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Churchill Crocodile Flamethrower (New Vanguard) pdf Churchill Crocodile Flamethrower (New Vanguard), ebook Churchill Crocodile Flamethrower (New Vanguard), epub Churchill Crocodile Flamethrower (New Vanguard), doc Churchill Crocodile Flamethrower (New Vanguard), e-pub Churchill Crocodile Flamethrower (New Vanguard), Churchill Crocodile Flamethrower (New Vanguard) 3b3169b1daf A Fire Breathing Monster On The Battlefield, The Churchill Crocodile Flamethrower Was One Of The Most Devastating And Awe Inspiring Weapons Of The Second World War Tank Expert David Fletcher Chronicles The Development Of The Flamethrower Tank, Detailing The Variants Of The Crocodile And Examining The Dramatic Effects Of These Tanks In Battle From D Day To The Dramatic Flamethrower Attack On The River Senio In Italy Revealing The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Flamethrower Tanks, Fletcher Investigates The Post War Use Of Crocodiles To Burn Down And Sterilize The Site Of Belsen Concentration Camp, As Well As Their Mobilization For The Korean War, And Post War Developments To The Prototype Centurion Crocodile In Addition To The Role Of The Churchill Crocodile On The Battlefields Of Western Europe, The Various Wheeled Flamethrowers Designed For Home Defense In Britain During World War II Are Examined Researched Using The Papers Of Reginald Fraser The Genius Behind The Flamethrowers And Dramatically Illustrated With Detailed Artwork And Previously Unpublished Contemporary Photographs, This Book Brings To Life The True Terror Of These Tanks

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    My great uncle was one of the inventors Reginald Percy Fraser a quite amazing man with 80 patents attached to his name He also received the OBE from King George for what I m assuming for his work on this flamethrower With that said, I cannot find s whole lot on his life, and as he never had children we cannot find much on him Would be interested to hear from anyone who may some knowledge.

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    In ways a typical Osprey book Covers the development of flamethrower vehicles in the Nritish and to a lesser extent Canadian armies Lots of useful technical information, though really lacking combat information Would have loved to read about some of the combat successes, though I understand the format limits this to some degree.

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    Great photos, but only 1 or two diagrams A good history of the evolution of the type.

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