger of losing amidst her demanding children and unhelpful husband Seen only from Katie s point of view Simon often seems rather a difficult man to like, who treats her hobby with disdain The story highlights parallels between the past and Katie s present life The secrets both historical and contemporary are resolved in a credible way The ending is a great bit of dramatic irony A little inconclusive from Katie s perspective but complete for the reader who knows what really happened A classy, readable story.I received a copy of this book from Carina UK via NetGalley in return for an honest review.Kathleen McGurl

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    This book ticks a lot of boxes for me History, genealogy, and than one mystery what could possibly go wrong The short answer, nothing The author had me from the book s blurb I have files of family records, certificates marking the births, marriages and deaths of relatives, so I knew I d find the fictional digging of Katie entertaining to say the least There are many clich s involved with family trees and it would have been easy for the author to have padded her plot with them all But very cleverly she drew me along as a very interested bystander.As a time slip novel, the reader is taken back to the 19th century learning the detail that Katie might discover in her research But anyone who has undertaken tracing their tree knows how frustrating it is to see the facts, but not the flesh much like Katie.Towards the end of the book I so wanted Katie to know what I knew, but of course that can t necessarily happen There will always be gaps in our research But how wonderful it was to read of the St Clairs, Katie s ancestors, putting all family history into perspective This is a clever novel I found it gripping the change of pace as I was torn from the 19th century and into the 21st and back again was infuriatingly well written I was new to the concept of a time slip novel and the key to its success was that all important pace.Do you need to be interested in genealogy to enjoy the plot No, that element is important, but if you re a fan of historical mysteries and want an intelligent and refreshingly different read, this fits the bill.Just one chapter that s what I kept saying to myself But when I finished, I almost regretted not savouring it for longer

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    Kathleene McGyrl s The Emerald Comb is an interesting book.At the beginning it reminded me a lot Barbara Erskine s House of Echoes old inherited house, with it s mysterious history, ghosts that start to communicate with children But the ghost isn t hostile, she just wants them to know her story.Then at one point it was very much like Philippa Carr s The Witch from the Sea maid servant is jealous of her mistress and takes steps that eliminate her obstacle on her way to the master of the house and becoming a mistress of the house herself Only the servant isn t really diabolical to the core, she s just jealous and jealous woman do unpredictable things that they regret later and they do not enjoy their triumph for long But at the end the secret that the tree and the house are hiding is revealed only to the readers and not to the main characters of the book The readers probably guessed the truth already within couple of first chapters as I did , so they just get the confirmation, but Kate and her family will go on believing their version of truth.It was a good story, maybe too predictable but a good story, just the ending I did not like it, it felt like I do not know, unfinished, too original , curt and empty.

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