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    A fantastic conclusion to an amazing story Sophie and Doug s story is beautiful I laughed harder, cried harder and love harder in this book The sadness, frustrations and the disappointments Sophie and Doug are faced with and how they dealt with them are very real, and when you read you feel like you are with them and in some way relate to the situations they are going through I found myself talking to the characters, Doug you re being to easy on that little girl and Sophie I know what you re feeling, I ve been there too hang in there The romance and love between these two is phenomenal Men should read this, Doug could teach them a few things I Love Doug I don t think I could ever get enough of him Even though the story of Doug and Sophie is over I hope we get little bits of them down the road in other books I read Doubt and Assured three times, to say I love this story is putting it mildly This series in on my top 10 book of 2014 KA Hobbs is an amazing author I can t wait to see what she come up with next If you haven t read her books a strongly recommend them You ll fall in love with the story and the characters less

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    I fell in love with Doug, Sophie and Abigail when I read Doubt The characters stayed with after reading it When I picked up Assured it was like I never left there world This book picks up right where Doubt ends and was an absolute joy to read I had every emotion you can possible think of reading this book I was sad and angry, happy and tearful, ready to throw my kindle in one second to finally falling for their love once again.This book is actually my favorite of the two because it gives you real life problems and reactions Like would you be able to handle a relationship with a man who had a child he didn t know about thrown in his lap right about the time you lost your child It would be hard wouldn t it These characters have their ups and downs and try their hardest to handle the roller coaster that has become their life.I was actually able to put my self in position and her reactions felt genuine and true The way she was withdrawn and distant at times is true to how a relationship would actually be in life They way she loves with her whole heart and to her toes makes your heart sing for them and leaves you hoping with everything you have that they can make it through.

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    So I am very excited about this book as I am THE biggest Mr Roberts fan there is.so a Doug Erm.yes please So we delve right into the second book in the connected series at a heartbreaking time for Sophie and Doug They are trying to pull back some normality into their lives whilst struggling with their grief A visit to Sophie s parents in Cornwall to tell them the sad news of their loss and also how they would be accepting something and someone entirely new into their livesthis also coincides with a visit from Harry Sophie s brother and we get a cheeky glimpse into his turmoil who knows where that will go Teehee Of course my favourite Doug is waiting in the wings, as usual Susan fans herself Did I mention that Assured is just as hot as Doubt Oh, well it is We have suspenders and sexy text messages, waxing, and so on I don t want yo spoil it all for you So as Sophie and Doug prepare themselves for a life changer and relationship changer we see the couple grow and accept the challenge very much together and as strong as ever But would that last Don t let the boat drift off too far, Sophie Before you know it, you ll be so far apart you won t be able to get back to each other As most of us knowlife can takeover and a busy schedule can make romance tricky and make feelings fraught it didn t make it easy to read.the love struck pair were drifting apart and I hated it Could anything bring them together again Throughout the story of Sophie And Doug we see the preparation of Jonathan and Miley s weddingand what a wedding it would be.and with a happily ever after for the newly wed couple or for our lovely Doug and Sophie It s another heartwarming story with tears, laughter and most of all love In ways than one We leave Doug and Sophie with a view to delving into their lives in future books but with a massive grin on my face rather than tears as I first worried about upon hearing this would be the last of Mr Roberts.FEAR not And so, what can I say other than it s the second book in the series but by no means a second choice.it s perfectly beautiful and I adore Assured.from the first to the last page And on that note. I love you with my whole heart and to my toes.To be posted on Ladies Living in Bookland on release day

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    I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for MNP.Sophie and Doug have to deal with life changing events With all the new changes both are trying to make their relationship work Sophie is trying to help her best friend Miley plan her wedding, while trying to work out plans for Abigail to arrive Doug had recently found out that he had a daughter that lived in the states and would be moving closer very shortly Sophie feels like they finally a have a family and everything is going perfectly Only after a few weeks there seems to be some distance growing between her and Doug All of his attention is being focused on Abigail They both are trying to find a balance between the life they live and trying to start a family of their own But Sophie is in for a surprise of her life She is going to have to decide what she wants and fast You ll love both characters in the book It was nice that the 2nd book continued on where the 1st book left off I can say Sophie is a strong woman for the battles that she has to deal with At one point the book switches to both POV s which is nice, because you get to know what is going on with the both of them instead of just one sided You will fall in love with Doug and how he treats Sophie and Abigail like princesses.

