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Jamie summary Jamie, series Jamie, book Jamie, pdf Jamie, Jamie 034d09ad50 Sometimes Even A Small Decision Can Change Your LifeJamie Is A Normal Guy With A Normal, If Not Boring, Life Everything Changes When He Goes Camping And Stumbles On A Well Guarded Secret In The Woods Shifters Exists It Opens A Whole New World To Him, A World He Wouldn T Have Thought Possible Outside A Novel, And He Has To Decide If Ward Is Worth The Changes That Are Turning His Life Upside DownWard Has Searched For His Mate For A Long Time, And Now That He Has Found Jamie, He Will Do Everything He Can To Keep His Gorgeous Human, Even Face Jealous Exes Or Try To Convince Jamie To Get Over His Fear Of Relationships He Needs A Chance, Just One, But Just As Jamie Begins To Trust Him, Things Starts To CrumbleWhen Jamie Disappears, Ward Looks For Him, But Without Clues, How Can He Find His Mate Will He Find Jamie In Time To Save Him From A Horrible Future

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    Re read July 2018Oh yes, I can t wait to reread the other ones again So much hurt comfort in this series 3.5 starsYay, a new shifter series I like This was better than I expected.Sure, the writing lacked a little emotion every now and then, but overall I enjoyed it.Jamie is out camping when he sees a panther, a cougar and a lion playing together Just when he thinks how weird that is, he sees the panther changing into a man He gets scared so he runs away Jamie is lucky he gets a ride from a truck driving by and gets dropped off at his apartment But of course he forgot his wallet, so when he and his brother hear someone knocking on their apartment door that night, he is not surprised.Ward, the panther shifter, recognized that Jamie is his mate, so he is very eager to see him again He and his pack friends are ordered by the alpha to visit Jamie and to tell him to keep their secret Ward gets that Jamie is scared of them, but he really wants to get to know him better.His brother Keenan is not scared of the shifters at all and is all too happy to go with them to their pack house.Jamie is still wary of the pull he feels towards Ward, but he is also intrigued by the big man But he doesn t want to jump straight into shifter marriage, he wants to date first So that s what they do.I like my insta love in shifter books, but I have a feeling there won t be any insta love in this series I liked how Jamie and Ward actually dated instead of hopping into bed immediately.There is some hurt comfort going on in the second half, which I really enjoyed, and kept this book from being boring And I m also very intrigued how things will play out for Jamie s brother, since he started dating Bryce, even though they aren t mates.I can t wait to see everyone in this pack get their happily ever after.

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    3.5 starsNice story But unfortunately the chemistry between them is just so so For shifter books I need them to be combustible.

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    Happy day for me to find a huge series of new to me shifter books And they are mostly cat shifters which I adore thanks to Charlie Cochet These books seem a little short which makes for a quick read They have all the instalove and mine mine mine that I look forward to in a shifter book They aren t super deep so far I think that s to be expected in novellas, but rounding out the universe will probably come in future books Best shifter books ever Nah But this one was good, there are lots of them and they aren t funky with pet elements so I m happy with this find.

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    This was a short quick read that I liked it was a the first book in the Whitedell Pride series Jaime decides to go camping by himself to get away and think his ex boyfriend Colin of 4 years cheated on him with a girl and got her pregnant so he breaks up with him Ward is a leopard shifter who is playing in the woods with two of his friends in cat form when they come across Jaime who is human after Jaime runs away Ward and Bryce goes to his apartment to explain somethings to him Jaime lives with his little brother Keenan and he tells him what he saw before the guys show up Turns out Jaime is Ward s mate and he had a hard time believing that shifter are real and that he is mated to Ward I liked these two right away as they begin to date Jaime is gun shy because of Colin who made him feel like he couldn t do better I started reading this series because of another series that I am reading by this author and some of the character s from this series is in it When Colin comes to ask Jaime to take him back he says no and Colin begins to stalk him and Ward pays him a visit When Jaime is kidnapped and taken to a lab with a scientist who is experimenting on shifter s where he meets Oliver and Finn It turns out that Finn who is Nix is Bryce s mate but Bryce and Keenan have been hooking up and they are in love This was a really good book it was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

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    This is a shifter story with predominantly feline shifters, though there are other hidden paranormals in this world This is not an insta love story for the folks bothered by that The human MC is recently out of a long term relationship, so he s not ready to accept a permanent mating no matter how appealing the black leopard shifter is We aren t witness to all the courtship, but Ward spends about two months dating his mate, Jamie.I enjoyed both Jamie and Ward I always love it when one of the men if doting and devoted toward the other There is some action after the mating is completed that is presumably the basic set up for the next few stories if not the whole series There is enough of a lead in for other stories view spoiler Keegan, Bryce, Finn, Oliver, etc hide spoiler

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    Jamie Whitedell Pride, 1 by Catherine LievensThis is the first book I ve read by the author Catherine Lievens, I enjoyed the story, characters and her writing I will continue reading this series as its one of my favortie genres m m shifter romance novels.

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    A free copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.Two stars.Despite my enthusiasm going into this book hot shifters manlove , the execution of it left me than a little disappointed.Right off the back, it was clear that the author loves reading paranormal romance I mean, how else do you explain the story beginning with not so savvy camper Colin 24yo and recently dumped consoling himself in the woods of Wyoming when he stumbles upon large and sexy Ward 75yo and a leopard shifter playing around with a few of his friends The book is riddled with common shifter tropes and I could tell that at least some were meant to be funny Colin was the kind of sweet guy that I like to see find someone to care about him, but I couldn t help feeling like he seemed like an irresponsible or emotional teenager at times than 24 same thing with the little brother.Ward had the erection of a man whose found his soulmate, but I want of an emotional connection with him I appreciated him respecting Colin s desire to hold off the mating but since we don t get to seem them work through any issues life challenges together it is kind of hard to feel the bigger than life romance you want in a paranormal I m not saying there aren t a few romantic moments they just didn t stand out to me I didn t shed any tears for their new relationship.All the key elements of a shifter romance were present Immediate recognition of a mate, including long stare into each other eyes and strange mystical connection I actually love this but the revelation was sort of awkward Denial that shifters exist This sort of seems to play out as a conversation with a sibling about paranormal romances really This sort of turned me off and made me wonder if maybe I just wasn t in the mood for a story with a strong comedic element Eventual acceptance of shifters If he had made one comment about being possibly eaten I would have thrown my ereader I did find the brother s easy acceptance a little weird like when I found out my older brother had an imaginary friend until he was 12 particularly when compared with Colin s old maid ish behavior Questioning of mating process I actually hated this part and I wasn t sure if it was because it seemed sort of thrown in or because it was competing with Colin s ongoing angst about being good enough to hold the attention of Ward a feel that wasn t fully explained by one breakup Possible reveal of shifters to the general public After being found playing in the woods, the three cats sort of have an uh oh moment but still get outclassed by a human I couldn t help but be not impressed with this group s shifter abilities view spoiler Evil organization focused on riding the world of shifters conducting weird experiments A sort of blah element of the book for me There s quite a bit of bread crumbs leading up to this feelings of being watched but Colin s captivity isn t actually that scary Exposure to other shifter breeds Colin meets other breeds while in captivity and they open up the door for other books hide spoiler

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    This book was provided for free by the author in exchange for an honest review.After a bad breakup, Jamie decides to go camping in the woods on his own Without a car If that sounds strange to you, I understand since I don t quite get it either Anyways, he is stranded until his brother Keenan picks him up the next day During the night he hears some animal sounds and decides to investigate Again, if you think this is odd behavior, I m with you As even his brother points out, in horror movies, those characters who decide to investigate strange sounds are usually not seen again He somehow manages to sneak up on three large cats, a black leopard, cougar, and lion After some mock play the big cats turn into men, leaving Jamie shocked, and as he backs away the shifters hear him He gets away by hitchhiking back to his place but leaves behind all of his belongings Thus the shifters are able to find him at home where they talk to him and his brother, who is surprisingly accepting of the fact that there are shifters in the world They are taken to the Alpha who warns them about keeping the knowledge of shifters secret It also turns out that the black leopard, Ward, has figured out that Jamie is his mate.I love shifter stories I sometimes feel like the struggle for an author is to write something that is not just a rehash of all the other shifter stories out there One thing I really liked about this story was that Jamie was an unabashed romantic who had previously read shifter romance Thus when he heard that Ward was his mate he knew what that meant immediately The author also avoided the commonly used shifter trope of insta love and or insta lust Ward would have been okay with claiming his mate immediately but in deference to Jamie s human sensibilities, they go on dates to get to know one another Sadly I otherwise wasn t enthralled with the story overall The relationship between the two MCs was sweet but bland And the most heart breaking part of the story IMO occurs near the end with two other characters There were also some grammatical issues that cropped up now and again And the biggest problem the ePub copy that I was given was poorly executed It s hard for me to describe, but basically it s like someone took the PDF and just reformatted it as ePub but then didn t go back and change things So I had page numbers, the title, and the author name, which I m sure were supposed to be at the bottom of pages show up in the middle of sentences Now, maybe I had a review copy, and someone buying it would have a different experience I certainly hope for their sakes they do, because I would be extremely upset to pay for something so hard to read Now, saying all that, the rating I gave didn t have anything to do with readability Recommended for those who like cat shifters though there s some mention of other types and a HEA view spoiler Unfortunately the HEA is only for the MCs hide spoiler