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    Assured by KA Hobbs AuthorThis is the second novel in the connected series and I absolutely loved it KA Hobbs is a true inspiration Her stories pull you in and keep you longing for This is one of the best types of story It s not one of those stories where the characters are destined to be together all the way through and then right at the end, they do get together, but we never actually see any of their time as a couple, this is different The characters are together throughout and we get to live their ups and downs Even though they occasionally waver and think they can t go on together any, they always do and their love for each other far outweighs any fight or misunderstanding they may have.It s a truly lovely story, there are twists and turns all the way through and the road is never smooth for any couple, but the underlying current through this book is unconditional love Here we meet Sophie, Doug and Abigail It s hard for Sophie but she she loves abs absolutely, but after an ordeal that no one would want to go through, she struggles to come to terms AND deal with her new daughter You will not regret picking up this series, I loved it, and I m sure you will too.

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    Assured begins right where Doubt left off, at the devastation Sophie Doug have been through and how they are coping With a visit to Sophie s parents, we also get to meet Sophie s brother, Harry, and see a glimpse into the heartbreak that he s feeling right now which I hope leads to another book with his story Assured wasn t an easy read at times and it stirred up so many emotions inside of me, from anger to sadness to hope toI ll let you think of that one Although it wasn t an easy read at times, it still had me sucked in throughout.At the end of Doubt I identified with Sophie so much after what her Doug went through, that I was praying for a happy ending with Assured The whole soul destroying experience that Sophie and Doug of course went through was written just perfectly I identified with Sophie so much as I have been through it myself, so yes, there were lots of tears from me Partly because of reliving it, and partly because KA got Sophie s thoughts, actions words absolutely spot on Even to the ending, I was took by surprise at something that is very identifiable with meI can t wait for the next in the series

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    I thought I loved Doug and Sophie as much as possible in Doubt and well I was wrong The amount that they develop and grow in Assured is astounding, and I can honestly say that given the obstacles that they have had to overcome all the changes in the characters are very realistic Their story really is a beautiful one, of course they have ups and downs and to be honest that is the best part of these books They are real issues that normal everyday people and couples go through and it is one of the reasons why I just couldn t put this book down If you love a book with an addictive story line that is unpredictable and characters that hook you in and leave you wanting then this is the series for you You won t just fall in love with the main characters but all the secondary characters as well

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    I don t think what ever i say about how much i love Assured will make people understand just how much i really do love it It flows on perfectly from Doubt All the emotions i was feeling after Doubt were right there at the start of Assured Time and time again we see how sweet and caring Doug is and it makes me love him even Same goes for Abigail she is amazing and loving and incredibly special That one quote says it all for me Shes an amazing little girl Last but not least is Sophie After everything shes been through she still cracks on with life and loves like theres no tomorrow It takes a strong woman to go through what she did and still love someone else s little girl the way she would love her own A circle has no end We have no end, Sophie DougI personally can not wait to see where KA Hobbs takes us on this journey Bring it on

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    I was lucky enough to beta read for K.A Hobbs.I loved Assured as much as i loved Doubt Loved the connection between Doug and Sophie They have been dealt with a rough couple of hands during their time together and Sophie dealt with it in her own way Yes, Sophie struggled to accept Abigail in to hers and Doug s life and felt a tad bit jealous that she wanted her own child with Doug I know i do The ending was amazing Do you want to know if Sophie and Doug get their happily ever after Read Doubt and Assured to find out K.A Hobbs is an author to look out for and her books are a must read.

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    Another brilliant release. the second book in the connection stories, here we conclude Doug and Sophies story Romantic, passionate and above all heartwarming It isnt without its emotional lows, so get the tissues out well written and easy to read, the emotions flood from the pages Looking forward to the rest of the series x

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