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    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Twenty four year old Jamie Ellis has just ended a four year relationship with his cheating ex and as a sort of comfort vacation break for himself he goes on a camping trip It s not a very successful one since he forgets to bring along food and is caught in a storm But it really gets worse or better, it s all about opinions here people when he comes across a lion, cougar and black leopard Things gets a bit complicated when he sees them shift into humans Ward, the black leopard calls to him but being discovered by the three, Jamie freaks and makes a run for it That one sight of Jamie and the scent of him tells Ward all he needs to know He s found his mate and he knows he can t just let him go so he gives chase.I haven t read many feline shifter books but I can tell that this book was unique compared to the ones I have read Jamie and Ward don t immediately fall into matehood haha, I know not a word instead the enter into a sort of courtship relationship Ward and Jamie start dating, working up to claiming and mating The feline shifters in this book don t seem at all promiscuous and actually remind me a bit of wolf shifters in their dedication to their mate or the person they are seeing Also mating bonds seem to work differently in this author s universe in that feelings can be felt but no thoughts words are making it harder to find track a mate The setup with the mad scientist and lab experiments, while not exactly unique, was intriguing in it s own way I liked that Oliver, Finn and Jamie weren t dons in distress view spoiler and devised a plan to free themselves which in turn helped the other captive shifters The idea of shifter eating fellow shifter to survive was a bit unsettling but kudos to the author for shocking me with that thought.Even with all that being said I felt that there wasn t enough wow factor present in the book Everything seemed a bit to easily pieced together for me view spoiler Jamie wasn t exactly taken to experiment on he was only cut up a bit compared to everyone else so they could see how well or fast he healed I mean Oliver got his DNA spliced uphe s sharing his body with a bear Jamie practically came out unscathed compared to Finn and Oliver The key was just left out in plan sight and easy pocketed by Jamie I think if it was being that well displayed in plain sight someone would have noticed it was missing even there was a diversion with shifter bunnies who didn t seem all that important hide spoiler

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    3.5 stars I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review as part of M M Romance group s Don t Buy Me Love event.Jamie is human and recovering from a difficult break up Unbeknownst to him, he is shifter Ward s mate Jamie stumbles across the shifters whilst out camping, immediately abandoning his campsite and returning home in a panic with shifters in hot pursuit Once their paths cross, Ward quickly recognises their connection and sets about wooing Jamie.Now, I realise that this is a paranormal shifter story and that boundaries are going to be stretched, but quite frankly I found Jamie s behaviour unrealistic and bordering on the too stupid to live, and yet sexy Ward finds him irresistible Hmmmm.Ward has found being openly gay in shifter society is not always met with approval, and has joined a liberal group That is certainly an interesting concept which I would have appreciated being further developed but it was lightly touched upon.Unfortunately before Ward and Jamie move in together, Jamie finds himself in serious danger and in the hands of a baddie I like books with angst and the grief and trauma that Ward experiences whilst Jamie is missing is well written.I guess I found this story to be a little too convenient and unconvincing, and Jamie is pleasant enough but I didn t find him particularly engaging.There are several loose ends which I guess may be tied up in the sequel Jamie is an enjoyable piece of escapism, however I prefer the eponymous hero to be a little less winsome Still, Ward likes him and I guess that s what countsa light romance with some interesting twists that kept me guessing.

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